Toy Review: The Sexy Pistol

“I thought I’d give this toy a shot”.

“I got banged”.

“I had a blast”.

“It always hits its target”

“You don’t need vibrations to have pow-er”.

“Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Oh…it is a pistol…nice”.

I am so sorry that just happened, but can you blame me? They say that you shouldn’t take sex too seriously and the Sexy Pistol is definitely living by this philosophy.

Besides how many sex toys do you know that have as much potential for puns as for pleasure? It just had to happen.

The Sexy Pistol is a hybrid of practicality, humour, and pure absurdity and, while it invests more in some of these categories than others, I do think that the Sexy Pistol is a pretty decent toy.

The Sexy Pistol

The Sexy Pistol was provided to me by 6S Dildo in exchange for an honest review and this was another one that I was excited to receive. Sure, I love elegant, sleek, and stylish sex toys as much as the next reviewer but sometimes it’s just fun to receive something so outlandishly awesome that it can only be described as an indulgence in fun, and the Sexy Pistol has ‘fun’ written all over it.

The playful side of me could not resist the allure of the Sexy Pistol.
The immature playful side of me could not resist the allure of the Sexy Pistol.

When I first took this cheeky (and, might I add, beautiful) toy out of its box I immediately went back to my playgrounds days. I packed it in my hands, swung around, aimed it at my partner and yelled “Freeze!”…I know, I’m a total child. But, taking a moment to consider the potential of this toy, the Sexy Pistol could make for a very good sexy roleplaying prop. Cowboys, police officers, and escaped criminals come to mind but I’m sure there are more possibilities.

Think about it; Imagine being in the middle of a sexy roleplay scene and pulling out your pistol, saying ” I thought you should know I’m armed and I’m not afraid to use it”. Yeah.

Sexual roleplay might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the Sexy Pistol has more to offer beyond being a sensual prop. With an insertable length of 7 inches and a maximum circumference of about 4 ½ inches the Sexy Pistol is a fully fledged dildo, and is quite good at what it does.

Being made out of ‘Pyrex’ (or borosilicate glass) the Sexy Pistol is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. In addition to this glass can be warmed up or cooled down to add another level of enjoyment to a play session. This is great for sensation play but also has its benefits during regular use—as glass will often warm-up to match your natural body temp. during use.

The Sexy Pistol is a bit heavier than a silicone toy but it’s weight makes it feel substantial and adds to the enjoyment of using it. It’s also not as heavy as a metal toy, so it strikes a nice mid-way point.

I have to admit, a large part of why I wanted the Sexy Pistol was its novelty value but I also had an inkling that it might actually be a pretty good dildo and I was right. The little flame that has been added to the end of the Sexy Pistol has a slight upwards curve and narrows into a pin-point tip. Meanwhile the shaft of the Sexy Pistol also sports its own curve—ending in a prominent ridge before the flame. Both of these elements mean that the Sexy Pistol can provide some pretty formidable G-spot stimulation if held the right way.

The bulbous 'flame' at the top of the Sexy Pistol can provide some lovely G-spot stimulation.
The bulbous ‘flame’ at the top of the Sexy Pistol can provide some lovely G-spot stimulation.

Now, I wouldn’t call these the best G-spot sensations I’ve ever experienced—because glass is quite smooth and slides so easily into the body the Sexy Pistol doesn’t fully utilize its precise head as much as a draggy silicone or firm wooden toy might. Regardless I can still have some pretty strong orgasms with the Sexy Pistol, and the flip side of its smooth material is that it provides an enjoyable climax without feeling like it’s prodding you too insistently while achieving it. Sometimes it’s nicer to have a lighter touch, and, while I didn’t expect to get it from a glass gun, I’m grateful that the Sexy Pistol is able to provide me with a distinct form of gentle elation.

I haven’t used the Sexy Pistol anally but it does have a sizeable base so I think anal would be do-able with this toy.

There is an undeniable beauty about the Sexy Pistol.
There is an undeniable beauty about the Sexy Pistol.

It should also be said that the Sexy Pistol is actually quite stunning to look at. The spiralling shaft of the Sexy Pistol is actually quite mesmerizing, and lots of extra details have been added which show that some real thought has gone into the appearance of this toy, and it pays off. The Sexy Pistol is another item that I could display without people thinking it’s a sex toy, and I bet it would get a few admirers too.

Details have been added to the toy that add to is aesthetic appeal.
Details have been added to the toy that add to is aesthetic appeal.

Of course, no toy is perfect and a lot of the Sexy Pistol’s flaws come from the fact that it is shaped like a gun.

Because the Sexy Pistol has a long shaft I find that it’s often trying to slide further inside me and missed the rather shallow mark of my G-spot. This means I have to reposition the toy a few times in use, which isn’t great.

The handle for the Sexy Pistol is also quite hefty and can act feel awkward and off-balance at times. In relation to this problem the Sexy Pistol doesn’t work for every position, so you may have to experiment if you’re trying to use this toy solo.

The long shaft of the Sexy Pistol can seem a bit unnecessary at times.
The long shaft of the Sexy Pistol can seem a bit unnecessary at times.

Then again, playing around with positions could be part of the fun of using this toy. For me it was frustrating, but for others it could be an exercise in sexual exploration. It’s all a matter of perspective I suppose.

Final Thoughts

When buying the Sexy Pistol it pays to keep your expectations realistic. This toy is shaped like a pistol and, as such, has some of the problems you would expect with a toy shaped like a pistol. However, for n product that heavily plays with the ‘novelty’ aspect of the sex toy industry I’d say that the Sexy Pistol actually does a pretty good job.

As well as being great fun to play about with, the Sexy Pistol can actually provide some fairly decent orgasms—which are surprisingly smooth and tender. It shares all of the benefits that glass would normally have and brings some really enjoyable sensations to a play session. Why not give it a shot? You might find that you have a blast (again, so sorry).

Recommend to:

People who like silly sex toys from time-to-time.

People who like sexual roleplay.

People who like G-spot stimulation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike novelty items.

People who value practicality over playfulness.

People who dislike glass.

  • Lunabelle

    Considering that I’ve reviewed a cactus and a rocket, this seems about my speed!

    • You should totally review this toy too! Reviewing unusual sex toys is great fun. =D

  • Pete James

    haha well this is something new to my eyes! I could actually think of a few people who would love one of these!