Product Review: Keep Burning Toy Cleaner

Let’s face it—there are a lot of toy cleaners on the market, and with good reason. Hygiene is incredibly important, especially when it comes to sex toys; these are items that get applied to and inserted in some of the most sensitive and intimate parts of your body. Some materials can be porous and the ones that aren’t still need a good clean before and after use. It’s only sensible.

However with so many toy cleaners on the market it becomes a struggle to decide which one to choose. Issues like ‘What are the specific benefits of this cleaner over others?’ and ‘Why should I even buy a toy cleaner when I could use some antibacterial soap?’ inevitably come to mind and there is a real urge to either go for any generic brand and just use soap. I admit, most of the time I just use an antibacterial soap.

That being said when Keep Burning provided me with their own brand Toy Cleaner in exchange for an honest review I suddenly got to see the benefits of a decent cleaner over my liquid soap, and I liked them a lot.

Keep Burning Toy Cleaner

The Keep Burning Toy Cleaner impressed me with its capabilities.
The Keep Burning Toy Cleaner impressed me with its capabilities.

Keep Burning Toy Cleaner does exactly what it says in its name—it cleans toys, all kinds of toys. Keep Burning states that their Toy Cleaner is safe to use on all materials, including (but not limited to) latex, rubber, and silicone. The product itself is marketed as an ‘unscented  antibacterial disinfectant toy cleaner’ and we all know that antibacterial is good when it comes to the wonderful world of adult products.

While this Toy Cleaner certainly lacks any added scents it does still have quite a strong odour of its own. Basically it smells like antibacterial hand sanitizer. The active ingredient in most hand sanitizers nowadays is some form of alcohol. Keep Burning’s Toy Cleaner includes ethanolamine (which is an organic chemical compound which is partly a primary alcohol) so it makes sense that this is where the Toy Cleaner gets its scent from.

Personally I’ve always loved the smell of alcohol-based hand gels so this scent really didn’t bother me, but if you have a sensitive nose or simply despise the smell of hand sanitizer then it’s probably best to either avoid this cleaner or only use it when it’s absolutely necessary.

Thankfully compared to most hand sanitizer gels (which have a ton of ingredients) the Keep Burning Toy Cleaner keeps its ingredients simple and to a minimum with only five in total—Isopropanol, aqua, acrylate copolymer, glycerine, and ethanolamine.

This Toy Cleaner comes in a squeezy bottle and is quite thin when applied. Keep Burning says that it’s non-greasy and this is true, though, honestly, I’ve never known a toy cleaner to be greasy.

The Keep Burning Toy Cleaner comes in a simple and easy-to-use bottle.
The Keep Burning Toy Cleaner comes in a simple and easy-to-use bottle.

To use this Toy Cleaner I simply apply it to my toys, give them a good rub, and then rinse the cleaner off with water. This may be an unnecessary step but I feel like it’s the best way to avoid any potential irritation that could be caused from residue cleaner on the toys. I have incredibly sensitive skin and I’ve yet to encounter any problems with this cleaner, so I’m going to say that my method works.

Compared to using soap, the Keep Burning Toy Cleaner leaves each of my toys feeling distinctly fresh and squeaky clean (sometimes literally, depending on the material). I always feel confident that this cleaner is doing its job and I’ve experienced no problems with it so far.

I have to admit, although it’s much more practical to use this cleaner on any porous toys you may have, I love applying this cleaner to my metal and glass toys. Why? Well, in addition to eliminating all residue lube and fluids with ease, the Keep Burning Toy Cleaner seems to polish my metal and glass toys—leaving them with a pristine surface that makes them look as good as new.

With its strong smell and ability to give my toys a fresh look it wasn’t long before I wondered—could this toy cleaner be the one I had been searching for?

I’ve made it no secret in the past that, while I love silicone anal toys, I really can’t abide the scent that lingers on them. It’s just a huge deterrent for me. In the past I’ve tried my soap, other toy cleaners, washes in scorching water, and the juice from a lemon, all to no avail. So, naturally, with such a potent Toy Cleaner now in my arsenal I had to test it out on my partner’s favourite butt toys.

Both my partner and I gave the silicone toys a good whiff before cleaning them—they smelt like butt, no surprise. I applied the Toy Cleaner to both of them and let it linger on the toys for a while before thoroughly rinsing it off and giving them another sniff. It worked! Well, sort of. The lingering scent of ass was greatly diminished, something no other toy cleaner had managed.

I let Mr. Peaches have a whiff and he was less convinced. He conceded that the scent had faded a lot but pointed out that it had just been replaced with the scent of antibacterial gel. I left the toys for a moment and then got him to retest and he admitted that the antibacterial scent had faded and so too had most of the residual butt scent.

Now, to me this was already a victory. Keep Burning does a lot of anal toys, so I was already feeling pretty confident when I decided to run my experiment, but for the Toy Cleaner to eliminate most of the odour on my toys left me overjoyed. But, wait, it gets better.

The following day I pulled the two anal toys out and gave them a whiff (just to make sure I hadn’t imagined the change) and, lo and behold, the smell had dramatically decreased—so much so that it was barely detectable. I was over the moon.

Final Thoughts

In a time when soap can readily be used on most toys it can be hard to justify paying out for a designated toy cleaning gel. But, at the end of the day, there are some jobs that soaps simply aren’t made for (some that even most toy cleaners can’t achieve) and this is where the Keep Burning Toy Cleaner steps in.

If, like me, you love silicone anal toys but can’t stand any residual odours that might linger then this is the toy cleaner for you—and, at only 7.90€s a bottle it’s a real bargain.

If you have any glass or metal toys that you want to make look their best then this cleaner also excels, or if you want your toys to be assuredly squeaky clean then this product is the one for you.

The only reason not to buy this cleaner is if you’re sensitive to the scent of mainstream hand gels. Still, the hand gel scent will fade, but the freshness of your butt toys? Well that (to me at least) is priceless.

Recommend to:

People who want to eliminate odours.

People who want their glass and metal toys to shine at their prime.

People who want to revitalize their toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t really use anal toys much.

People who dislike the scent of hand sanitizer gels.

People who are sensitive to odours generally.

  • Mike

    Great! Let’s see if I can find it in Mexico!

  • Shimmer

    That actually sounds like one of the better toy cleaners out there. So many of them contain triclosan, which I want nothing to do with.

    But I must say “Keep Burning” seems like an unfortunate choice as a name for anything going anywhere near one’s nether regions!