Update: Lelo Announces the Release of the Lelo Ora 2

Hello my lovely readers!

My, my, it seems Lelo are spoiling us this month.

Just last week they unveiled the innovative new product, the Lelo Luna Smart Bead, and now they’ve released yet another product! This time it’s a new and improved version of the Lelo Ora, aptly titled the Lelo Ora 2.

The Lelo Ora 2 is presented as the most intelligent oral sex simulator to date.
The Lelo Ora 2 is presented as the most intelligent oral sex simulator to date.

When the Lelo Ora came out there was a lot of buzz among the sex blogging community and everyone was excited. The original Ora even managed to win multiple awards, including a Cannes Lion Award—an unprecedented achievement for a sex toy.

However, when the reviews did start to come in the overall feeling eventually turned to disappointment. While some quite liked the original others many others felt that the Lelo Ora just didn’t meet their expectations.

But, while some companies might take this as a chance to flip out, Lelo held its head up high and graciously accepted the constructive criticism that users of the original Ora had to offer.

The Ora 2 is the result of that feedback as well as proof of Lelo’s ongoing dedication to reaching the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.

So what’s changed with the Ora 2?

Well, for one, the swirling nub has been enlarged—promising to make it much more noticeable in use and addressing one of the biggest concerns that people had with the original. The Ora 2 also employs Lelo’s Sensetouch™ Technology (like the Luna Smart Bead and my beloved Smart Wand) which increases the sensations provided by the Ora 2 when it is applied to the body.

When talking about the Ora 2 Lelo’s Head of Marketing, Steve Thompson, had this to say:

“Lelo is the industry leader and the most innovative sex toy company in the world. Our attitude is to always improve, even if products are so highly regarded as to win a Cannes Lion. With Ora™ 2 we’re once again pushing the boundaries of design to bring pleasure to individuals and couples worldwide”

The Lelo Ora 2 retails at £119 (or $169 USD) and, while I wasn’t able to try the original Ora, I am still incredibly excited to see how this new and improved version is received by reviewers and customers alike.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.