Toy Review: The L’amourose Rosa Rouge

I’m so conflicted.

When the L’amourose Rosa Rouge works for me it’s fantastic and I’m in heaven but when it doesn’t then I’m just left with a wrist or hand cramp. Part of me wants to sing from the rooftops about the orgasms this toy can provide me with but the other part wants to veer on the side of caution and keep a reserved approach.

Is the Rosa Rouge a luxurious provider of sheer G-spot ecstasy, or is it ultimately limited by its shape and size? Well, the answer is “A bit of both” hence the conflict.

I love this toy but I don’t love getting off with this toy, if you know what I mean. It’s a tricky situation. Still I think the best way to explain all this to you is through my review so, without further ado, lets get stuck in.

The L’amourose Rosa Rouge

The L'amourose Rosa Rouge is a G-spotting beast but does have some downsides.
The L’amourose Rosa Rouge in all its glory.

The Rosa Rouge was created by L’amourose—a relative newcomer to the world of sex toys with big ambitions. L’amourose attribute their practices to the French tradition of stylish quality craftsmanship. Each product made by L’amourose is hand-assembled and then put through a series of inspections to make sure that it’s up to scratch.

Sadly the first L’amourose Rosa Rouge I received actually wasn’t up to scratch—as the charger didn’t want to work properly. But the company that provided me with the Rosa Rouge (Pasante) quickly exchanged the item and the second Rose Rouge I received was completely fine.

Still if you’re worried about the same thing happening to you then you should feel reassured by the fact that each L’amourose product comes with an 18 month warranty and a lifetime quality guarantee. This means that any manufacturing defect discovered in the first 18 months are covered under the 18 month guarantee. After that the lifetime guarantee means that you will receive a 50% discount off of your replacement buy. Not too shabby at all.

In keeping with their French inspiration, L’amourose place a lot of importance in the combination of form and function—and each product that they design is made to be “as visually appealing as [they are] ergonomically superior”. Looking at the Rosa Rouge it can’t be denied that this toy has a very distinctive look. With a multi-faceted base (meant to replicate the look of a diamond) and smooth, sleek curves, the Rosa Rouge definitely rocks its own aesthetic.

The Rosa Rouge also has some other great benefits.

The Rosa Rouge is rechargeable and comes with a stylish dock.
The Rosa Rouge is rechargeable and comes with a stylish dock.

As with most luxury products, this toy is rechargeable and comes with a fantastic dock that adds to the product’s aesthetics. The Rosa Rouge also comes with a storage pouch and its original packaging has a very classy feeling to it which makes it appropriate for gift-giving. In addition to this, the Rosa Rouge is completely waterproof and has a flexible mid-shaft to allow ease of use. Oh and it’s made out of body-safe, phthalate-free silicone.

However the most significant features of the Rosa Rouge are its dual-motors and its heated thermal regulation system.

Like some vibrators on the market, the Rosa Rouge has two different motors in it—one in the base and one in the shaft. This allows for a reverberating feeling where the two motors echo off of one another into a crescendo of resonating delight. The Rosa Rouge has 7 patterns and each of these play around with the Rosa Rouge’s dual-motor system in one way or another—making this toy great fun for anyone who loves patterns or dual-motored vibrators. In addition to this the Rosa Rouge has 12 different intensity levels, adding to its variety.

But, unlike any other vibrator I’ve encountered, the Rosa Rouge also has something called a heated thermal regulation system—which actually warms up the toy during use. After being turned on the Rose Rogue will take about 3 to 5 minutes to heat up and, once it gets going, will try to reach a heat of 40-42 degrees Celsius. Once at this heat the Rosa Rouge maintains this temperature using its thermal regulation system—meaning you will always be greeted with roughly the same degree of warmth throughout use.

This is the main feature that sets the Rosa Rogue apart from the L’amourose Rosa and I would say that it’s definitely worth the extra money—especially if you dislike the usual temperature of silicone or if you’re into sensation play. Inserting the Rosa Rouge when it’s heated is like getting a hug internally—it’s so cosy and warm that it makes me sad that my other silicone toys aren’t as homey. In many ways it reminds me of warmed up glass toys, and that isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

This curve knows exactly where to go.
This curve knows exactly where to go.

