Toy Review: Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls

I have to admit, I love jiggle balls.

The sensation of those tiny inner balls as they jiggle around and bounce around the walls of the larger balls that they’re contained within is a sheer delight.

The Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls produce the quivering delight that I have come to expect from a good pair of jiggle balls. But, sadly, they don’t come without some small design flaws.

The Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls

The Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls (or Up! Orgasm Balls as I’m going to call them) are a set of silicone balls meant to be used for kegel exercises and pleasure. As I’m sure most of you know it’s really good to keep up with your kegel exercises—as it helps with bladder control, pelvic floor strength, and can enhance the pleasure achieved through orgasm—and kegel exercisers such as the Up! Orgasm Balls are great for this.

The Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls produce some very enjoyable sensations.
The Tone It Up! Weighted Orgasm Balls produce some very enjoyable sensations.

With a little bit of weight (3.5oz, according to their product page) and a smaller internal ball that jiggles inside of the larger balls, jiggle balls provide a fun and stimulating way to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. The Up! Orgasm Balls also have a little bit of texture on either side of the balls, to add some extra stimulation.

These balls are coated with silicone and have all the benefits that come with such a material; they’re non-porous, phthalate-free, and generally body safe, as well as being extremely easy to clean. The silicone used for the Up! Orgasm Balls is a matte kind, but it’s not as silky smooth as some and have a fair amount of drag to them. Thankfully the Up! Orgasm Balls do slick up nicely when lubricant is applied though, so there aren’t any complaints here from me.

The best aspect of the Up! Orgasm Balls is their jiggle. When I inserted these balls I could feel it immediately and I was impressed. I’ve said before that while jiggle balls don’t bring me to orgasm they do get me delectably close to the peak and this was no exception with the Up! Orgasm Balls. I was a very happy exerciser and jumped and wiggled all over the place, voraciously taking in every notable jiggle as the inners balls bounced around and resonated inside of me.

I could definitely feel added texture on the Up! Orgasm Balls and it added an enjoyable level to wearing them. The sensations were especially prominent when the inner balls jiggled on them, but general motion also allowed the texture to caress and excite my vaginal walls, complementing the other sensations that the Up! Orgasm Balls provide.

The texture on the balls adds a whole new level of enjoyment to them.
The texture on the balls adds a whole new level of enjoyment to them.

If you want to try jiggle balls then the Up! Orgasm Balls are definitely an affordable, body-safe option. Ranging from $17.99 to $8.72 on Amazon (accurate as of this review) I don’t think there are many alternatives that are as affordable while still replicating the stimulating jiggle sensation that can be found in more expensive brands. However, the Up! Orgasm Balls do have some downsides, which can’t be ignored.

The biggest issue for me was the distance between the two balls and the cord that joins them together. Because these balls are so far apart, you have to navigate this semi-thick, bendy silicone cord between the two when trying to insert them. Because this cord is so long, and semi-thick, I’m often left fumbling to try and get both balls inserted, while the connecting cord flails around (as if with a mind of its own) avoiding my attempts at insertion and generally causing me discomfort.

I’ve found that the best way to avoid this issue is to curl and fold the cord before insertion but, even then, it can cause discomfort and sometimes even pain when inserted.

In both length and stretchiness, the Up! Orgasm Ball's chord is the toy's biggest let down.
In both length and stretchiness, the Up! Orgasm Ball’s cord is the toy’s biggest let down.

The next issue with the Up! Orgasm Balls is another cord problem—namely that the cord is stretchable. When trying to pull out kegel balls it really doesn’t help to have the cord stretch out as you pull, and is both uncomfortable and frustrating. If you can grab near the end of the cord and pull then this problem is minimized, but ideally you wouldn’t have to do this with your kegel exercisers, as it’s completely counter-productive. I have never found a use for stretchy cords on kegel balls other than to irritate sex toy reviewers.

While the jiggle of the Up! Orgasm Ball’s inner balls is delightful, the noise they make is not. When making an active effort to jiggle these balls, the sound of them clacking against the walls of the external balls can be heard, so it’s best not to wear these balls if you plan to visit quiet places.

Other than these three issues the Up! Orgasm Balls don’t have many other cons. They’re body-safe, easy to clean, and provide good sensations. But these issues should be considered regardless.

Final Thoughts

The Up! Orgasm Balls provide a jiggling sensation that feels delightful and makes kegel exercises a good bit of fun, but the connecting chords seriously let this toy down.

If you feel like the cord wouldn’t annoy you or cause any discomfort then these balls are an affordable way to reap the benefit of jiggle balls. However, because these balls caused me almost as much discomfort as they did pleasure I’m hesitant to wholeheartedly endorsing them.

Recommend to:

People who want to try affordable jiggle balls.

People who want body safe jiggle balls.

People who don’t mind long/stretchy cords.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike long/stretchy cords.

People who want discreet/soundless jiggle balls.

People who want interchangeable jiggle balls.