Product Review: The Lelo Luna Smart Bead

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead is an innovative new kegel exerciser from Lelo designed in response to recent findings that only 4% of women are fully satisfied with the strength of their orgasms.

For those not in the know, kegel exercises are an important part of maintaining strong pelvic floor muscles which, in turn helps maintain bladder control, increases support on pelvic organs, and can help make your orgasms longer, stronger, and more intense. Put simply it pays to work out.

However, like with any exercises, kegels can often seem like a chore. Add to this the fact that you can’t really see if you’re doing your exercises right and kegel exercises can be a downright frustrating endeavour.

Thankfully the Lelo Luna Smart Bead provides an intelligent alternative to simply clenching and hoping for the best. With SenseTouch technology and a set of progressive exercise regimes, the Lelo Luna Smart Bead promises the experience of a personal trainer with added pleasure.

But, with so many kegel exercisers already on the market, does the Lelo Luna Smart Bead live up to its promises? The short answer is yes. The long answer? Well, read on

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead

I can confidently say that the Lelo Luna Smart Bead is unlike any other kegel exerciser currently on the market. Now, I’m aware that unique doesn’t always translate to good but in this case the Luna Smart Bead manages to provide a refreshing level of advancement while still keeping the sort of elegant simplicity to it that I admire from most Lelo products.

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead gives users a whole new way to work out.
The Lelo Luna Smart Bead gives users a whole new way to work out.

The bead itself is made of ABS and silicone to provide a silky smooth matte finish. This means that the Luna Smart Bead is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and body-safe. The cord for the Luna Smart Bead also seems to be made out of a non-porous material and feels sturdy and secure. This is a great improvement from the Lelo Luna Beads—whose nylon cord often left people feeling a bit wary.

The cord is sturdy and easy to clean.
The cord is sturdy and easy to clean.

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead is about 3.75 inches in length and 4 inches in circumference around its widest point. Thanks to its ovular shape and smooth contours the Luna Smart Bead is a very gentle product to use. It’s easy to insert and naturally hugs your vaginal walls staying snuggly in place. This makes the Luna Smart Bead a great choice, even for beginners, and the instruction booklet even comes with a diagram explaining where the Smart Bead should sit internally.

I honestly think this makes all of the difference, especially for those just starting out on their kegel adventures. If young Emmeline were here and was presented with two choices to work out with—some standard kegel beads of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead—I think I would pick the Smart Bead anyday of the week. It’s tapered tip and smooth curves look a lot more forgiving and sensible than two rounded balls tethered together and it makes me wonder why more kegel exercisers aren’t designed this way.

The shape of the Luna Smart Bead is very appealing.
The shape of the Luna Smart Bead is very appealing.

Now to look at the exercises.

The main innovation of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead comes from its use of Lelo’s SenseTouch Technology and the implementation of an incremental workout regimen.

To use the Luna Smart Bead you simply push the button on the side and a blinking light will let you know your current level of training. From there a five minute workout will start, allowing you to train up your pelvic floor muscles in a short, manageable work out.

How does this work? Well the Luna Smart Bead will produce frequent vibrations throughout the workout and all you need to do is contract when you feel the vibrations and relax when they stop. The bead’s SenseTouch Technology registers the muscle contractions and will even increase in vibration strength as you squeeze harder (though not everyone will feel this). After the workout is over and you can then press and hold the button for 3 seconds if you want to switch to a continuous vibration mode and use the exerciser as a vibrator too. Simple

A single button controls the Luna Smart Bead.
A single button controls the Luna Smart Bead.

.There are five built in levels of exercise on the Luna Smart Bead—Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. On your first workout the Luna Smart Bead will begin on Intermediate and will decide what level you are from there. Because you get to see your level each time you turn the Luna Smart Bead on you’re provided with a good understanding of your current kegel strength as well as given a clear motivator that drives you to improve. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than leveling up, especially when it has real-world implications in the bedroom.

After you turn it on and see your current level you have 30 seconds to insert the Smart Bead before it will begin. Three quick vibrations signal the beginning of the routine and three quick vibrations also signal the end—at which point the Luna Smart Bead will automatically shut itself down to conserve energy.

I personally found the Lelo Luna Smart Bead to be an incredibly enjoyable exerciser to use. I have to admit, I was a bit uncertain as to what to do at first, but after a few uses I found my feet quickly enough. The vibrations of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead are on the buzzy side but they’re noticeable enough to allow you to easily detect when they’re running and are not so buzzy that they numb you out.

The routines were quick and easy to do and, I have to say, were also incredibly arousing. The use of vibrations as a cue to clench provided instant gratification but also left me on the edge and seeking more. More often than not a workout session with the Lelo Luna Smart Bead would leave me eagerly craving some after workout fun. Thank god, then, that Lelo put a continuous vibration mode into this toy. It didn’t take me long to develop a pattern of doing my exercises, then switching on the vibration mode, reinserting the toy and getting another clit toy out to finish off the slow build-up of excitement that the exercises had provoked.

I can imagine that there are many others who will also enjoy this slow increase of pleasure during the work out and immediately reap the benefits of their exercises—so it kind of doubles as a kegel exerciser and a warm-up toy.

What the Lelo Luna Smart Bead isn’t, on the other hand, is a fully fledged vibrator.

