Emmeline’s Top Shop Picks: Desires of the I.D.


Last time I covered a retailer that I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother knows about. However, this time I thought I’d cover a retailer that I personally consider to be a hidden gem of sorts: Desires of the I.D.

Desires of the I.D.

Designer desires are what Desires of the I.D. are here to fulfil.


The lovely owner of Desires of the I.D. was inspired to start the store when she realized that very few online retailers dealt in strictly ‘designer’ items. Eventually, she determined, that many online stores eventually started to sell objects of lower material or build quality and ‘tacky’ hen-do items (if they didn’t already stock these items to start with).

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with stocking ‘novelty’ items and there is, undoubtedly, a huge market for such things. However the owner of Desires of the I.D. had a different vision in mind.

Seeing a gap in the market, Desires of the I.D. aspires to stock designer or luxury items and only that. Each item on Desires of the I.D. is hand-picked by the owner. She even tends to explore the products herself to ensure that they are something she is happy to stock.

This all may sound a little bit too discerning for some but, in actuality, Desires of the I.D. has a lot to offer. Because Desires of the I.D. is focused on providing a variety of brands they stock some items that would otherwise be obscure (such as my precious Minna Limon).

The owner of Desires of the I.D. is also one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. She’s friendly, she’s helpful, she’s taken in every bit of feedback I’ve given her, and, above all, she’s passionate about the service she provides. Having such a dedicated owner can honestly make all the difference, and I haven’t had a single bad experience when dealing with Desires of the I.D.

Desires of the I.D. also provides free UK postage and will ship worldwide. There are often sales or product discounts available, and every item I’ve received from Desires of the I.D. has arrived in a prompt and professional manner. I really can’t recommend this store enough.

Some Top Picks

So, what items does Desires of the I.D. have to offer? Well, lets check out some of my favourites.

limonThe Minna Life Limon Vibrator

A vibrator that I absolutely adore, the Minna Limon is a pattern-lovers’ dream toy. All you have to do is squeeze the sides of this plush little lemon to intuitively control the strength of vibration. A record setting allows you to use this technology to record and lock-in your own patterns—allowing you to control your play experience. As well as being great fun, the Minna Limon provides some fairly decent deep vibrations that should satisfy people who like mid-to-high strength toys. A great toy with some great tech involved.

D1 StoneThe Laid D1 Stone

Made from polished Blue Pearl Larvikite (or Black Norwegian Moonstone, as it’s also known) dildos don’t come much more luxurious than this. The Laid D1 Stone continues to be one of the most stunning toys in my collection, and it does its job well too. Designed ergonomically, the Laid D1 Stone takes its material and makes the best out of it—producing strong, effective orgasms. A beautiful dildo that would look gorgeous in anyone’s collection.

smartbeadThe Lelo Luna Smart Bead

New to the market, the Lelo Luna Smart Bead offers a controlled way to exercise your kegel muscles. Designed to be an intelligent personal trainer, the Lelo Luna Smart Bead guides you through personalized 5 minute workouts that progress in difficulty as your kegel strength develops. With a smooth design and intelligent technology the Lelo Luna Smart Bead is great for anyone who wants a more guided workout session.

fresh+The Leaf+ Fresh+ Vibrator

Your very own little jumping bean in the shape of a leaf, the Fresh+ provides a decent amount of strength and rumble in a relatively compact package. Made using the same technology as the Palmpower, the Fresh+ is a cute and effective vibrator for the environmentally conscious consumer. The design of the Fresh+ is inspired by naturally occurring shapes—the result being a vibrator that can be used in a myriad of ways. Whether you like pin-point precision or a more diffuse experience the Fresh+ has got you covered.

pure wandThe nJoy Pure Wand

A toy that hardly needs an introduction. The nJoy Pure Wand has become almost legendary in the sex blogging world. Hailed as one of the best G-spot toys out there, the Pure Wand is a hefty piece of kit that vagina-owners should not miss out on. As it is made out of stainless steel the nJoy Pure Wand is not only body-safe but also great for sensation play. If you want to treat someone this year then why not give them the gift of some awesome G-spotting action?

And that’s all for now folks! Desires of the I.D. is a truly wonderful store. The owner puts in so much hardwork and dedication that I’m certain you would be disappointed if you made your purchases with them this year.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

This review special was not sponsored. All opinions expressed in this review special are based on my personal experiences with Desires of the I.D.


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