Toy Review: Mr. Peaches Reviews the Bathmate Power Rings

Today I’m handing over to my lovely partner, Mr. Peaches, who wants to tell you all about the new ‘Power Rings‘ we got from Bathmate. Enjoy!

Hello everyone, Mr. Peaches here.

Today I’m standing in for Emmeline to look at Bathmate’s line of Power Rings—the Gladiator, the Spartan, and the Barbarian.  These were provided by Bathmate in exchange for an honest review. So, without further ado, here’s my review on these three cock rings.

The Bathmate Power Rings

Each of these rings invites you to 'Become a Legend'. Feel the power.
Each of these rings invites you to “Become a Legend”. Feel the power.

First of all I feel I should tip my hat to the naming team over at Bathmate. The name of the the Gladiator, the Spartan, and the Barbarian are brilliant (though perhaps not overly original). The use of the term term ‘Power Rings‘, as well, really sums up how they want the wearer to feel—powerful, strong, and primal. If there was any doubt about this the motto for this line removes it entirely: “Become a Legend”.

Heck yeah. These are Power Rings and they’re here to make you feel empowered and full of powerPower!

Silly as it may seem, the branding of these products really do amp the user up in some cases. They certainly got me in the right psychological mindset for being a historical badass in the bedroom and I felt many an action movie quote arise in my head when I first tried them on.

Also, as a slight side note, the artwork on the packaging is rather nice too and helps to add to the warrior theme that runs this product line. At the end of the day the Power Rings are essentially cock rings but branding matters and I feel like Bathmate really hit the nail on the head with this range.

The Power Ring artwork helps bring together the range's desire to "give you the warrior's edge".
The Power Ring artwork helps bring together the range’s desire to “give you the warrior’s edge”.

The Power Rings line is made out of Elastomex—Bathmate’s trademark mixture of TPR and TPE. This material is soft and stretchy which makes it great for its purpose but does have its flaws (more on that later). Bathmate believe this material makes their cock rings the “toughest & most flexible […] on the market” and, I have to say, they were quite durable and stretchy, so kudos to Bathmate.

Emmeline and I were glad to find that each of these cock rings had their own distinct sensations and function. This made for a lot of fun in the bedroom as well as giving us different options based on what mood we were in. In order to do each ring justice I thought I’d look at their pros and cons individually:

The Gladiator
Tight and substantial.

The Gladiator is what I would consider to be the tightest of the three. It has an external diameter of 45mm and an internal diameter of 20mm. This means that there roughly 25mm of Elastomex squeezing upon your cock providing a far bit of pressure.

Now I like to use my cock rings as both cock and ball ring but I can say right now that although it’s possible to use the Galdiator in this fashion I found it far too tight.

As a conventional cock ring the Gladiator does really well. I felt a fair bit more substantial down there when wearing the Gladiator and Emmeline felt it too. This additional firmness allowed for enhanced pleasure for both of us, as well as a feeling of (wait for it) power.

When wearing this Power Ring I was also able to last a lot longer then normal, which I credit to the tightness of the Gladiator.

Overall I think this is a great Power Ring for when you want to feel a bit more confident, last longer, and enjoy the ride, but isn’t good as a combined cock-and-ball ring.

The Spartan
Stretchy and visually strong but average.
Stretchy and visually strong but average.

Now I wont lie; what I like most about the Spartan is the way it looks. The very angular, nuts-and-bolts design of this ring definitely makes you feel badass when you’re wearing it. However as for how it performs I’m in two minds.

The Spartan has an external diameter of 45mm at its furthest point and an internal diameter of 25mm—this means there is only 20mm of Elastomex providing tightness. Now you might be asking yourself “Does 5mm really make a difference?”. Well the short answer is yes.

The Spartan feels like it provides less pressure around my member, which means less of an increase in firmness and less difference during use as a conventional cock ring. However, thanks to the design the Spartan is far more stretchy and can be used as a cock-and-ball ring, and it’s damned good at it too.

It’s tight without being uncomfortable, it maintains a firm erection, and it provides enhanced sensation upon ejaculating. But this is the case for many other cock-and-ball rings I’ve tried too. Most in fact.

Overall the Spartan does it’s job and it is good at it, but, besides the shape, it is still quite standard it my mind.

The Barbarian
A great cock-and-ball ring.
A great cock-and-ball ring.

Out of all the Power Rings this is my personal favorite.

The Barbarian has an external diameter of 50mm at its futhest point and an internal diameter of 25mm—making it on par the Gladiator with in terms of  how much Elastomex is putting pressure on your penis.

Now I don’t think I need to tell you this, but the Barbarian isn’t the tightest of the three Power Rings. When used as a standard cock ring I will keep you upright but that’s about it. However this product stands out above the rest as an exceptional cock-and-ball ring.

The Barbarian provides a tight hold on you—resulting in a firm and enhanced erection that makes a notable difference.

When wearing this product as a cock-and-ball ring I felt like my penis was the Conan the Barbarian of cocks (the Arnold Schwarzenegger version, of course).

On a more serious note, I noticed a distinct increase in erection along with a longer duration when wearing this ring which climaxed into what could almost be described as an eruption upon ejaculation.

Overall the  Barbarian is great if your wanting a good cock and ball ring and I recommend it highly.

As you can see, each of these cock rings had their own benefits and downsides. But they also have a few shared downsides which come from the material they’re made out of.

Being made of a TPE/TPR combo, the Bathmate Power Rings aren’t the most body-safe of toys (although they are phthalate-free). Both TPE and TPR are porous, which means they can hold on to some fluids, bacteria and the like. Because of this you’ll need to clean your Power Rings thoroughly before and after each use (might I recommend Keep Burning’s Toy Cleaner).

However, for me the biggest flaw of Elastomex is its clingy surface—which seems determined to give me a full Brazilian wax one pubic hair at a time. Seriously, this material grabs at any hair it comes in to contact with. At first this was a big deterrent for me, and it almost put me off the Power Rings range altogether. Thankfully, after a couple of runs, I managed to stumble upon a solution in the form of our old friend—lube.

Just lube up your Power Ring of choice before use (or just up your member) and the hair-grabbing ability of these rings is dramatically decreased.

Due to how clingy these Power Rings are it should go without saying that these rings are also lint magnets. Just another reason to be strict with your washing routine.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I liked all three of the Power Rings and definitely would recommend them. Each one has a slightly different use and, at £6.00 each, it doesn’t cost too much to add this warrior’s arsenal to your repertoire of bedroom delights.

I would feel happy to recommend these to cock rings to people of any level of experience but, be warned, for best use you will need to add a bit of lube before use.

Recommend to:

Cock ring/cock-and-ball ring enthusiasts.

People wanting to experiment with a range of cock rings.

People looking for a method of increasing their duration.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t like cock rings

People conscious of body-safe materials.

People that dislike grabby materials.