Toy Review: The Lelo Siri

If a friend came up to me and said “Emmeline, I’m a vibrator virgin and I want to try something for clitoral stimulation, what do you suggest?” I would most likely recommend this toy. I would recommend it to them confident in the fact that the Lelo Siri would guide them down to road to some fantastic orgasms. That it could cater to their needs and their sensitivity—whether they require a gentle whisper or a substantial rumble in terms of strength—and that it could allow them to explore a preference for patterns or a constant speed. I would give it to them feeling like I had recommended something substantial, something long lasting, and something that would keep on giving, even as they became more experienced. That, to me, is how best to sum up the Lelo Siri, and that is no small complement.

The Lelo Siri

The Lelo Siri is a stylish clitoral vibrator created by Lelo (which is actually an acronym for ‘Luxury Erotic Lifestlye Objects’ who knew, huh?) and the thought that has gone into this vibrator shows from the get-go.

The Siri is presented elegantly in a sturdy black box.
The Siri is presented elegantly in a sturdy black box.

The Siri comes in Lelo’s signature packaging—a thin outer cardboard box that matches the colour of your toy, followed by a sturdy black box useful for long time storage. Because of this the Siri is perfectly packaged for gift-giving and ends up with an immediate air of elegance.

In the box is the Siri, its mains charger, a sachet of lubricant, a silk storage pouch and a warranty card. The Siri has a 1-year warranty from the date of its purchase which covers defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. Lelo is confident enough in its products that it also provides a 10-year quality guarantee. This means that, should anything go wrong in those 10 years, Lelo provides a 50% discount off of repurchasing the product.

As for the Siri itself, it lives up to the sophisticated feel of its packaging. Made up of a white ABS plastic control section with a smooth silicone tip, the Siri is a perfect demonstration of understated beauty. Sometimes a minimalistic approach really is the way, and the Siri knows exactly what it needs to please.

The Siri embraces a simplistic design style which allows for ease of use.
The Siri embraces a simplistic design style which allows for ease of use.

The white control panel has four buttons—two to control the strength of the vibration and two to filter through the patterns. When holding and using the Siri you really can’t confuse these slightly dipped buttons so using the toy is a breeze. In terms of shape the Siri is like a long pebble. Its entire body has a slight curve to it and the bottom section of the silicone area has a curved bulge, meant to hug closely to the vulva. Because of these smart design choices the Siri fits comfortably both in the hand and when applied to the vulva, and can easily nuzzle in between the labia.

The under-half of the Siri is perfectly shaped to locate and pleasure the clitoris.
The under-half of the Siri is perfectly shaped to locate and pleasure the clitoris.

All of the materials used for the Lelo are non-porous, phthalate-free, and body-safe. Lovehoney’s signature silicone adorns the top section of the Siri and provides a smooth and silky surface for stimulation. I’ve had a fair few Lelo products now but whenever I receive a Lelo product I still find myself stroking the silicone as if it were a bunny’s ears.  It’s just so smooth and so luxurious that I can’t help it. Lelo’s silicone doesn’t tend to grab dust or hairs either, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted debris clinging to your toy.

When it comes to vibration strength and patterns the Siri has six ‘stimulation modes’ built in. The ^ and v buttons control these modes whereas the + and – button allow you to decide what strength you use them at. This allows for a nice amount of variation that should please most users. I’ve never been a pattern fan so to me the patterns for the Siri are all relatively standard and unappealing, but they should sate anyone who does enjoy patterns.

The control panel for the Siri is instinctively easy to use.
The control panel for the Siri also helps with charging.

The control panel is also used to determine when to charge your toy—and will emit a red glow when the Siri is low on juice. To recharge the toy simply plug it in to the mains with its DC plug. The LEDs under the controls will then pulse to let you know it’s charging and will emit a steady glow when done. The Siri is fully charged after about 2 hours and provides roughly 4 hours of use per charge. Not too shabby.

In terms of strength and sensation the Siri left me impressed. This toy starts off at an incredibly subtle rumble and builds up to a strong oomph of strength which reminds me of the Mona 2 in terms of power. While the Siri isn’t the strongest or most intense of toys its power is still impressive and can easily stimulate me (despite my self-identifications as a power queen). The Siri also makes sure that none of the vibrations are buffered or weakened by its material, so none of its power is diminished—allowing you to experience it in all its glory.

I have to admit, if there’s one comment to be said about the Siri’s vibrations it’s that they get more rapid and buzzy as you ramp up the speed. However, while you do lose the rumble on the higher levels, you never seem to lose the depth (at least I haven’t). While I do prefer a good rumble, depth can be just as important, so I don’t begrudge the Siri its buzzy moments. This toy has managed to give me some strong orgasms. And, what’s more, it always felt easy. Near effortless even. The Siri guides you into using it with its easy controls, contoured form, and deep vibrations and works with you to achieve that moment of intense climax. Does it give the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had? No. But it always gives the distinct impression that I will reach an orgasm and that it will be good.

So, given all the benefits of the Siri is there really much to gripe about? Not really, but there are still a few.

The biggest downside to the Lelo Siri is that it isn’t waterproof. It is splash proof—and the instructions even advise that to clean it you run it under some warm water while applying antibacterial soap and give it a good rinse—however you have to avoid getting water in the DC socket (which is annoying because the socket isn’t covered with a cap) or the buttons. This isn’t ideal for a luxury toy, especially when so many others have already made the move to being 100% waterproof.

Avoid this area when cleaning the Siri.
Avoid this area when cleaning the Siri.

The only other issue is more a personal preference. As I mentioned before the Siri can be buzzy and, while impressive for its size, isn’t the strongest vibe on the market. Because of this people who prefer rumbly vibrators or need a lot of strength probably won’t be wholly satisfied with the Siri. There are some days I love the Siri, but other days I just need to grab for my Lelo Smart Wand or the Limon, it’s just a matter of mood and preference.

Final Thoughts

The Siri provides orgasms at their most elegant and it achieves this through its own polished sophistication.

Due to its ease of use and willingness to work with the body’s natural curves I really love this toy and it’s become my second favourite Lelo vibrator to date. And I meant what I said in the intro—I would confidently recommend this vibrator to anyone wanting to explore clitoral stimulation for the first time.It’s got everything you need to be able to start off slow and figure out what works for you, while also having most of the benefits that you’d expect from a luxury vibrator.

It is a bit irksome that the Siri isn’t waterproof but I’m personally willing to give the Siri a free pass on this one. Overall its benefits outweigh its issue for me and I am incredibly happy with this toy. However, if you know you abhor buzzy toys or need wand-level amounts of juice then it could be that the Siri isn’t the product for you.

Recommend to:

People new to clitoral toys.

People who like deep vibrations.

People who want a luxury clitoral vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who need intense power.

People who want an internal stimulator (products like the Mona 2 fill this void).

Lelo provided me with the Lelo Siri in exchange for an honest review. If you want to buy your own Lelo Siri you can find it on Lelo’s website here.