While the vibrations of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead are great for their primary use, they are still quite gentle and I don’t think they’d rock anyone’s world solo. However, as this product is first-and-foremost a kegel exerciser I really don’t mind this.

With that in mind, did the Lelo Luna Smart Bead work for me?

Well I’ve been using the Lelo Luna Smart Bead for a while now and I do feel like my orgasms are noticeably improving. I’ve also found that I’m more likely to have little ‘micro-orgasms’ at the beginning of a play session, and that it is easier to achieve multiple orgasms in general. Some toys that used to feel fantastic feel even better and I’m generally seeing the positive effects of using this exerciser. So count me as a happy camper.

Despite my enthusiasm there are still a few things that I’m not as overjoyed about with this product.

Was the Lelo Luna Smart Bead a total success?
Was the Lelo Luna Smart Bead a total success?

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead pitches itself quite prominently as your own personal pleasure trainer. While I can agree with this to some extent, I do think the main benefit of having a personal trainer is that they can give you clear and concise live feedback during the workout. The Lelo Luna Smart Bead? Not so much.

Sure, some people may be able to feel the vibrations increase as they clench, but not all, and sometimes I still felt in the dark about my progress when using the Luna Smart Bead. Some thoughts that came to mind were—am I clenching right? How can I improve? Am I not clenching fast enough to improve? Am I not releasing quick enough? Am I keeping a consistent amount of strength when clenching on the longer vibrations? I have no real answers for these questions.

At the end of the day the main feedback for improvement is when you move up a level, but in the meantime the Lelo Luna Smart Bead can still leave you feeling a bit clueless.

I imagine that if the Lelo Luna Smart Bead had an app that accompanied it then it could give more feedback and feel even more rewarding.

My other niggle with the Lelo Luna Smart Bead is that it’s not rechargeable. It’s actually powered by a single AAA battery instead (provided with the product). We live in an age where luxury companies, especially Lelo, are known for their rechargeable toys, so this did throw me off a bit when I first realized it.

Both of these things can be taken as downsides and I wouldn’t blame you if either one deterred you from buying the Lelo Luna Smart Bead. However, I’d like to add an addendum to both of these criticisms.

On the lovely Property of Potter’s review of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead Kat (a Lelo representative) explained that the choice to make the Smart Bead battery operated was one to keep the cost of this product as low as possible.

As I said in the intro, the Lelo Luna Smart Bead is meant to address an important issue—the issue of sexual dissatisfaction among the female-bodied population. Lelo truly believe that the Smart Bead can make a real difference in the lives of such people and, as such, they have tried to make the Lelo Luna Smart Bead as accessible and affordable as they could without detracting from the finished product.

Could the Lelo Luna Smart Bead be improved by being rechargeable and having an accompanying app? Probably, but then it would be so expensive that it wouldn’t have an impact on as many lives.

So, instead of looking at the downsides of this product I asked myself this; Does the Lelo Luna Smart Bead currently succeed in its goals?

The answer to me is a resounding yes. Sure the Lelo Luna Smart Bead could be better, but as it stands it still works as a fantastic and legitimately game-changing kegel exerciser. So, at the end of the day, I think Lelo made a lot of smart choices when making the Lelo Luna Smart Bead, and they really paid off.

Besides the battery is supposed to last for 200 routines, which is pretty damned impressive to my mind.

Update: Since my review I have found a legitimate downside to the Lelo Luna Smart Bead.

Penny For Your (Dirty) Thoughts wrote her own great review and was less enthusiastic about the Luna Smart Bead than I.

While I haven’t encountered most of the issues she’s had (in regards to the levels changing, in particular) I did find it interesting that gunk had appeared on the inner chamber of her Smart Bead. Curious as to whether this was an isolated problem I opened up my Smart Bead and, yup, it had amassed quite a bit of unpleasant residue. 

This is an obvious downside, there’s no two-ways about it, however it is manageable. What I tend to do now is, after cleaning the outside of the Smart Bead with water and soap, I take a Q-tip, spray it with toy cleaner and scrub the inside. 

Obviously this is not ideal and I’m going to contact Lelo about this and see if they have any answers or comments. In the meantime add ‘awkward to clean’ onto the list of Luna Smart Bead flaws.

A big thank you to Penny for bringing this up in her review, otherwise it might have taken me longer to discover this (and what a horror that would have been after 200 uses!). 

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m really happy with the Lelo Luna Smart Bead and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s sensibly shaped, body-safe, provides actual feedback and decent motivation, and rewards you during the workout through its buzz-based clenching cues.

If you’re on the market for a kegel exerciser and want something that will leave you with real goals and provide noticeable results then I definitely recommend the Lelo Luna Smart Bead.

Recommend to:

People who want more direction during their kegels.

People who dislike the shape of kegel beads.

People who want a rewarding workout.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want extensive feedback.

People who dislike hard materials.

People looking for an anal bead (do not use this toy anally!)

Lelo provided me with the Lelo Luna Smart Bead in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review then please consider making your purchases through the affiliate links included.

  • I think I’m supposed to be getting one of these. Your review has given me some things to think about while I evaluate it myself. It’s nice to get other reviewers’ points of view when formulating my own so, thanks for the comprehensive review.

    • I’m glad my review could be helpful. Thank you for your kind words. ;)