Product Review: Fembido Sensual Gel for Her

A while ago I reviewed a product called Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men, which was provided to me by Chemist Direct. The product was pretty effective which got me curious about their other line of products—Fembido. As such, when Chemist Direct offered me a chance to review a Fembido product I decided to take the opportunity to try out the Fembido Sensual Gel for Her.

Fembido Sensual Gel for Her

The Fembido Sensual Gel for Her is made by bioconcepts and works in a similar way to its male counterpart. Namely it promotes blood flow in order to provides increased stimulation and sensation. In the case of Fembido, the gel is meant to be used to stimulate the clitoris and is strictly for external use only.

The Fembido Sensual Gel for Her heightens sensations during use.
The Fembido Sensual Gel for Her heightens sensations during use.

Smell, taste, and texture were my initial concerns (as usual) when trying out this particular product. The Fembido Sensual Gel lets off a pleasant minty smell that is actually quite appealing. Thankfully this smell isn’t too strong either. To get a whiff of this smell you really do need to be holding it up to your nose, so it won’t overpower its user, or even detract from the experience if odours aren’t your thing.

As for the taste…well, it’s got a strong one, but not wholly unpleasant. The taste of the Fembido Sensual Gel follows up on its minty scent with a slight chemical after-taste. It actually reminds me of some toothpaste. Because of this I’d say that the Fembido Sensual Gel would be okay to apply before an oral sex session, but only if you’re a fan of minty tastes.

Compared to the Maxbido Gel, the Fembido Sensual Gel has some pretty drastic differences in smell and taste, however its texture is very similar.

This product comes out as a tick gel.
This product comes out as a tick gel.

True to its name, the Fembido Sensual Gel comes out as a thick gel, which can then be spread across the desired area. When on warm skin this gel with melt a little bit and form a smoother consistency, which is actually really nice. The gel itself isn’t the thickest on the market, but it’s still enough to provide a decent buffer if you want to use a toy with it, and it feels pleasingly smooth and pleasantly hydrating.

In regards to sensation it’s very similar to any other sensation gel on the market. For those who have never tried a sensation gel then envision that revitalized, brisk, minty feeling you get after just having used mouthwash and then apply it to your clitoris. In essence the Fembido Sensual Gel envelops your clitoris with fresh, tingly sensations that invigorate the area.

This sensation can have the capability to energize your clitoris and bring attention to any sensations that it comes into contact with, but not everyone will like it.

If you’ve tried sensation gels of tingly/chilling lubes before then I don’t think the Fembido Sensual Gel will be for you. However if you are a fan of sensation gels/lubricants then I will say that the Fembido Sensual Gel is very good at what it does. The sensations it produces linger for a decent amount of time, and they are just the right strength to really make the difference during a play session. If you’re new to sensation products and would like to give one a try then I think the Fembido Sensual Gel is a pretty good starting point, especially seeing as it’s currently only £7.50 (accurate as of this review).

However, there are a few downsides to the Fembido Sensual Gel that I do feel the need to discuss.

As with the Maxbido Gel, the Fembido Gel’s bottle likes to squirt the gel out in aggressive bouts instead of measured and controlled proportions. I still really dislike this—as the gel will sometimes come out with such force that it splashes and disperses in unpredictable ways.

When it comes to personal preferences you probably won’t like the Fembido Gel if (as I’ve said) you dislike sensation gels or if you dislike the texture of gels in general.

Another thing to consider when buying this product is that it contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Menthol, and Methylisothiazolinone. All of these ingredients have been shown to cause irritation and/or allergic reactions in sensitive users to varying degrees. Because of this if you have sensitive skin you might want to avoid this gel.

Still, if you have sensitive skin and really want to try this product, follow the bottle’s instructions and do a small test on your arm first. The last thing you want is irritation on your genitalia.

Surprisingly I had absolutely no negative effects or bad reaction to this gel—which is a minor miracle, considering my skin is so sensitive that it’s unreal—so it may well be worth giving this product a try instead of immediately dismissing it.

The last issue I have with this gel (and this entire series of products, really) is its heavy emphasis on gender-binaries. The male/female dichotomy is strong in this one.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was really happy with this product. While sensation gels aren’t usually my thing (due to the stinging pain they often inflict) I was happy to find that Fembido Sensual Gel provided me with an effective sensation gel which I can use at any time. The strength and duration of this gel seemed very good to me, and I can’t really fault it on its texture (which worked very well for the job at hand).

If only the Fembido Sensual Gel had more body-friendly ingredients I might be able to give it a near-perfect endorsement. Still, as it stands, the Fembido Sensual Gel for Her still manages to deliver a sensational experience.

Recommend to:

People who like sensation gels/lubricants.

People who like menthol-based gels.

People who like experimenting.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sensation gels/lubricants.

People with very sensitive skin.

People who dislike gender binaries.