Update: Lelo Announces the Release of the Lelo Luna Smart Bead

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Say, did you know that only 4% of women are fully satisfied with the strength of their orgasms? That sounds unreal, right? Well according to recent findings provided by the Lelo Global Sex Survey it’s true, and there’s more:

  • 76% of women claim that ‘the wave of orgasm’ lasts less than six seconds for them.
  • Only 17% of women regularly experience multiple orgasms.
  • 33% of women say they have never experienced multiple orgasm.
  • And 11% of the women surveyed had never experienced climax at all!

This comes from the collective results of 5 years of customer questionnaires and Lelo’s 2014 Global Sex Survey (chalking up over almost 50,000 participants globally) and the findings are pretty depressing.

Thankfully, Lelo has decided to take on the challenge of changing these stats by creating a new product—the Lelo Luna Smart Bead.

A system that intuitively works with your body to tailor the best routine for you sounds like a fantastic idea, and that’s exactly what the Lelo Luna Bead claims to do.

When talking about the Lelo Luna Smart Bead, Lelo’s Head of Marketing, Steve Thomson, had this to say:

“As the survey findings show, a huge majority of women could be enjoying more satisfying orgasms on a regular basis. But every woman is also different, so our design team developed the Luna Smart Bead that uses touch-sensors to measure orgasm potential on first use. Just like all good personal trainers, it then sets a tailored routine that matches your current level and helps you improve your performance over time.”

Apparently the Luna Bead’s touch-sensors measure the amount of pressure you apply on your first squeeze and then works from there to create the perfect workout routine for you. Five different progress levels guide you through the experience until, eventually, you are able to gain the orgasms that you wish to achieve.

The Lelo Luna Smart Bead wants to help women realize their full sexual potential.
The Lelo Luna Smart Bead wants to help women realize their full sexual potential.

Each workout lasts for only 5 minutes, but you can also activate a continuous vibration mode after you’re done for the ultimate post-workout treat. And—as the Luna Bead works by making you squeeze when it vibrates and release when the vibrations cease—the workout itself provides a constant reward for the hard work you put in.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t use the Luna Bead more than once a day too; so if that 5 minute workout seems a bit too restrictive then use it more than once a day at your leisure.

The Lelo Luna Bead is set to retail at £69 ($109 USD), which is very affordable considering it claims to enhance the potential of every other toy you own as well.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, Dr. Ian Kerner, sexual health expert and Author of She Comes First, has given the Luna Beads very high praise, stating that:

“It’s well-known by now that Kegel exercising aids not only shorten the length of time needed to reach orgasm, but also increase its intensity and duration. A vibrations-guided routine such as the one Lelo is offering will help women focus on exercising in the correct way, and they will reap fantastic rewards as a result.”

I’m a big fan of both Lelo products and kegel exercisers so I’m really excited to see how the Luna Bead’s measure up. Hopefully they’ll provide all that they promise and enhance the enjoyment of women everywhere.

Fingers crossed!

Emmeline Peaches.