Toy Review: The Revel Body SOL

“This has potential”. That was the first thought that came to mind as I hesitantly placed this toy onto my clit.

I had good reason to be hesitant, mind you. The original Revel Body received mostly negative (or, at the very least, disappointing) reviews. Meanwhile this new toy, the Revel Body SOL, while considered as an improvement over the first Revel Body, has still been getting mixed reviews.

However, as soon as this toy made contact with my clitoris I could instantly tell that I was going to like this toy. The Revel Body SOL was hitting all the right places, though at that point I wasn’t sure exactly how.

Despite the promising sensations of the initial impact, my first experience with the SOL was a disaster. Common problems I had heard about the original Revel Body reared their ugly heads and I was left unsatisfied and somewhat bewildered.

But, having been promised a great experience at first application I determined to persevere with the SOL and try and work out how to harness the potential that I had felt upon first application.

And I’m glad to say I did. And from that moment on I was in ecstasy.

For me the Revel Body SOL works and it works well. I’ve now got to the point where I often crave this toy and revel (pun intended) in the release that it can provide. Yet, in order to make it work, the SOL did take some getting used to…

The Revel Body SOL

The Revel Body SOL is a unique sex toy which uses TrueSonic® vibrations.
The Revel Body SOL is a unique sex toy which uses TrueSonic® vibrations.

The Revel Body SOL is the second generation of toys from Revel Body—a company that uses ‘TrueSonic® technology’ in their toys for a unique sensation. The use of TrueSonic® in Revel Body toys means that, instead of using a conventional rotary motor, the Revel Body SOL’s removable inner core moves back and forth (through the use of magnets) in order to cause a unique, pulsating sensation.

This comes with its pros and cons.

On the one hand, having a toy with such a strong, magnetic section means that the SOL can damage magnetically stored media—so caution needs to be taken when placing this toy near computers, mobile phones, credit cards, and the like. The magnets in the SOL also mean that you’ll want to avoid use if you wear a pacemaker or have metallic or magnetic implants. People with intimate body piercings might also want to exercise caution when using the SOL.

On the other hand the TrueSonic® technology really does produce a distinct sensation, as the inner core moves back and forth inside the toy’s frame. The use of this technology also means that  the SOL is more reliable and less likely to degrade or wear itself down over time (having a linear motor as opposed to a rotary one). Because of its design the SOL also makes sure that most of its vibrations are isolated to the inner core of the toy—meaning that the vibrations are more concentrated and don’t really disperse themselves throughout the rest of the toy.

All of this is very dumbed down (as I’m not a scientist) but if you’d like to know more about the inner working of the Revel Body SOL then I highly recommend that you check out the ‘Sexy Technology’ page over at the Revel Body website. It does a better job at explaining it then I ever could.

The Revel Body SOL comes in a stylish white and red box, which would be lovely for gift-giving but can’t be called discreet. The SOL is clearly displayed on the front and its many features are highlighted on the back. Inside is the SOL, its charger, and three detachable silicone heads. This sturdy cardboard box can also be used as a storage box (which is good because the SOL doesn’t come with a storage bag by default).

The SOL's packaging is good for gift-giving and doubles as storage.
The SOL’s packaging is good for gift-giving and doubles as storage.

The SOL is completely body-safe—being phthalate, nickel, and lead-free—and the three of the SOL’s attachments are made out of a lovely, smooth matte silicone. The Outer shell of the SOL is circular and also features a matte surface to allow for comfortable grip. Holding the SOL is very easy and I’ve never had any problems with it.

The SOL features three controls—a +button, and – button, and a power button—and comes with six different settings. The first three settings are relatively slow and create a substantial, almost jack-hammerish effect, the last three settings are much higher, buzzier and where the Om setting can be found. The Om setting is the last of the six and is inspired by the Heart Chakara. It’s supposed to promote a ‘sexual awakening’ and is actually the weakest of the settings. Unlike conventional vibrators the strongest of the SOL’s setting is its third one.

The SOL also boasts a suction effect when flipped onto its backside and used underwater.

The SOL's pulsating settings are unconventional compared to most vibrators.
The SOL’s pulsating settings are unconventional compared to most vibrators.

As I said before, when I first applied the SOL to my clitoris I felt almost instant arousal. Using it on its first three setting I found that my clitoris really responded to the slow but deep sensation of these three. But I soon hit a quite substantial wall.

When I use sex toys its always felt natural to me to push them firmer onto my vulva when I get more aroused and to wrap my thighs around the body of the toy. However, because of its linear motor, when pressure is applied to the SOL it actually slows down and becomes weaker instead of keeping consistent strength. As such when I used this toy as I would naturally I felt incredibly discouraged, as the vibrations went from great to basically nothing at all. I actually had to place it aside and pick up another toy in the end, I was that impatient with it.

But, having felt how good the SOL could be, I decided to try again and be more patient with it. I made sure to make some alone time, lit a scented candle, and lay myself down, legs spread, with the SOL in hand. Usually I would lie on my side to masturbate, but I decided that just wouldn’t work with the SOL, so flat on my back I remained. Typically I would press the toy down on my clit, but, again, that had proved to be a no go. As I took the SOL and gently brushed it over my clit (keeping to the second and third setting for the most part) I craved to squeeze my legs together and engulf the toy in my thighs, but I knew that this would be a self-destructive move. Instead I had to completely change the way that I masturbated for the SOL…and it paid off.

