Toy Review: The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy

I’ll admit it; my partner and I have been spoilt when it comes to male masturbators. Between the Lovehoney sleeves and the Tenga 3D Series we’ve found ourselves with quite a few male masturbators that we adore. The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy is not one of them.

California Exotic Novelties provided me with the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy in exchange for an honest review—the Fuck Buddy being part of their newly launched Vivid Raw series. But an honest review is just that and I honestly cannot recommend this toy.

The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy

The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy is a dual density heavy duty masturbator—the outside being a bit firmer and studier while the inside is soft and squidgy. Despite the dual density no part of the Fuck Buddy can be considered truly firm, and the Fuck Buddy still feels pleasantly malleable throughout.

The Fuck Buddy provides some decent sensations but is ultimately not one to recommend.
The Fuck Buddy provides some decent sensations but is ultimately not one to recommend.

The Fuck Buddy’s entrance comes complete with labia and a clitoris for a more realistic appearance and the hole provided is very small—offering a tight squeeze for its users. The toy itself is about 6 inches in length and has an external circumference of about 8 ½ inches, so it can accommodate most average users.

Because the Fuck Buddy has a single entrance (with no air hole on the other side) it provides a fair amount of suction which can cause enjoyable sensations. This, according to CalExotics, is only enhanced by the dual density of this toy. Add to that the fact that the chamber itself is textured and you have a recipe for enjoyment.

The Fuck Buddy's entrance is made to look realistic and enticing.
The Fuck Buddy’s entrance is made to look realistic and enticing.

While Mr. Peaches is in the same boat as me (the “can we bin this toy yet, please?” boat) he did admit that the sensations provided by the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy were pleasurable and he can and does reach orgasm with this toy.

Here is what he had to say about the Fuck Buddy (keeping to the positives):

The Fuck Buddy has a number of good points. It has a thick sleeve so you can be a bit rough with it without in breaking it (which is something I’m always weary of with some of the slimmer sleeves). The texture on the inside is also really nice, the pattern strokes the head of my penis on the way in and follows through on the way out in a very pleasing way. I was also surprised to find just how stretchy the material is so I’m sure it will take nearly anyone no matter your girth.

When it came to my experience using the toy I did find that the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy was very easy to grip and use on my partner—thanks, in no small part, to its external design. But that’s pretty much the only positive I have for the Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy because boy oh boy do I loathe this toy.

This toy is easy to grip during use.
This toy is easy to grip during use.

Let’s take a look at some of the product claims.

The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy claims to be made out of an “ultra life-like pure skin material”. It claims to be “Maintenance free” and “Body Safe, unscencted, [and] phthalate-free”. Uhm no, no, and no.

The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy is made out of Thermoplastic Rubber (or TPR for short). TPR can feel plush and smooth if its been covered in cornstarch but the Fuck Buddy’s default feeling is stickiness. The feeling of the Fuck Buddy is that of a Blu-Tack piece that has been rolled between greasy fingers for far too long; It is not pleasant, let alone desirable.

TPR is also porous so it needs a very good care routine to keep it in good condition. Still it can harbour bacteria and other nasty things so body-safe it is not. On the plus side TPR can be phthalate-free, so there’s that.

This toy is not unscented. Quite the opposite actually.

The Fuck Buddy came with a horrible reek to it that instantly deterred my partner from it. It was kind of like if rubber could go stale; as if the scent was past its best and trying not to languish further before use. I don’t know, it’s hard to describe, but it was a definite mood-killer. The Fuck Buddy also retains smells so soon the rubbery smell of the toy was joint with the scent of spoiled cum.

By now you might be thinking that I’m just not cleaning this toy right. At this point (in my defence) I’d like to point out that A) Not only was this toy marketed as ‘Maintenance free’ but B) It is also near impossible to give the Fuck Buddy a truly thorough clean. You see the Fuck Buddy is so chunky that it makes flipping it inside out a no-go, unless you want to risk breaking the toy. So, instead you just have to rinse the Fuck Buddy out, soap it up and give it a thorough scrub—sticking a finger or similarly slim object into the chamber before swirling it around and hoping for the best.

And (as if that wasn’t bad enough) because the Fuck Buddy can’t be realistically flipped, the inside can’t be efficiently dried. This means that, more often than not, moisture is allowed to dwell in the Fuck Buddy’s inner chamber allowing it to fester. At one point I stuck my finger inside the supposedly clean Fuck Buddy, gave it a swirl, pulled it out and then took a whiff. Bad move. The smell was so horrible and so fetid that I actually gagged. Maintenance free? Ha!

Oh, and my partner kindly informed me that this smell clings to his person after use, so there’s that too. Not to mention the fact that the Fuck Buddy is a lint magnet and retails at $40. $40!? I would not recommend paying $20 for this toy, let alone $40. It is in no way worth it.

Final Thoughts

The Vivid Raw Fuck Buddy may provide some interesting sensations but its putrid reek, porous materials, and inefficient design when it comes to toy maintenance means that the Fuck Buddy is one to avoid. If you do want an enjoyable CalExotics toy that is still made out of TPR then I recommend the Apollo Twist—you may lose the realistic appearance but you’ll gain a TPR toy that can actually be cleaned to an acceptable level.

However if you really need to try the Fuck Buddy then I recommend cleaning as thoroughly as you can muster before and after use and using a condom during use.

Recommend to:

People who want a dual density masturbator.

People who really love TPR.

People who want a realistic toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who value body-safety.

People who value toy maintenance.

People who dislike sticky materials.

  • The smell of stale rubber…gross. Thanks for the honesty!

    • It is very gross. It could be a scent that will air-out over time, but it doesn’t seem to have faded during our time owning and cleaning it. In fact what with it retaining scents I’d say that its unpleasant odour is progressively increasing.