Toy Review: The Mother Interior

The Mother Interior is heavenly, in more ways than one.
The Mother Interior is heavenly, in more ways than one.

I have been blessed recently. Blessed with consistently great toy after toy. First the Tantus Cush, then the Limon, and then the Siri. However, the most unexpected of blessings came from the Mother Interior.

When I first saw this stunning looking toy (made by Hole Punch Toys) I knew I had to have it. Its curves, its minimalist, practically artistic design, its uniqueness. It was love at first sight. However I was a bit worried. Having tried toys shaped like religious icons before, I couldn’t help but wonder as to whether or not the shape of the Mother Interior would meld well with my vagina.

Thankfully I had nothing to worry about.

From the very first use the Mother Interior overwhelmed me with sensations that can only be described as rapturous. This toy provides me with a strong level of elation that leaves me breathless almost every time. In short I have been touched by the Mother, and I am a convert.

Hole Punch Toys

The Mother Interior was kindly provided to me by Hole Punch Toys in exchange for an honest review.

With the slogan ‘Taking sex less seriously since 2010’ you know you’re in for some enjoyably comedic times, and Hole Punch Toys certainly delivers. Looking through their ‘Toy Box’ of products provides a fun romp into a world of quirky (but desirable) sex toys.

There’s butt plugs shaped like radishes, whips shaped like kittens, lollipop dildos, and crotch rockets. The shop greets you with a rainbow of striking colours, including punk pink, carrot orange, vibrant green, and striking blue. Hole Punch Toys may be taking sex less seriously but that produces some seriously bad ass results if you ask me.

Colour samples taken directly from the Toy Box page.
Colour samples taken directly from the Toy Box page.

Another thing that’s seriously awesome about Hole Punch Toys is their ethics. Hole Punch Toys is essentially a one-man company and each toy is lovingly made one at a time by using a two-piece mould. The owner of Hole Punch Toys takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of these products and makes sure they are of the highest quality possible. All Hole Punch Toys are made from platinum cure silicone. This means they’re hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. Hole Punch Toys also makes sure that their products are cruelty-free and organic. All of that is pretty awesome if you ask me.

Speaking to the owner of Hole Punch Toys was a breeze and he was always kind and willing to listen to my comments. My item arrived incredibly quickly (surprisingly so, seeing as it came from the US) and was very well packaged. Overall I would rate the customer service of Hole Punch Toys as fantastic and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Find out more about the production process that Hole Punch Toys uses here.

The Mother Interior

The Mother Interior is a silicone dildo shaped in the likeness of a nun.

A simple but effective design has been used for the Mother Interior.
A simple but effective design has been used for the Mother Interior.

In order to achieve this effect Hole Punch Toys have given the dildo a curvaceous shape—akin to a hooded female. The Mother Interior also has a sleek black and white colour scheme; while mostly black, a white band on its forehead and circular beads leading down to a cross perfectly illustrate the dildo’s allusions to a saintly sister.  I really appreciate this design and feel that its simplistic but sophisticated appearance truly makes this toy feel like a work of erotic art.

I’ve often had toys that were so beautiful that I wanted to display them proudly, but veered on the side of caution because a savvy person might connect the dots as to what my new sculpture’s true purpose was. But the Mother Interior feels like one of the very few toys which I could actually display without people even considering that it might be a sex toy. I’d actually feel pretty confident in displaying it.

The Mother Interior comes in a cardboard tube which can be used for storage, but it has no storage bag of its own. However, the tube does come with a little illustration to spark your imagination (inspired by your new toy), so that’s a nice touch.

The box art gives a little illustration to fantasize with.
The box art gives a little illustration to fantasize with.

The silicone used for the Mother Interior is a somewhat glossy type. It’s rubbery to the touch and has a fair bit of drag, but add some lubricant and it becomes incredibly receptive—willing to slide into any orifice you desire it to. While this isn’t my favourite type of silicone I feel it works in the Mother Interior’s favour, as I do find that lubricant is necessary with this toy. This is due to the toy’s shape and measurements.

My Mother Interior is just over 9 inches in length (from the bottom it its base to the tip of the toy) and has a starting circumference of about 4 inches—which widens to just under 6 inches around the hood-and-breasts section and 5.75 around the booty. These measurements mean that the Mother Interior can be considered to be a larger-than average dildo and can cause a sensation of fullness for some.

I definitely feel the fullness of this toy when using it, but It’s never been unpleasant. Because the Mother Interior does have a smaller tip and then gently widens out (as the veil widens) this toy does feel incredibly forgiving in terms of insertion and was very manageable for me. As such I often got to experience the benefit of feeling wonderfully full while not having to warm up to achieve that with smaller toys beforehand.

The Mother Interior slowly widens out, allowing for a forgiving experience.
The Mother Interior slowly widens out, allowing for a forgiving experience.