So now that I’ve talked about the many benefits of the Rosa Rouge I should probably say how this toy felt for me. Well, the first thing that struck me about the Rosa Rouge is that it can near-effortlessly locate and stimulate my G-spot. Upon first insertion It was like “So let’s see how this thing fee-OH HELLO!”. The L’amourose Rosa Rouge is like a heat-producing, G-spot-seeking missile and it almost never fails to hit the mark upon insertion. I have never known a toy to locate my G-spot so quickly, but the Rosa Rouge’s design seems perfect for it. Superior craftsmanship indeed.

The vibrations of the Rosa Rogue are equally impressive. Deep, rumbly, and wonderfully resonant, I’m a sucker for this toy’s vibrations. Externally they are a delight to use and penetrate deep into my body, making my clitoris sing with joy. Internally they’re even better and combine with the shape and warmth of this toy to provide a plethora of delight. The vibrations in the base of the toy aren’t anything to sing about alone, but combined with the vibrations from the shaft they add the resonance that I crave in my toys nowadays.

Orgasms from the Rosa Rogue are pretty awesome. Externally the Rosa Rogue provides a very passable clitoral orgasm which is complemented by the toys warmth but it’s still not as good as some of my more powerful toys. But internally the Rosa Rogue hits my G-spot with such precision and professionalism that strong orgasms are almost a given. My G-spot orgasms with the Rosa Rogue also last a decent amount of time and leave me in a blissful stupor (especially considering I can just leave it inserted and enjoy the warmth of the toy in my afterglow).

So if the Rosa Rogue gives me such good orgasms then why am I so on the fence about it? Well it really comes down to the design of the toy…

While the shaft of the Rosa Rogue seems to be sheer perfection the base is quite chunky and takes up a lot of space. This may be ideal if you can enjoy the vibrations that the base provides but sadly that wasn’t the case for me. Not only am I a power queen (and therefore in need of more than the base’s vibrations can provide) but in order to get the base near my clitoris I had to insert the Rosa Rogue’s shaft further into my vagina in a manner that is uncomfortable and null-and-voids the G-spot stimulation.

The base of this toy doesn't leave much room for anything else.
The base of this toy doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

The logical solution here would be to dual-wield toys. However, the Rosa Rouge’s shaft is so chunky that it doesn’t really allow you to comfortably do this. My go-to clit vibrator is a wand and there was just no chance of me being able to use that with the Rosa Rogue. I tried the We-Vibe Tango and it did fit but it also rattled against the Rosa Rouge’s base and pinched against it for added insult. In the end the only toy that I could use which was both powerful enough and well-fitted enough for the Rosa Rogue’s base was the We-Vibe Touch—and even then I had to arch and hold it in such a way that left my wrist hurting during and afterwards.

So this leaves me with a dilemma—yes I have great orgasms when I climax with the Rosa Rogue, but getting there can be incredibly difficult and sometimes painful. Is this toy really worth it? I want to say yes but it’s a tentative yes. People who don’t require such strong clitoral vibrations will probably find that they can dual-wield a toy that is both compact and enjoyable enough to tip them over the edge with relative ease, but power queens might need to consider the same issues that I’m currently grappling with when it comes to the Rose Rogue.

If you want another viewpoint on the Rosa Rogue then I recommend going to look at Dangerous Lilly’s review of the toy, which may help anyone on the fence decide whether or not to buy this toy. Personally I think the orgasms are worth the price tag but the journey to get there is a bit too frustrating for lil’ wand-wielding me.

The buttons can be difficult to locate at times.
The buttons can be difficult to locate at times.

The only other downside I’ve encountered with the Rosa Rogue is that it’s buttons are a bit fiddly and hard to find during use. Most of the time I can still fiddle around and get to where I want when the toy is inserted but it’s not an effortless process. Still with vibrations so awesome I don’t mind fiddling with the buttons for a little while to get to them.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think the Rosa Rouge is a fantastic product but its base brings it down in my estimations. Still, if you want mind-blowing G-spot hugging, rumble-induced orgasms then the L’amourose Rosa Rogue has probably got you covered. However if, like me, you need strong vibrations and easy access to your clit to reach climax then the Rosa Rogue might put a bit of a dampener on the masturbation process.

Recommend to:

People who like rumbly, resonant vibrations.

People who like warming their toys.

People who like G-spot orgasms.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer/need wands for dual-wielding.

People with plump vulvas.

People who dislike warming toys.

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    I want it! I love heating my toys, so a toy that heats itself sounds really great!