Toy Review: The Power Play Flickering Tongue

When I first saw the Power Play Flickering Tongue I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Sporting supposedly ‘silky soft flexible silicone stimulators’ and the name ‘Flickering Tongue’ I wondered whether I would be greeted with a rapid waggling motion that sought to emulate the feeling of oral sex as opposed to your typical vibrations.

However, the sensations that I did experience were, thankfully, much more conventional and, in this case, worked to the toy’s benefit (though they may not please everyone).

The Power Play Flickering Tongue

The Power Play Flickering Tongue is a flexible vibrator attached via cord to its control panel. The whole device is battery powered (4 AAAs) which powers its commendably strong vibrations.

The Power Play Flickering Tongue  is a decent toy for those who like a bit of buzz in the bedroom.
The Power Play Flickering Tongue is a decent toy for those who like a bit of buzz in the bedroom.

These vibrations come from a bullet, which is encased in a soft layer of pure silicone. The bullet vibe makes up a firm centre, whereas the silicone sleeve has been shaped into a thin, long, ovular shape that has a tapered tip. True to what this toy promises, the Flickering Tongue’s silicone is nicely soft and very flexible, and it’s easy enough to ‘flick’ this toy across your genitals if you wish to.

The sleeve around the bullet is intended to provide a flickering sensation.
The sleeve around the bullet is intended to provide a flickering sensation.

Because this sleeve is made out of silicone, and the controller out of ABS plastic, the Flickering Tongue is non-porous and body safe. It’s also 100% waterproof—which is a lifesaver for cleaning the toy.

The handle for the Flickering Tongue is designed to be ergonomically curved, to allow for the most comfortable grip possible and there is a single controller which can be used to flick through the toys 3 speeds. This handle is quite easy to grip, and I can press the button easily during use, but the controller is quite bulky, so there are pros and cons to the design and addition of the controller.

Since there are only 3 speeds—which are essentially constant vibrations which increase in intensity—this vibrator is a good choice for those who want to cut out patterns. But, equally, those who like patterns may find themselves deterred by this complete absence of choice.

A single button controls the Flickering Tongue.
A single button controls the Flickering Tongue.

As for the vibrations, they’re buzzy, incredibly buzzy, but buzzy doesn’t necessarily equal bad. There are a lot of people out there who appreciate buzzy vibrators and, if you are one of them, then the Flickering Tongue does a very good job with the buzz it provides. Even on the lowest setting the Flickering Tongue is a strong vibrator, and the vibrations only get stronger and more intense as time goes on. In this way the Flickering Tongue provides buzz and strength in equal amounts and could provide some intense stimulation for those who like such sensations.

While my clitoris now much prefers the sensation of rumbly toys over buzzy ones, I could see the power and potential of the Flickering Tongue, and it reminded me (in some ways) of my much beloved Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator—a toy I gushed over in one of my very first reviews.

Of course the Flickering Tongue has some downsides but a lot of these come down to personal preference.

If you don’t like buzzy toys then there is no way that you will get along with this vibrator. It is the epitome of buzz and there is no way I could recommend it to you.

Likewise, if you dislike toys with a corded controller, non-rechargeable toys, or toys that focus on pinpoint stimulation, then the Flickering Tongue may not be for you.

The only thing that could be said about the Flickering Tongue itself it’s that a single-button for control can sometimes be annoying, and the button doesn’t always respond well when you want to turn it off, but this is a common issue with single-button toys.

Final Thoughts

The Power Play Flickering Tongue is not a miracle worker, nor is it ground-breaking in terms of form of function. But what it does provide is a strong, buzzy vibrator which can be enjoyed with a couple or solo. If you know that these vibrations are what turn you on, then the Flickering Tongue isn’t likely to disappoint (especially at $17.81 on Amazon, as of this review). However if this review didn’t tickle your fancy then chances are the Flickering Tongue won’t either.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who like mid-to-strong vibrations.

People who want to explore couples play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People looking for an oral sex stimulator.

People who dislike corded toys.

The Power Play Flickering Tongue was provided to me by CalExotics in exchange for an honest review.