Come the end of my experimental session I had one incredibly strong, delightfully prolonged, and breathtakingly deep orgasm.

How did I achieve this? Laying leg-spread, keeping a light-touch, and applying the SOL in rhythmic brushes. This allowed for the SOL to work its magic and produce the fantastic orgasm that I had hoped the toy was capable of. I have since employed this method every time I’ve used the SOL and it has provided consistently great results.

The SOL and its attachments are best suited for a light touch.
The SOL and its attachments are best suited for a light touch.

This should come as no surprise for some. The ‘Sexy Technology’ page for the SOL actually states that it’s designed to be held gently (to avoid stress on hands, wrists, and elbows) so it stands to reason that a light touch will give the most productive results.  In addition to this many people will already employ this masturbation style, so using the SOL should come more naturally to them than it did to me, and the masturbation method i’m recommending may seem like a no-brainer

However, for me I did have to work at it, and it took a lot to fight against my natural instincts when it came to toy-use. Heck, I still have to fight the urge to revert to my default positon when using the SOL, but the orgasm I get when I resist those urges are worth it.

For me the first three levels of the SOL are where it’s at. The internal motor essentially thumps against your clitoris in a rapid, flickering motion which is both powerful and distinct. For me these are the sort of vibrations I had hoped for from the Wahl, and I couldn’t be more delighted with them. They’re just fantastic.

The SOL’s three different heads also play a large part in how pleasurable the experience is and I’d rank them as follows:

#3 The Ever:

The Ever is made up of incremental levels of swirls which dip down in the centre and are most prominent around the edges.  This means that the Ever tends to avoid hitting the clitoris directly so it manages to be my least favourite of the three, but it still delivers some nice, peripheral stimulation around the clitoris.

The different tips provide unique sensations.
The different tips provide unique sensations.

#2 The Fawn:

The Fawn has a bunch of raised nodules which ‘tickle’ the area they’re applied to. This can make the Fawn very intense depending on the setting you use it on and provides nice stimulation. It is the hardest of the three tips to clean, however.

#1 The Rose:

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic, and almost everyone loves a rose. The Rose is nice a smooth—managing to stimulate without being too intense—and it designed to be able to hit the clitoris directly. A delicate yet precise tip, the Rose is the most suited to hitting all the right places.

Despite my reliably wonderful orgasms with the SOL this toy does have a lot of issues which do make it an acquired taste.

The SOL can be a bit of a pain to clean—as, although the SOL is 100% waterproof, it has some deep crevices and creases which demand extra attention—so you need to be vigilant when cleaning this toy.

The SOL has some deep crevices and attachments that can be difficult to clean.
The SOL has some deep crevices and attachments that can be difficult to clean.

The SOL is also recharged via USB, which seems a bit counter-intuitive for a toy that can scramble electronic devices with its strong magnets.

I also found the supposed underwater suction effect of the SOL to be very minimal and it didn’t provoke much in the way of arousal for me.

Despite this, the SOL does redeem some of these downsides by being 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and travel friendly, so that’s something. The SOL also has a 2 year warranty, so if you encounter any problems with it then you’re covered.

With all this in mind the biggest problems with the SOL really do come down to user preference. If, like me, you prefer to increase pressure on a toy when using it, or squeeze it between your legs, then the SOL will feel very counter-intuitive, and this is a problem that some people may not be able to get past, or simply won’t be willing to compromise on.

In all fairness a toy shouldn’t demand that you change your entire play style to suit its needs, so I understand if this is a problem you feel you might encounter.

The SOL’s sensations are also incredibly distinct. So distinct, in fact, that not everyone will like them. Even on its strongest setting the SOL probably won’t satisfy die hard power queens and, while I love the first three settings of the SOL, the last three (including the highly marketed Om setting) do almost nothing for me; they’re too buzzy, too weak, and too sensitive to actually arouse me in any way.

Now, chances are, that there will be someone out there who loves the top three settings. But I can’t see someone who loves the top three settings also loving the bottom three settings, and vice versa. So, overall, you’re left with a toy where only three of the six settings are likely to appease you (unless you’ve got incredibly diverse tastes). Not ideal.

Personally I think the SOL is worth the price for the sensations that the first three settings provide. But, again, I could understand if someone found this factor a deterring one.

The last big issue with the SOL is its noisiness. This toy is loud. Like electronic toothbrush loud (and maybe even louder). The SOL may lull you into a false sense of security (considering its magnetic core is called the QuietCore) but don’t be misled, this toy is loud.

Final Thoughts

When I felt the unique sensations of the SOL I knew we would get along. And, although it took me fighting every sexual instinct I have, when I finally found a way to make the SOL work for me it worked wonders. The first three settings on the SOL are clit-thumpingly phenomenal and it’s a sensation that I have yet to experience with any other toy.

But the SOL does have a few teething problems that it still needs to work through, and demanding its user adopt a light touch is probably the biggest of them all.

If this deters you then that seems fair to me. However, if the sensations that the SOL provides intrigue you (or you’re already an advocate of gently brushing toys against your clitoris) then you might just find new and sensational delights with the Revel Body SOL.

Recommend To:

People who like gentle toys.

People who like light, brushing, masturbation tactics.

People who enjoy thumping sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like to apply pressure when using a toy.

People who want to get the most from their toy.

People who dislike thumping or buzzy sensations.

The Revel Body SOL was provided to me by Revel Body in exchange for an honest review. If you’re living in the US and would be interested in buying the Revel Body SOL then check out their US site here.  

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