Toy Review: The Lelo Ella

A while ago I sung the praises of the Lelo Siri. I stated (with confidence) that if a vibrator virgin approached me looking for a decent clitoral vibe then the Lelo Siri would be my first recommendation. When it comes to the G-spot I feel much the same way about the Lelo Ella. Iconic among reviewers, this dildo is a masterful piece of work and I’d feel confident recommending it to newbies and veterans alike.

The Lelo Ella

The Ella may look pretty conventional, but this modest toy has a lot to offer.
The Ella may look pretty conventional, but this modest toy has a lot to offer.

Upon first glance the Lelo Ella may not look like much. Just over 7 inches in length and sporting one curved end and one long, biconvex end, the Ella seems almost modest in comparison to some of the G-spotting powerhouses out there. However, Ella’s simplicity is also its most valuable asset. This toy has traded in frills and decorative trimmings in exchange for a sleek style and a sophisticated artlessness and it really pays off. The Ella looks elegant but also incredibly user-friendly and even those new to sex toys should feel at ease with this alluring product.

The Lelo Ella comes in Lelo's signature sophisticated packaging.
The Lelo Ella comes in Lelo’s signature sophisticated packaging.

As with pretty much all Lelo toys, Ella is made out of silicone—making it non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and ultimately body-safe. Silicone also warms quickly when inserted, and is never really that cold to begin with. The silicone Lelo uses is an absolute treat and a true delight to stroke against my skin. When it comes to silky silicone smoothness I often think that Lelo has the monopoly and the Ella doesn’t disappoint. Apply some water-based lube to the Ella and its matte body is also capable of becoming satisfyingly slippery—entering most bodies with ease.

This is facilitated by Ella’s sleek design. Even at its girthiest the curved side of the Ella is just under 4.25 inches in circumference. Meanwhile the biconvex end is 4 inches in circumference at its largest and eases you in with a tapered tip that barely reaches 1.5 inches in circumference (from the first measurable point). Because of these measurements the Ella provides a nice, unintimidating starting point for exploration.

Smaller in size than some G-spotting toys, the Ella welcomes new users and veterans alike to sample its curves.
Smaller in size than some G-spotting toys, the Ella welcomes new users and veterans alike to sample its curves.

I have to admit when I first got the Ella I was actually worried that it would be a little bit too small for me. Is it really large enough? Could it really do the job? Could it really feel as prominent as my Comet or Seduction? Those were a few thoughts that came to mind, but I shouldn’t have doubted the Ella so much, because this toy can most certainly get me off.

It’s quite impressive how both sides of the Ella have a knack for rubbing just the right places to produce almost unexpected pleasure. When I put the curved side in I had expected that I would be able to stimulate my G-spot with it but I hadn’t expected just how quickly the Ella would identify and cling to the right spot. Seriously, it was as if the Ella had a homing beacon custom set to my vagina. Many great orgasms followed.

Despite this ongoing Ella-induced elation I was pretty sceptical about the straighter, bulging end, and was generally unenthused about trying it altogether. Mr. Peaches finally encouraged me to give it a chance, but I still wasn’t convinced that it would break my love affair with the G-spotting end. That was until I slid it in. Holy cow! I was met with instant pleasure, as the expanding girth hugged against my vaginal walls and insistently stroked them into elation. It felt even better than the other side!

Needless to say I was incredibly happy with the Lelo Ella (not to mention impressed with the different sensations it can provide). The curved head of the Ella provides more of a targeted, close prodding while the biconvex end excels at hugging the walls of the vagina and allowing its subtle increase of size to do the work for it. In both cases the orgasms were intense and I was given clear G-spot stimulation.

Both sides of the Ella bring intense pleasure to the table.
Both sides of the Ella champions its own distinct sensation.

Because of this I personally think that the Lelo Ella is a great luxury dildo for those who want to explore G-spot stimulation (or for those who already know it well and want another awesome toy for the toy box), however, the Ella isn’t perfect.

A lot of reviewers have credited this dildo to being great for squirting. While this may be the case I didn’t experience squirting with the Ella, nor get close, so this may not be the case for everyone.

I have also heard that, for some people, the Ella’s shape simply doesn’t work. It either pokes their cervix, catches on their pubic bone, or creates noises akin to a plunger. I haven’t experienced any of these sensations myself but it’s important to know that these issues do exist.

Also, while the Ella is a fantastic G-spot toy in its own respect, I really don’t think it stands up to the G-spotting giants, such as the Comet and Seduction. This, I think, has to do with size and material.

Both the Comet and the Seduction sport a rather large head and are made out of rather rigid materials. Meanwhile the Ella’s head is quite modest and the neck leading up to it is flexible and yields easily to pressure. Because of this you can’t get the same intense, ever-present presence that you do with the Comet and Seduction from the Ella. However this isn’t always a bad thing.

While the Comet and Seduction are both wonderful, I don’t think either is overly good for a beginner. Y’see because these two toys have such prominent heads they could seem overbearing for someone new to G-spotting or provide sensations that are simply too intense or just uncomfortable. Meanwhile the Ella provides decent stimulation while still giving users some leeway if they need it. Subsequently the Ella also works as a great warm-up toy for transitioning to larger G-spot toys, while also working wonderfully on its own. Wait’a turn a weakness into a strength Ella!

One last point; the ‘Lelo’ logos on the Lelo Ella pick up residue fluids and lubricant that makes an otherwise sleek toy difficult to clean without a toothbrush. That’s not a strength in disguise. It’s just frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like the Lelo Ella. It may not be the most potent pleasure device in my mighty arsenal but it still provides fantastic orgasms at a reasonable price, and you really can’t knock that.

If you’re new to sex toys and craving for some G-spot exploration then please do consider the Ella. This toy is more than willing to guide you down the path of pleasure.

Recommend to:

People who consider themselves beginners.

People who like G-spot toys and want another great one.

People who like dual-use toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike curved toys.

People who want a larger toy.

People who want a clitoral toy.

Chemist Direct provided me with the Lelo Ella in exchange for an honest review. Sadly they have since stopped stocking this product. However, they do stock many other great Lelo products, as well as many other dildos