Toy Reviews: The Bulder Stor Boll

With all of the great experiences I’ve been having recently I’ve been feeling like it was only a matter of time before I encountered a toy I simply couldn’t stand. And, sadly, that toy is Bulder’s Stor Boll dildo.

The idea behind the Stor Boll dildo is commendable. However, for me this dildo didn’t work at all and the results left me sore.

About Bulder

The Stor Boll was sent to me by Keep Burning, who also seem to own Bulder.

Bulder is led by a group of designed known collectively as Tom Fjord. The Tom Fjord collective is made up of designers from Scandinavia and Finland, and that is all we get to know (if Tom Fjord told us more, he would have to kill us).

Tom Fjord is described as “totally insane and punk” and prides themselves on trashy and slightly humorous toys which are also clean and body safe. In that way they also adopt Keep Burning’s philosophy on the use of silicone.

If you want to know more about Bulder and Tom Fjord then check out this link here.

 The Stor Boll

The Stor Boll is a dildo designed on a simple premise—sex toys should have balls! And not just half-sculpted, half-formed, semi-balls, but full-figured, well-rounded, grabbable balls. This toy sports balls that are literally designed to be grasped, licked, rocked, and generally fondled in the way that one might do with a real set of balls.

The Stor Boll stands out thanks to its design.

The Stor Boll design comes in three sizes—the Stor Boll, the Hög Boll, and the epically proportioned Finland Boll. I received the smallest of these, the Stor Boll.

In regards to its ball-grabbing ambitions, the Stor Boll does a fairly decent job. The balls cannot be considered realistic by any stretch of the imagination, however they are enjoyable to hold and you can get a comfortable grip on them. The silicone used for the Stor Boll gives these balls a firm feel, but also has a small amount of give to it, to allow for a little bit of squish. These balls also double as a great flared base for anal sex, which is where the Stor Boll is supposed to excel.

The Stor Boll sports a distinct set of balls.
The Stor Boll sports a distinct set of balls.

In addition to going for rounded balls, the Stor Boll also sports another interesting design choice—a side-swaying shaft. The Stor Boll has quite a substantial curve to the left which, to me, was quite refreshing in terms of breaking the pre-conceived notion of what a penis should look like. The shaft of the Stor Ball is adorned with raised veins (which add some texture). All of this then leads up to a rather prominent, rather raised head.

For some this design might seem like a dream but for me it (sadly) turned out to be a nightmare.

My main problem with the Stor Boll actually came from the head of the toy and, in particular, the corona. Typically I tend to like toys that have a prominent corona, however, the corona of the Stor Boll was so raised and so defined that it was uncomfortable. It didn’t matter whether I was inserting the toy, moving the toy around inside my vagina, or removing the toy; at every point of use the raised corona of this toy was so uncomfortable that it was actually painful. After using this toy I was literally left sore, and I had to discontinue use after a while due to discomfort.

The head and corona of this toy was too much for me.
The head and corona of this toy was too much for me.

Another factor in this discomfort was the silicone used for the Stor Boll. While the Stor Boll is made out of silicone, it’s a rather grabby silicone, which didn’t do me any favours when the corona of this toy was dragging against my insides, and no amount of lubricant seemed to alleviate this.

Despite my experience, it’s worth noting that vaginal penetration isn’t the Stor Boll’s forte. The Stor Boll is designed first and foremost for anal use—and it could be that its raised head is great when used this way—however the Stor Boll is too big for my current anal capabilities, so I’ll never know.

The sad truth is that the Stor Boll just didn’t work for me, but I can see this toy appealing to others. If you know that you’re the type of person who likes a prominent head on your toys, then the Stor Boll provides a very noticeable ridge at the corona which is enhanced by the silicone used, so it might be great for you.

People who like a toy with a prominent head may like the Stor Boll.
People who like a toy with a prominent head may like the Stor Boll.

However, there are a few other issues with the Stor Boll that I need to highlight.

The first is the moulding of this toy. My Stor Boll had a rather distinct seam running all the way around it, in addition to some air bubbles and other blemishes. This makes cleaning a little more difficult and distracts from the appearance of the toy. But these marks are mainly superficial and don’t affect its use—so whether or no this bothers you is up to personal preference.

Seams and blemishes let the Stor Boll down in regards to appearance.
Seams and blemishes let the Stor Boll down in regards to appearance.

The other issue I had with the Stor Boll was its smell. This toy reeks of a really strong chemically plastic smell and I have no idea why. None of the other products that Keep Burning kindly sent me have this odor and the Stor Boll is supposedly made out of 100% pure, medical grade silicone, but it stinks. The smell is so bad that having the Stor Boll by my side while writing this review has given me a headache. What gives?

This smell might fade with time and frequent washes but a silicone toy shouldn’t give me a headache out of the box.

Final Thoughts

Overall I do think the Stor Boll and its larger siblings have an audience but it’s not me. The head of this toy is simply too large, and the silicone to draggy for me to gain anything resembling enjoyment from it.

If you know that you love a prominent corona on your dildos or if you like the looks of this toy for some anal fun, then it might be worth giving this toy a try. But keep in mind its more general flaws when making your purchase.

Recommend to:

People who like a large head on their dildos.

People who like draggy silicone.

People who want to grab some balls.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike raised heads on their dildos.

People who prefer glossy silicone.

People who dislike seams on their toys.