Update: Lelo Announces the New Siri 2

Hello my lovely readers,

You may remember that a while ago I reviewed the Lelo Siri. At the time I was pretty damned impressed too:

“If a friend came up to me and said “Emmeline, I’m a vibrator virgin and I want to try something for clitoral stimulation, what do you suggest?” I would most likely recommend this toy. I would recommend it to them confident in the fact that the Lelo Siri would guide them down to road to some fantastic orgasms […] I would give it to them feeling like I had recommended something substantial, something long lasting, and something that would keep on giving, even as they became more experienced.”

So you can imagine my excitement at this newest piece of news. Lelo has announced the release of the New Lelo Siri 2—a vibe that is waterproof, has 8 stimulation modes, and is apparently 100% more powerful than the original Siri.


Now you know me, I’m all about the power, so the Siri 2 sounds good to me, but that’s not all. Apparently (unbeknownst to me) the original Siri was actually quite popular with singers and music coaches/students for its ability to allow them to exercise and control their vocal chords.

Taking this a step further Lelo have installed an interesting new feature into the Siri 2—voice control. That’s right, inside the Siri 2 there is a small microphone which allows it to pick up sounds. The Siri 2 then responds accordingly with vibrations—whether it’s picking up the gentle sound of your lover’s voice or the rolling crescendo of your favourite song.

Steve Thomson, Lelo Head of Marketing, was quite happy to announce the release of this product:

“It’s sleek new packaging design, increase in power, waterproof versatility and all-new features will help everyone reach those high-notes for Valentine’s day and beyond.”

The Lelo Siri 2 can also be controlled conventionally and also comes with 8 different patterns—each inspired by a different type of music. The Siri 2 will be rechargeable and is set to have users everywhere singing with joy.

The Lelo Siri 2 retails at £79.99.