Product Review: Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant

Those who have followed me for a while will know how much I utterly adore the Wicked Sensual Care line. Their manifesto is admirable, their products are vegan, and they are genuinely conscious about sensitive skin and the effects of lubricant.

I’ve tried many Wicked Sensual Care products and, while not all of them have agreed with me, I’ve always been impressed with what they have to offer. Their line of flavoured lubricants is no different.

A while ago I tested some of Wicked Sensual Care’s more popular flavoured lubricants but, at the time, I was missing one. Now, thanks to Wicked Sensual Care, I’ve been able to try that final flavour—Pomegranate—and it is my great pleasure to provide you with an honest review of this fruity creation.

Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant

The Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant is part of Wicked Sensual Care’s Aqua line of products. Wicked Aqua is a paraben-free, water-based line of lubricants which aim to be “so silky smooth you’ll be surprised that it’s not silicone”. The line is made with a careful concoction of ingredients and designed to be slick, long-lasting, and free of any sticky or tacky sensations.

This lubricant comes in an easy-to-use bottle.
This lubricant comes in an easy-to-use bottle.

While I’ve never found the Aqua line to feel like silicone lubricant, it does have its own unique and thoroughly pleasurable feeling, and the Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant is no exception. For me applying the Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant is a treat all on its own.

This lubricant is very thin but still has a very pleasant sensation to it. As this lubricant is spread across the user’s skin its sleek consistency is definitely noticeable and makes it feel like you’re getting a luxurious massage. However this lubricant as also quite wet and, for me, seems to replicate the feeling of natural lubrication quite effectively. Because of this I often find that simply applying this lubricant to my vulva can make me feel aroused and ready for increased intimacy.

Mr. Peaches has an equally enjoyable experience with this lubricant but for different reasons. For him the lubricant is substantial enough to allow for sleek and smooth hand motions. Further than this, though, because this lubricant is thinner, it also allows him to feel more than he might typically feel with other lubricants. This heightened sensitivity, combined with the enjoyable consistency of the lubricant, means that Mr. Peaches adores using this lubricant and considers it to be in a league of its own.

When it comes to oral sex I would definitely have to agree with him.

It has to be said that I’m more of a giver than a receiver so it’s often me who experiences the sensations and longevity of this lubricant and, I have to say, they really are top notch. Because this lubricant is thin I can easily apply a healthy amount without having to worry about having my mouth lined with a thick glob of flavoured lube. The sleeker aspect of this lubricant also allows for effortless oral motions and really complements each action. In between laps this lubricant can also be used to caress and massage the penis—as it lasts long enough for dual-purpose use.

Because of this I really do appreciate this lubricant, and it’s one of my favourites to use during oral (as are most of the Wicked flavoured lubes, to be honest). However when it comes to flavour the Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant isn’t my favourite of the bunch, it has to be said.

The pomegranate flavour is just a bit too sweet for my liking.
The pomegranate flavour is just a bit too sweet for my liking.

Trying to emulate the flavour of pomegranate, this lubricant does have a very prominent fruity tang to it, but this fruity sensation is more akin to fruit syrup instead of the more tart and sour flavour that pomegranate typically provides. The lubricant is very sugary sweet and, because of this, it would probably benefit anyone who likes fruity flavours and has a sweet tooth. But, sadly, for me it was simply a bit too sweet for my liking. Granted, this sweetness isn’t as prominent during use, but I would have liked something a bit less syrupy and a bit more down-to-earth with this lubricant (especially as one of my favourite fruits is pomegranate).

Regardless of personal preference this lubricant does provide a wonderful explosion of flavour while still not being too overwhelming to be enjoyable. Because of this I imagine that it would be a delight to use for the right person.

However, there are a few other downsides to this lubricant that should be mentioned.

As I’ve made abundantly clear in this review the Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant is a very thin lubricant. Because of this people who like very thick or gel-based lubricants may find that this lube is far too thin for their liking.

And, while Wicked Sensual Care does try to be kind to sensitive skin, this lubricant does contain Glycerin. This Glycerin is plant-based but some people may still find it to be an irritant. In fact if you have sensitive skin it is worth looking up the ingredients for this product and making sure that it is suitable for you.

While I can use this lubricant without issue externally I find that it stings internally. Meanwhile Mr. Peaches (who doesn’t have sensitive skin) found that he had no negative reaction to this lubricant.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Wicked Aqua Pomegranate Lubricant lives up to its company’s high standards and provides and enjoyable, long-lasting, flavoursome lubricant for oral use.

If you have sensitive skin or dislike sweet products then this lubricant might be a bit of a miss. However if you’re a sweet-junkie then this lubricant might just be the delectable treat that you were looking for.

Recommend to:

People who like sweet, fruity flavours.

People who like thinner lubricants.

People who want a long-lasting product.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sweet flavours.

People who like thick lubricants.

People with very sensitive skin.

  • Pete James

    My lady and I were recently introduced to Wicked Sensual Care and we love it! She never was a fan of flavored lubricant but is now hooked on the Mocha Java and Salted Caramel flavors. Gonna have to give the pomegranate one a try after we finish the current ones.

  • Camryn Jones

    Aww, I like pomegranate, but I don’t enjoy sugary sweet flavors. I’m glad they have other yummy options :)