As the Mother Interior is designed to mimic a feminine form it has a fair few curves and bumps which add to the experience during use. The broadening hood is certainly one of these but the Mother Interior also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The raised bump used to represent the face provides an area similar to head and corona of a penis and can provide some nice G-spot stimulation if positioned well. This is then almost immediately followed by the praying position of the arms (and, potentially, breasts) which widen out the toy and provides extra stimulation when the vagina hugs around it. Following this is the Mother Interior’s wonderfully rounded booty.

The Mother Interior has a perfectly rounded rump.
The Mother Interior has a perfectly rounded rump.

For some I imagine this could be inserted to provide further pleasure. However for me this was a great stopping point.

You see, just after the paying arms, but before the booty, the Mother Interior’s shaft tapers in to emulate a slender waist. This means that the area becomes a great place to basically lock down—allowing the booty to caress you externally and provide a solid base to the main area of play. Now, this may mean that I’m only using about 4 inches out of a potential 8 insertable inches, but it’s what works best for me—as everything that stimulates me is at the top area of the toy. It also means that the bottom of the Mother Interior’s robes become a fantastic and easily grasped handle to the toy. It all works really well.

The Mother Interior's booty provides a nice stopping point.
The Mother Interior’s booty provides a nice stopping point.

Overall I would call the Mother Interior textured but not overly so. It’s textured in the way that it does have various raised and dipped areas that provide varying stimulation but it’s not covered in raised bumps or swirls, or intricate details that could be overwhelming for some. As such I would say this a good intermediary toy for those who have tried minimal texture and want to take it up to the next level without diving into the advanced pool. It provides just enough texture to ease you into the experience without being intense or extreme. Personally I consider this level of texture to be just right and it provides some seriously intense orgasms.

Just enough texture is provided to be stimulating without being overwhelmed.
Just enough texture is provided to be stimulating without being overwhelmed.

The Mother Interior has yet to let me down. Every time I use this toy I am left in a euphoric stupor, with a gratifying after-ache that throbs with satisfaction.

The first time I experienced this it honestly blew me away. I knew I’d had a fantastic time, I knew that the orgasm was strong, I knew it was prolonged, and I knew it was the type that resonates and leaves a long-lasting impression, however, what I didn’t know was exactly why. The shape of the Mother Interior is hardly conventional and so, when I got such as strong result, I found myself scratching my head as to just what was causing it. Then it hit me. The only dildo that has anywhere near the same result on me as the Mother Interior is the Tantus Cush O2.

Sensation-wise these two dildos have very similar arousal triggers for me. They’re both filling (sharing very similar circumferences at times), they both have a comfortable amount of texture (the Mother Interior more so), and they both fill me up enough that, when I do reach orgasm, my muscles have to work overtime during the climax—creating an intense crescendo of pleasure. The major differences are that the Mother Interior is firmer and provides more texture, allowing for perhaps an even stronger sensation.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with this toy. It’s fantastically crafted and causes strong orgasms again and again.

But no toy is for everyone, not even the Mother Interior, and there are some downsides to this toy.

The biggest ones are probably down to personal preference. If you dislike large toys, textured toys, toys with glossy silicone, or toys that play around with religious symbolism then you’re probably not going to get along with the Mother Interior. This toy also isn’t the best for thrusting, so if you like a G-spot toy that you can thrust then you might want to try one of the other Hole Punch Toys instead.

The other issue with the Mother Interior is that it is a bit of a dust magnet. This toy needs cleaning before and after use, so keep that in mind when deciding to purchase.

Now in some of my photos you might have noticed that the Mother Interior has a seam running along it. Some people would consider this a downside, but the creator of Hole Punch Toys disagrees. To him the seam is proof of the hand poured, two-piece mould system that he uses to create each Hole Punch toy and is somewhat of a badge of pride. This seam is supposed to remind the user of this, and of the fact that they own a “unique piece of small batch craftsmanship”. In this instance I am inclined to agree with the creator (especially seeing as the seam doesn’t affect use at all) and I’m proud to own such a striking piece of artistry.

Final Thoughts

The Mother Interior is a unique toy that provides strong sensations which regularly blow me away.Due to its ability to fill the user up, tantalize with texture variations, and prolong and enhance orgasm through size and shape, I feel confident in recommending it to those whose interest has been peaked by this review.

I adore this toy and I know that I’ll be using it a lot more. As such I feel obligated to sing its praises, and the praises of the dedicated owner of Hole Punch Toys. Outstanding work, all around.

If texture and size aren’t your thing then the Mother Interior may not be as thrilling to you as it was for me. But, if you’re already a fan of the Cush or feel like a step-up in terms of size or texture then the Mother Interior might be the perfect toy to bring you into the light.

Recommend to:

People who love feeling full.

People who love texture.

People who value body-safety.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike larger toys.

People who dislike texture.

People who like thrusting.

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      Thank you for the complement!
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