Product Review: Bondara Luxury Lubricant-Silicone

Although I’ve only been reviewing since January I’ve been lucky enough to try quite a few silicone lubricants of high caliber. This has been great but, it has to be said, most of the time these lubricants don’t tend to stand out when compared to each other. Luxury silicone lube tends to feel like luxury silicone lube and I haven’t encountered much diversity like you would with, say, water-based lubes.

As such I was a little dubious when Bondara provided me with their own-brand Luxury Silicone Lubricant. Sure, I had no doubts it would be great, but I was worried that It would ultimately end up feeling like any other silicone lube that I’ve encountered.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case.

The Bondara Luxury Lubricant-Silicone manages to provide the exact same luxury feel that I’ve come to expect from silicone lubricants but with its own unique aspect.

Bondara Luxury Lubricant-Silicone

The Bondara Luxury Lubricant-Silicone is Bondara’s personal take on silicone lube. It’s designed to allow for slick and satisfying experience during masturbation, foreplay, and sex.  It can also be used for body massages too for added diversity. Silicone lube is safe to use with latex condoms too, so you can stay safe while using this lube.

This lubricant had an ace up its sleeve.
This lubricant had an ace up its sleeve.

Bondara keep the ingredients simple when I comes to this lubricant with only two ingredients—Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone. They also claim that the lube is pH balanced and has anti-bacterial properties. With so few ingredients the majority of people shouldn’t have any issue with this lubricant, so I’m willing to believe their claims. Having used it myself I found no negative reaction, so it should be safe for people with sensitive skin.

Bondara’s Silicone Lubricant is fragrance-free and I couldn’t detect any scent whatsoever from this lube, even when holding it close to my nose. Taste-wise this lubricant is also neutral and doesn’t leave much of an oily reside in the mouth (like some silicone lubes can). Because of this I should think that this lube could be used during oral, though it’s not its primary use.

What struck me most about this lubricant was its texture. Silicone lubricants are often runny, thin, and silky. However, while this lube does have a silky smoothness, the texture is slightly different. The Bondara lube doesn’t run as much as other silicone lubricants and actually has a somewhat thick feeling to it—nothing close to gel-like water-based lubes but still quite significant. At first this texture feels almost sticky in some ways, but it readily spreads out on the skin and provides a nice thick buffer that remains slick for sexual activity.

The consistency of this lubricant made it stand out from the crowd.
The consistency of this lubricant made it stand out from the crowd.

This allows Bondara’s lubricant to stand out from the crowd as distinct and different. It also makes a fantastic buffer for sex toys. For me it’s great to use with my non-silicone wands (which can be abrasive without the right lubricant).

I’m going to speculate that this difference in texture comes mainly from the Cyclopentasiloxane—as it’s often used in beauty products such as moisturizers, lotions, styling gel, and anti-aging cream—but this is just speculation on my part. No matter the origins this texture is awesome and allows Bondara’s lubricant to provide me with something that no other silicone lube has.

Duration-wise this lubricant lasted as long as any other silicone lube I own and leaves a soft, moisturized feeling on my skin afterwards. I really can’t fault it in terms of performance.

If there are any downsides to this specific lubricant then they are mostly down to its consistency. Fans of gel-like water-based lubricants will probably find this lube too thin and those who like runny silicone lubes might find it too thick and sticky.

The only other problem with this lube is that the bottle is black—preventing you from seeing how much you have left.

Other than that this lubricant has the same downsides as any other silicone lube: If you want to be lube-free afterwards then you need to scrub it off with soap and water, it makes glass and metal toys extremely slippery, and it can leave a mark on fabrics.

By far the biggest downside of silicone lubes for me is that they cannot be used with silicone toys. Most of my vibrators are silicone so it really sucks that I often have to choose between silicone lube and great vibrations. The vibrations often win out.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really liked this lubricant and think that it would be a great addition to most people’s collection. If you’re a fan of toys then this lube provides a really reliable buffer for use (just make sure you don’t use silicone toys with it).

At £6.99 for 150ml this lubricant is particularly inexpensive and I’m pretty impressed at how affordable it is. Give it a try! It certainly stood out for me.

Recommend to:

People who like thicker silicone lubes.

People who like to use toys.

People who like variety.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like thinner lube.

People who like gel-like lubes.

People who dislike sticky lube.