Toy Review: The Cherry Delight from A Touch of Glass

The Cherry Delight was provided to me by A Touch of Glass in exchange for an honest review and I couldn’t be happier with it. A Touch of Glass never ceases to amaze me with the high quality and exceptional design of their borosilicate products and the Cherry Delight is no exception.

The Cherry Delight gave climax after climax and it’s taken its rightful place as one of my favourite glass dildos to date.

The Cherry Delight

I was initially drawn to the Cherry Delight because of its aesthetic appeal. The rich red swirls and bumps contrasted beautifully against the clear, crystal gleam of its shaft and I knew that I could put that texture to good use. Equally the two tips of the dildo—one with a tapering tip and one that consisted of two bulbs of increasing size—drew me in and had me craving this cherry treat.

I couldn't resist the allure of this dildo.
I couldn’t resist the allure of this dildo.

Having tried and enjoyed lots of bulb-ended toys in the past I wanted to see just how effective A Touch of Glass were at provoking pleasure with their bulb-based design. And they didn’t disappoint.

The Cherry Delight is actually a follow-up to A Touch of Glass’s very popular Moody Blue dildo. The main differences are a 10% increase in length and the transition from a blue veining texture to two different textures for either end of the shaft. From the site’s images the Cherry Delight also appears to have more of a curve than the Moody Blue, which helps aid G-spot stimulation.

Despite this length change the Cherry Delight is still only 8 inches in length and has a maximum width of 1.25 inches. This means that in person this dildo still looks very manageable (and, in reality, it is).

The Cherry Delight seems to have more of a curve than the Moody Blue.
The Cherry Delight seems to have more of a curve than the Moody Blue.

The Cherry Delight is made out of borosilicate glass—which is non-toxic, non-porous, and completely hypoallergenic. Each glass beauty in A Touch of Glass’s collection is hand-selected, individually crafted to medical grade standards, and lovingly put on sale for the buyer’s pleasure. A Touch of Glass also provides a free storage bag with each product and a sample of lubricant.

You may notice that some of the products on A Touch of Glass are out of stock from time-to-time. This is because A Touch of Glass will not compromise on material-quality when it comes to their products—if a particular material is unavailable at the time then they wait for it to become available again instead of cheapening their products in any way. This is something I personally admire.

Glass makes a great material for sex toys. As well as being body safe, glass is receptive to temperature changes and will naturally warm up when inserted. Glass dildos can also be heated up or cooled down to allow for some delightful sensation play (I’m partial to warming my glass dildos personally). The Cherry Delight retains temperature well and makes a great companion for such play sessions.

As I’ve mentioned before the Cherry Delight is a double-ended dildo and each side offers a different kind of sensation and stimulation. One side has a tapered tip and swirls on the ridge, whereas the other has two bulbs and tiny dots on its ridge. Both of these sides are a joy to use (though I do have a favourite).

Better for beginners, this end offers delicate but effective sensations.
Better for beginners, this end offers delicate but effective sensations.

The swirly end offers a very nice but slightly gentler type of sensation. The tip slides in easily and provides a decent amount of G-spot stimulation. Because the tip tapers in the G-spot stimulation feels quite localised and it’s easy to concentrate it on a particular area. The swirls are very enjoyable to insert but aren’t too prominent. Because of these elements I feel like this side is much more suited for initial use, especially for someone who hasn’t used glass or textured toys before.

The bulb-headed end is my personal favourite, but it is a bit more extreme than its tapered counterpart. Despite their size and shape the bulbs slide in quite easily with a bit of lube and quickly assert themselves in your vagina. I found locating my G-spot very easy with this side and the bulbs provide a firm, more evenly spread amount of stimulation.

With a bit more oomph to it, the bulb-ended side offers filling sensations and prominent texture.
With a bit more oomph to it, the bulb-ended side offers filling sensations and prominent texture.

The raised bumps on this end are quite prominent and you can definitely feel them upon insertion. I’ve always found the sensation of these bumps to be unpleasant at first but once I warm up to them then I can happily thrust the Cherry Delight and revel in their texture. Because the bumps are so noticeable I find that they enhance the sensation of thrusting quite significantly and add an additional level of stimulation which is greatly appreciated. This contrasts with the swirls—which I’ve always found easy to insert but which don’t offer as much sensation for me when thrusting.

Orgasms with the Cherry Delight were always intense and always enjoyable. Like the nJoy Pure Wand, because these toys are glass they allow muscle contractions to smoothly occur without cloying for attention through their material—instead they act to augment the sensations of climax without distracting from the experience.

I really love my Cherry Delight dildo and it’s a close second to my beloved Coq-A-Teal (also from A Touch of Glass) when it comes to glass toys. However the Cherry Delight does have a few downsides which are worth mentioning.

Because this toy is made of glass it can get hand smudges on it pretty easily. Because of that you’ll want to make sure to clean your dildo thoroughly before and after each use. This is just good practice and the Cherry Delight is a breeze to clean so this should be a minor point for most people.

It also goes without saying that if you dislike textured toys or glass toys then the Cherry Delight probably isn’t the right toy for you. I would urge you to try one of A Touch of Glass’s smoother toys, just so you aren’t missing out on something that is pretty damned awesome, but the choice is yours when it comes to what gets you off.

The biggest issue for me is one that I raised in my Rose Dildo review. Glass remains to me one of the most unforgiving materials out there in terms of malleability and a willingness to work with the body. And, while I rarely have problems with products from A Touch of Glass, I actually hurt myself a few times when shifting position with the Cherry Delight was inserted. I’d change position and suddenly my muscles would tighten or the dildo would shift sideways and I’d be left with a sting of pain as the hardness of the glass material became abundantly apparent.

Still this is a minor issue and it mainly happened with the bulb-headed side. Once I knew it was a problem I was easily able to work around it and my masturbation sessions weren’t damaged by the minor hiccups I did have.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cherry Delight is just that—an absolute delight to use. Both sides of this luxurious glass dildo provide a distinct sensation and each has something unique to offer. If you’re new to glass toys then these two sides work well to ease you into the process—with one side being nice and gentle and the other providing additional intensity in more ways than one.

If texture deters you then the Cherry Delight might be more of a Cherry Fright but most G-spot appreciators will find that an enjoyable ride awaits with this masterful work of art.

UPDATE: The wonderful ladies over at A Touch of Glass have offered an exclusive discount on the Cherry Delight.

Just use the code ‘CHERRY10‘ to get 10% off of your very own Cherry Delight. Valid until Christmas (and what a lovely present it would make). 

Recommend to:

People who want to explore glass toys.

People who like texture.

People who like variety.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who dislike glass toys.

People who want a smaller version (try the original Moody Blue instead).

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