Toy Review: The PicoBong Transformer

I have to say, there’s been quite a lot of hype surrounding this product. From the moment it launched PicoBong completely revamped their site in order to highlight this malleable new product. A history of terminology was launched, a competition was started, and a brand new manifesto was drawn up, all revolving around the PicoBong Transformer.

The vibrant box art for the Transformer left me feeling excited about the product's potential.
The vibrant box art for the Transformer left me feeling excited about the product’s potential.

If a revolution was what they wanted then PicoBong certainly achieved it, at least on their own site. And, I have to admit, when I first received the PicoBong Transformer—all twisted into shape in its striking box—I too was feeling the power of the Transformer. However, there is a fair bit of disparity between what the Transformer hopes to achieve and what it actually achieves and, while I wouldn’t dub this sex toy a terrible one, I do think that the Transformer falls short of its own aspirations.

The PicoBong Transformer

PicoBong had high hopes for the Transformer. Proudly advertised as the world’s “first ever gender neutral pleasure object ever made” the Transformer claimes to be a rabbit vibe, clitoral massager, G-Spot stimulator, prostate massager, cock ring and more all rolled in to one. The Transformer’s manifesto also encouraged people everywhere to fight back against “the rigid sexual conventions of the mainstream” in order to enjoy the journey to sexual pleasure at its fullest.

The PicoBong Transformer embodies this manifesto through its design—two vibrating ends are linked by a long (and I mean long) tether which can shape the Transformer into many different positions, effectively allowing the user to decide how to use it. This is achieved through having a flexible skeleton underneath silicone which will bend to shape and retain its position. All of this means that the Transformer is “as twisted as your imagination”, at least in theory.


The PicoBong Transformer is 25 ½ inches in total length—17 inches of which is the skeletal body that tethers the two vibrators together. The vibrating sections are about 4 ½ inches each in total and have a maximum circumference of just under 4 inches. The entire thing is covered in silicone—which is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and generally body safe. This silicone is right up there with Lelo’s in terms of its luxurious smoothness and I usually end up caressing it before getting down to business with the toy.

The Transformer's length means it can bend into a myriad of shapes.
The Transformer’s length means it can bend into a myriad of shapes.

The PicoBong Transformer also has many other benefits. Like most luxury toys nowadays, the PicoBong Transformer is USB rechargeable and waterproof, which are two definite bonuses. The PicoBong Transformer also comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, so you can feel reassured that PicoBong has got you and your toy covered. And, as with most vibrators, the Transformer has 10 different vibration patterns—so pattern lovers can play around to their heart’s content—but it also have varying intensity levels which you can play around with, adding to its selection.

When I first took the PicoBong Transformer out of its box I had immense fun playing with it. Bending this toy into different shapes can produce some very playful results and I loved tinkering with the different possibilities that the Transformer provided. Mr. Peaches took a different approach and mainly enjoyed poking me with the vibe as a straight rod. This, naturally, was quite irksome at times but which also reflected the diversity of this product—it can be and achieve many different purposes and its uses vary depending on the user.

The Transformer has three buttons which are all easy to identify—a + button, a – button, and an M button. The + and – buttons are pretty self-explanatory, meanwhile the M button sifts through the different patterns. One thing I really like about the PicoBong Transformer is that, because of the dual-vibes, the vibrations of the Transformer tend to reverberate off of each other and create an echo of vibrations that flow off of each other in a wave. I’m really partial to this sort of reverberation effect so it was great to feel it in the PicoBong Transformer.

The buttons for the Transformer are easy to identify and understand.
The buttons for the Transformer are easy to identify and understand.

Sadly, despite this lovely affect, the vibrations in the Transformer were too weak and slightly too buzzy to get me to orgasm. Now, when it comes to vibrators it’s no secret that I’m a power queen, as such I’m aware that my preferences won’t be the same as others. But still I would have liked a bit more power in the Transformer. I mean this device is meant to start a sexual revolution, how is this possible when the Transformer only appeals to those who prefer gentler vibrations?

My power hungry preferences aside, the Transformer produces gentle-to-mid level vibrations which have some depth to them but which become buzzier the more you ramp them up. If you like buzzy vibrations and don’t need too much strength then this could work for you, but if you crave rumbly vibrations or power then the Transformer isn’t ideal.

There are a few other vital downsides to the Transformer and it’s a shame to say that a lot of them come from the design of the toy. It’s sad to think that a design that was meant to make the Transformer near limitless in possibilities actually restricts it in some pretty significant ways.

The first issue I can think of is that the flexible internal skeleton (while very clever and bendable) takes some effort to get in to the perfect position and shifts quite easily once you get it there. For example there’s no way that this product could be used as a cock ring and, even when finally applied, it loosens easily. This shifting can occur in many positions, which leads to repositioning which is ultimately frustrating.

Because the two vibrators are tethered together the Transformer also lacks the mobility and freedom that two independent toys possess and ends up restricting movement in some positions. It’s also a relatively big issue that the controls for the Transformer are located on one of the vibrators. This means that if you have both sides inserted (either in yourself or during couple’s play) then you cannot change the intensity or pattern of the toy without taking it out and reinserting it.

In terms of couples use the PicoBong Transformer also presents another problem. As far as I can tell there is no way to make each vibrator have an individual pattern and intensity. Subsequently if two people with different preferences use the Transformer then one of them will be forced to settle, which is not always ideal. This also applies to individual use—as some people like a different intensity internally than they do externally.

It’s a shame to think that a device made for sexual liberation can cause such restrictions but I’m sad to say that the PicoBong Transformer manages just this. In future the Transformer might work better if it has stronger vibrations and a remote control to control its vibrations (with vibrations that were, ideally, unique to each vibrator) but I recognize that this is a tall order for a toy that currently retails at around £79.

Final Thoughts

Overall the PicoBong Transformer is not a terrible toy but it does have a lot of flaws which stop it from achieving the ambitions it set out to achieve.

Could this toy be enjoyed? Probably. The reverberation effect was sincerely delightful, and people who prefer gentler vibrations might find the Transformer to be within their range of stimulation.

However, with so many kinks that still need resolving the Transformer proves itself to be quite a limiting product. The confines of its tether don’t allow for full movement and the position of its controls and habit of shifting position makes it easier and more convenient to just dual-wield other toys instead.

Because of this I’m not sure I can wholly recommend the PicoBong Transformer. Still if you’re curious and can get it to work for you then I’d love to hear from you—it seems like such a shame for an item produced with such good intentions to fall  so short of its mark.

Recommend to:

People who like gentle-to-mid level vibrations.

People who like quirky products.

People who like resonating vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike being limited.

Power queens.

People who prefer accessible controls.