Toy Review: Keep Burning Fluo Drop Silicone Ass Plug

I loved the Cock Skull Silicone Dildo from Keep Burning so I was, of course, delighted when they provided me with more of their striking toys. The Fluo Drop was one such toy and Keep Burning not only gave me one but two of this particular item; now my partner and I have designated matching plugs, and that’s bad ass.

Bad ass pretty much sums up this Ass Plug, however, the Fluo Drop does have a few downsides which stop it from getting full marks.

The Fluo Drop Silicone Ass Plug

The Fluo Drop Silicone Ass Plug is an affordable silicone plug which would suit intermediate butt plug users and up. This plug comes in two colours—black or yellow. It has to be said that the yellow used for the Fluo Drop Ass Plug (and, indeed, any Keep Burning toy) is just so bright, vibrant, and wonderfully neon that it can’t help but stand out. It’s a brilliantly brazen colour so luminescent that it completely outshone the black Fluo Drop during the group shots I took. I love it.

The yellow Fluo Drop steals the limelight (lemonlight?) from any shot it's in.
The yellow Fluo Drop steals the limelight (lemonlight?) in any shot it’s in. Poor lil black butt plug didn’t stand a chance.

Keep Burning prides themselves on their 100% pure medical grade European silicone and I can see why. The silicone used for the Fluo Drop is smooth, but with the right level of drag, and is just soft enough to make it manageable while still maintaining firmness where it is needed most. Add all the usual benefits of being phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and generally body-safe and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Fluo Drop Ass Plug also retains much less of an odour than the Fun Factory Bootie, which makes me extremely happy. After giving it a good clean and leaving it to air you can hardly smell any after-scent at all, in fact, which is just fantastic.

In regards to measurements the Fluo Drop Ass Plug is about 4 inches tall from the base, with an insertable length of roughly 3.5 inches. It bulges in the middle and is 4.75 inches at its largest circumference, and the neck of the toy is 2.5 inches in circumference at its smallest. The base is just over 5 inches in circumference, which is reasonable, but it feels small when looking at the toy.

Because of these measurements I wouldn’t recommend getting the Fluo Drop as your first butt plug, and I consider it more suitable for intermediate users at least. In terms of size it is too big for me but, after some adjustment, Mr. Peaches came to both accommodate and enjoy the Fluo Drop Ass Plug. This is what he had to say about it:

Hi Everyone,

Mr. Peaches here, chiming in briefly on the Fluo Drop review.

Now, for me this toy was a definite step up in size from the Fun Factory Bootie and B Balls. However, with a little warm up I found it was comfortable enough to slip in and easy enough to accommodate.

The greatest assets of this toy are its size and the density of its silicone. For a beginner transitioning up to the next size this toy definitely makes itself known and increases simulation and the intensity of organism with ease.

When asking for more feedback I found that, because the Fluo Drop was such a step-up for Mr. Peaches, he was constantly aware of it, which meant that when he reached orgasm a delightful throbbing sensation spread from the stimulated area outwards and continued to produce pleasure in the aftermath of the orgasm.

Anything that can not only enhance an orgasm but also prolong the delightful after-effects is good news in my book.

The firm silicone head of the Fluo Drop coupled with its size made it a solid pleasure enhancer.
The firm silicone head of the Fluo Drop coupled with its size make it a solid pleasure enhancer.

From my perspective I could see the results of the increased stimulation during intercourse and it was clear that Mr. Peaches was enjoying himself upon orgasm, so I’m a happy camper. However, the Fluo Drop does have a few downsides which may influence your decision to purchase this toy.

For me the biggest downside was the size of the base. Because it looks to proportionally small compared to the toy I was left feeling a bit uneasy about it, even though Mr. Peaches insisted it was fine. So if, like me, you prefer a toy with a larger base then this might be a deterrent. However, if you like a smaller base then this is a definite plus, so take it as you will.

The only other real issue with the Fluo Drop is more of an aesthetic issue, but I do still think it’s important. Both of our Fluo Drop Ass Plugs had a very noticeable, very unappealing uneven seam on them. This does feel like a shame because the toy is otherwise very attractive, and the seam detracts from that. It also causes a practical issue.

Because the seam is so prominent, and protrudes in a raggedy manner, cleaning the Fluo Drop is not a seamless process (pun intended). In some places you actually need a toothbrush in order to scrub the area properly, lest residue build up. This isn’t ideal at the best of times, but it’s even more irksome when it concerns an anal toy. The Fluo Drop’s draggy silicone is also a bit of a dust magnet, due to its draggy, matte silicone, which just aggravates the issue.

The seam on the Fluo Drop is one of its major downsides.
The seam on the Fluo Drop is one of its major downsides and makes cleaning it a chore.

To my partner this was something that actively detracted from his enjoyment of the toy, even though in use he said it didn’t make any difference. From my perspective at 9.90 Euros this silicone plug is extremely affordable and if the main catch to that is a noticeable seam then that’s not too bad at all. Again, it’s up to you whether or not this seam is a deal-breaker.

Edit- According to Keep Burning the seam on my plugs is not the norm. But, as both my plugs came with a seam, I do think this criticism is still worth keeping in my review. 

Final Thoughts

Overall the Fluo Drop is a wonderful butt plug which can provide a noticeable increase in pleasure for those who can take it. Potentially a great transition toy from beginner to intermediate (as it was for Mr. Peaches) the Fluo Drop applies pressure in all the right places—managing to enhance the experience of receptive users.

While the Fluo Drop does have a few minor downsides I think its benefits far outweigh its flaws. So, if this butt plug intrigues you, why not give it a try? At 9.90 Euros you really can’t go too wrong with the Fluo Drop.

Recommend to:

Intermediate plug users.

People who dislike odours.

People who like a smaller base.

Do Not Recommend to:


People who value aesthetics.

People who like a larger base.