Update: Lelo Announces the Lelo INA and MONA Wave

Hello my lovely readers!

Another bit of exciting news today. Lelo has announced the release of the Lelo INA Wave and Lelo MONA Wave—two new twists on Lelo’s much loved toys.

While the Lelo INA Wave and Lelo MOVA Wave might seem like rehashes of the older versions they actually have a significant new feature—a ‘come hither’ motion that is designed to stimulate the G-spot during penetration (replicating a lover’s fingers).


Keeping Lelo’s sleek silicone design, strong vibrations, and other great benefits (such as being rechargeable and waterproof), the Lelo INA Wave and Lelo MONA Wave also introduce new technology which is different from almost everything else on the market right now. It’s certainly a new venture for Lelo too and they seem incredibly excited about it.

Steve Thomson, Lelo’s Head of Marketing, had the following to say about the new products:

“The pleasure that this innovation offers is truly outstanding. The orgasms that they offer by giving you control of exactly how much pressure is applied to your G-spot are earth-shattering. The LELO Waves give complete control – complete ownership – of your orgasm, introducing a new age of orgasms”.

That excitement is somewhat infectious and I honestly can’t wait to see how these two new products are received by reviewers. I’ve got a MONA Wave on the way to me, so keep your eyes peeled for a review very soon!

Until the next review,

Emmeline Peaches.