Product Review: The Bondara Flavoured Lubricant Line

It’s always great to see a company branch out and explore their own line of pleasure products. That’s why when Bondara contacted me asking me to review their line of flavoured lubricants (in exchange for an honest review) I jumped at the chance. With four fruit-driven flavours to wet my sexual appetite with I couldn’t wait to try out each and every one of them.

It’s because of this enthusiasm that I was dismayed to find out that these lubricants didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

The Bondara Flavoured Lubricant Line

The Bondara Flavoured Lubricant line is a range of water-based lubricants meant for use mainly during foreplay and oral sex. Lubricants of this kind can add a fun element to sex—introducing a delicious array of flavours to your play session. As if that wasn’t enough, flavoured lubricants work to add extra slide to the shaft, which enhances the enjoyment for both parties. You can see why I’m such a fan.

Bondara's own brand of flavoured lubes have good and bad points to them.
Bondara’s own brand of flavoured lubes have good and bad points to them.

The Bondara line comes in 100ml bottles. Typically you don’t need to use too much lubricant during oral sex, so each of these should last a fair while, making their £5.99 price tag incredibly reasonable.

Now, usually I would start a lubricant review off by talking about the scent and taste of a lube. However, seeing as each lubricant in this line is different in that remark, I’m instead going to go straight in to texture before moving on to smell and taste.

The Bondara Flavoured Lubes come out quick thick and gloopy—definitely more like a gel than anything else. Staying true to this, the Bondara Flavoured Lubes don’t drip and run all over the place, and make quite a decent buffer for use with toys. During oral sex, however, I personally found this lubricant to be a bit too thick. Then again I generally prefer my oral lubes to be runny. If you’re a fan of thick flavoured lubes then Bondara has you covered, that’s for sure.

This lubricant has a thick consistency and doesn't run and dribble all over the place.
This lubricant has a thick consistency and doesn’t run and dribble all over the place.

Bondara describes their lubricant as “smooth” and “silky” but I have to disagree on the “silky” remark. This lubricant is very smooth, enjoyably so, but after a while it also develops a very tacky, viscous feeling to it which detracts from the experience. In fact when using this lube to give my partner a hand job the lubricant got so sticky that it was beginning to cause an uncomfortable clinging sensation. I ended up having to apply more lubricant twice (which was an unusual experience for us).

Sticky sensations and residue are two big pet peeves for some people and if you’re one of them then I can’t, in good confidence, recommend this lube.

One thing I did quite like about the Bondara Flavoured Lubes though were their actual flavour. Each lube had a distinct flavour and scent to them and all tasted fairly recognisable. To go in to a bit more depth here are the taste sensations I experienced for each lube:

Strawberry- Artificial strawberry flavours usually aren’t my thing at all and when this lube came out of the bottle it had a strong sugary smell to it that was almost sickly, so it’s fair to say I had my doubts. However this Strawberry lubricant has a very subtle flavour to it that serves to enhance an oral session rather than overpower it. The gentle, underlying flavour is similar to strawberry laces rather than actual strawberries, but it manages to get the right balance of both sweet and delicately fruity, so I was quite happy with this lube.

Pina Colada- Sweet wafts of pineapple accompanies with a subtle breeze of coconut accentuate the scent of this lubricant. When you taste it the flavours seem to follow through with this but are then accompanied with a sharp addition. I can only assume the added flavour is meant to emulate the alcohol in this Pina Colada lubricant but, instead, it comes across as more of a chemical tang. Because of this I need to be in the right mood to enjoy this lubricant, some days I can tolerate that additional element more than others.

Cherry- Glacé cherries. That’s the smell that greets you when you sample this lube, and it’s strong. The flavour of this lubricant is equally strong, and it is probably the most intense of the entire Bondara Flavoured Lube line. Rich, fruity flavours are combined with the crisp, sharp after taste of glacé cherries or cocktail cherries. Again, this flavour seems almost like a chemical after taste and is one that I have the be in the mood for to enjoy. However, because the taste of the cherry is already so strong to begin with it somewhat counterbalances the chemical tang, making for a more enjoyable flavour.

Passion Fruit- My favourite of the bunch, the Passion Fruit lube greets you with a sweet tropical odour that is quite refreshing. This lube is sweeter than I normally like but, still, I adore its fruity allure. Not too sweet and not too tangy, this lube seems to strike the happy medium between the other Bondara Flavoured Lubes to provide the perfect flavour combination. All of this for one of my favourite fruits, I couldn’t be happier.

Now, as you can probably tell, I really enjoyed the range of flavours that this line had to offer, however, this lube is far from perfect.

The biggest issue with this lubricant is that if you don’t like sweet flavours and you don’t like fruity flavours then you’re basically out of luck. There’s no alternative to choose from—even Pina Colada is a fruit-based drink, so some people are bound to be disappointed. In the future I would love to see Bondara branch out into other flavours—perhaps mint, coffee, or chocolate?—a few things to add some variation for those who don’t like fruit or sticky sweetness.

It’s also of note to say that this lubricant does not like sensitive skin at all. Usually I’m the one who is performing the oral sex, but I do like to try the lubricant on myself too (especially if it’s for review purposes). However as soon as the Cherry flavoured lube made contact with my labia I was greeted with the most intense burning sting I had ever experience from using a lube externally. It was sheer, stabbing agony. I actually let out a yelp of pain.

I quickly removed the Cherry lube and (like the masochist I am) applied the others to see if they produced a similar reaction; they stung, but nothing like the Cherry lube. I can only conclude that this irritation is due to the flavouring used (seeing as the Cherry lube hurt the most and also tastes the most intense), however I can’t be entirely sure. All of these lubricants include Glycerin and Propyleneglycol so if these irritate as well then steer clear of this lube.

Final Thoughts

Due to the stinging sensations I clearly discontinued use, so I don’t know how this lube feels myself, but having used it on Mr. Peaches a lot I was happy with the results, albeit a bit disappointed.

For £5.99 any non-sensitive, thick lube lovin’, sweet n’ fruity flavour cravers will probably find this lubricant to be pretty awesome stuff.

However as a sensitive, thin lube lovin’ individual with very little in the way of a sweet tooth I found that these lubricants didn’t fully meet my expectations and even hurt me in some cases.

Most people will be fine with the Bondara Flavoured Lubricant line but, as usual, personal preference is key. Keep yours in mind when deciding whether or not to buy this yummy but somewhat flawed lubricant.

Recommend to:

People who like sweet or fruity flavours.

People who like thick lubricants.

People who want to support a company own brand.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sweet or fruity flavours.

People who like thin oral lubes.

People with sensitive skin.