Toy Review: The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegel Balls

In my previous review I delved into the wonderful world of electro sex—something that, at first glance, might seem dangerous or extreme but which is actually very safe and enjoyable. I had a lot of nice things to say about ElectraStim’s Flick EM60-E Electro Stimulation Pack but my biggest complaint was that it didn’t come with an internal toy.

The Lula Electro Kegel Balls are the main reason for this. The sensations that these balls have induced in me are nothing short of phenomenal and, quite honestly, I’m hooked on them.

The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegel Balls

To use the Lula Kegel Balls you will need a Stimulator like the Flick.
To use the Lula Kegel Balls you will need a Stimulator like the Flick.

The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegel Balls are ElectraStim’s answer to kegel exercises. I’ve hammed on quite a lot about how important kegels are but if (by some miracle) you have missed my rants here are some of the benefits; kegel exercises help retain and strengthen bowl and bladder control, aid in recovery after pregnancy, strengthen the support of the abdominal organs, and have been said to increase the strength and duration of orgasms and generally allow for better muscle control during sex.

There are an array of kegel exercisers on the market (and I’ve done my share of reviews on them), however the Lula Electro Kegel Balls set themselves apart by employing the benefits of electro stimulation. While the top ball contains a free roaming weight (which jiggles around, similarly to the Lelo Luna Beads) the bottom ball can provide exciting shocks and tingles by being attached to an ElectraStim Stimulator. This allows users to get the benefit of jiggle balls while also being able to enjoy and utilize the powers of electro play.

One ball jiggles while the other provides the electro stimulation.
One ball jiggles while the other provides the electro stimulation.

The Lula Kegel Balls are part of ElectraStim’s Silicone Noir collection—so are made of a phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, body-safe material. The silicone used for the Lula Kegel Balls isn’t the softest on the market; it’s smooth but matte and rather grabby. The balls can grab up dust and lint so they need a good wash before and after use. Despite this the Lula Kegel Balls lube up extremely well (a little lube goes a long way) aiding in insertion.

When inserting the Lula Kegel Balls it pays to take one ball at a time instead of trying to squish them in together. This is mainly due to the connecting chord which (as with most kegel balls) is slightly too long and malleable to allow for one slick inserting motion. That being said, the Lula Kegel Balls were easier to insert then some kegel balls I have tried, and I really haven’t had any issues with them at all employing my ‘one ball at a time’ method.

When used without being hooked up to a stimulator these balls are nice but pretty standard. A free roaming weight is always a delightful addition to kegel exercisers and I love swaying up-and-down and side-to-side when using such products, just to optimise the jiggle. The amount of weight provided is decent and seems like it would be acceptable for beginners, but is still prominent enough to give intermediate users a good workout too. Overall very good but not ground breaking.

The electro stimulation, however, is where these bad boys shine through.

New sensations, new experiences, new methods of use. The Lula Kegel Balls switched up my kegel routine for the better.
New sensations, new experiences, new methods of use. The Lula Kegel Balls switched up my kegel routine for the better.

As I mentioned in my last review, when electro stimulation is applied externally the major sensation you get is pins and needles without the downsides. This isn’t the case with internal toys.

Instead internal toys greet you with involuntary muscle contractions—the kind that mimic the muscle spasms of orgasm but with a stronger, more controlled feeling to them. I was honestly blown away by this the first time I felt it—as it’s so bizarre, yet so intoxicating all at the same time—I think I spent a good three minutes just giggling like a kitten on catnip and making passing comments like “oh wow” while my partner watched in bemusement.

As you all know I generally dislike patterns and I make it a habit to avoid them like the plague, but patterns are not only enjoyable but essential when using a toy like the Lula Kegel Balls.

Because the main sensation you feel when these balls are inserted is muscle contractions (accompanied by gentle tingles) patterns allow you to change up how your muscles move and contract—allowing for some mind-blowing sensations. The Flick EM60-E comes with 6 patterns standard (ignoring the continuous mode) as well as the ‘Flick’ mode, so that’s a decent amount of patterns to play with.

By far my favourite pattern was the slow pulse. This pattern is a low frequency bursting pattern and it makes my muscles seize up and then release in a very prominent way which feels wonderful. Never in my entire reviewing career have I been so eager to skip the continuous mode and play with the patterns, but ElectraStim has me doing just this (and with a shocking level of glee too).

Now (as well as feeling absolutely incredible) these patterns also have a practical application for kegel exercises. ElectraStim claims that the Lula Kegel Balls initially help with kegel exercises by making it clear where your kegel muscles are and this is 100% accurate. Pop these balls in, slowly get up to a comfortable level of juice, and then switch on a pattern and you’ll be in no doubt as to where your kegel muscles are. This is a really clever way to utilize the involuntary muscle contractions prompted by internal electro stimulation and I applaud ElectraStim for utilizing it for something as important as vaginal health.

As for the rest of the exercises, well, again patterns are your best friend. ElectraStim recommends using a slow pattern setting and, once comfortable, to clench and release in time with the stimulation pattern. This is a little harder than it says—because your muscles are already being contracted so it can be tricky to get a good rhythm going. However, if you’re struggling at first then you can always relax and enjoy the natural ‘massage’ that the stimulations provide.

Personally I adore my Lula Kegel Balls. They provide sensations unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and I do feel like they’ve made a difference to my pelvic floor muscles. But, as with all products, there are a few downsides that I have to mention.

ElectraStim stress that you should ‘clench inward’ so that you don’t accidentally push the kegel balls outside of your vagina—which could result in uncomfortable sensations. Even though I’m a veteran kegel user this did put me on edge quite a bit, and made me feel uneasy the first few times I used these balls. So far I the balls have stayed securely inside me but I do stress that people make sure they’re clenching inwards. I don’t think that any of us want to experience what happens when clenching goes wrong.

As mentioned before these balls are lint magnets, so you’ll need to keep them well-cleaned before and after use. These balls can be submerged to be cleaned but you need to make sure that the inputs are completely dry before hooking them up again, so be aware of this.

Make sure these are thoroughly dry (inside and out) before use again.
Make sure these are thoroughly dry (inside and out) before use again.

It also goes without saying that anyone who is fervently opposed to involuntary muscle spasms might not like this product. That being said involuntary muscle spasms are kind of par for the course with an orgasm and this product provides very similar sensations so it’s not as scary as you might think.

Probably the biggest downside to these kegel balls is that ElectraStim recommend that you use them for 20 minutes per day to see results. Considering most other exercisers on the market recommend 5 minutes this might be seen as too time consuming for some. Personally I’m so addicted to the sensations that these balls provide that 20 minutes almost seems like too little, but it takes all sorts.

A small side effect of using these balls for 20 minutes is also that (much like any workout) it can leave your pelvic floor muscles feeling a bit sore after use. However this is something that doesn’t last long and subsides with practice and improvement.

Final Thoughts

I am utterly sold on the idea of electro stimulation now and internal use is my favourite kind. The muscle contractions employed by internal stimulation is sensational and for ElectraStim to use this for kegel exercises is a stroke of genius.

If you’re having trouble locating your pelvic floor muscles, want a guaranteed exercise routine, or simply want a more regulatory kegel exerciser then the Lula Kegel Balls offer all of these benefits and more. However if you feel like you can’t commit 20 minutes a day to a kegel workout regime then you might need to give these balls a miss.

Recommend to:

People who are new to kegels.

People who want firm bodily feedback.

People who like electro stimulation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who can’t stand involuntary contractions.

People on a tight schedule.

People who want a toy just for pleasure (check out the rest of the Silicone Noir range instead).