Some Thoughts On: The Tenga Iroha Midori

Hello my lovely readers,

Sadly illness has struck so I’m not really feeling up to doing a full review right now. But for every cloud there’s a silver lining and my sudden illness does give me a perfect excuse to casually remark on a toy that I owned but never reviewed—the Tenga Iroha Midori.

The Tenga Iroha line is Tenga’s attempt at reaching out to the vulva-owning market by making toys “by women, for women”. The line’s focus is on self-care and the importance of fulfilling our desires as part of improving our overall wellbeing, which I can appreciate.

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In order to achieve this Tenga Iroha initially released three different clitoral vibrators, each with a different type of pleasure in mind. The Sakura was made so that you could “pinch and please” with its tip (“Embrace”). The Midori was designed to provide a mixture of pin-point sensations and more dispersed pleasure (“Caress”). And the Yuki has a tip that is semi-insertable if desired (“Insertable”).

The Tenga Iroha line has since also released the Iroha Mini and two insertables (the Mikazuki and Minamo) to further expand their line.

Tenga’s way of standing out with this line is through the use of its Soft Touch material—which is  achieved by having a soft silicone skin with polyurethane elastomer underneath. This gives the Iroha line a unique sensation which kind of feels like you’re pushing around the skin on a hairless dog. So many reviewers have said something to that effect but that’s because it’s the most accurate way to describe it. Apologies for my lack of originality.


When I decided to get myself one of the Tenga Iroha products two things motivated my choice—1) The Midori was on sale for £30ish at Lovehoney (It’s now discontinued there) and 2) The Midori reminds me of green tea mochi (which are delicious). Having already felt the product in a store I was already aware of the Soft Touch material and how it felt, so mainly I just wanted to see whether or not it was effective when used clitorally.


The Tenga Iroha Midori wasn’t horrendous but it wasn’t memorable either. Upon applying it I quickly found out that the vibrations, while pleasant enough, simple weren’t for me. They’re decent and have an underlying rumble to them, but they don’t have the strength that I like. I would personally rate the Midori’s vibrations as low-to-mid level. This would work well for some, but it left me craving more.

When it came to the Soft Touch material…it was pleasant but hardly ground-breaking from my perspective. When I think plush I tend to think of the squish of the Limon or the Eroscillator’s soft tip. I don’t tend to think of moving the skin around on a hairless creature. The silicone is smooth and utterly acceptable but the Soft Touch didn’t really make any difference for me during use. I suppose I appreciate it over a hard plastic material but that could be said of any silicone toy.

I was able to reach orgasm with the Tenga Iroha Midori but it was never a strong orgasm and it wasn’t one that I would actively crave. They tended to be orgasms I had to work hard for and the return was pretty gentle for me.

Overall the Midori left me completely indifferent to its presence. I was going to review it but I ended up feeling so uninspired that instead it sat in storage for ages doing nothing. In the end I just returned it to Lovehoney for a refund. For me this toy wasn’t worth the money I paid for it because it couldn’t really provide what I like in a toy.

Just to clarify the Tenga Iroha Midori is not a bad toy, not at all really; its quality is pretty good, the charge base is very fancy, and the vibrations are entirely passable. However this vibrator did fail for me in terms of my personal preferences and what a toy needs to do to stand out for me. In the end the Midori was neither bad nor good, it was simply uninteresting in what it had to offer when it came to my sex life.

I can only speculate that if you’re more receptive to gentler vibrations and stimulation then the Midori might be more to your liking. However for me this vibrator failed to impress or inspire, and because of that it got returned and became nothing more than a passing thought.

Well that’s all for now. If you haven’t already make sure that you check out my Blogiversary giveaway. There are a lot of good things to be won.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

  • Pete James

    Yum I want mochi!! haha Really liking the storage/charging case thing though. I like the display.

    • The display was gorgeous as was the box it came in. I can imagine this would be a lovely gift for someone who liked gentler toys.

  • On the plus side, these look like over-sized (albeit misshapen) mentos mints. Which is great if you love mentos.

  • Camryn Jones

    I’m pretty sure my reaction would be similar, which is a shame, as I really like the idea of a squishy vibe.