Toy Review: The Apollo Twist Reversible Premium Masturbator

As an official Club CalExotics Sexpert, California Exotics provided me with the Twist in exchange for an honest review. The Twist is part of California Exotics Apollo line—which includes items aimed at penis-owners, such as cock rings, penis pumps, prostate massagers, and strokers & masturbators—and I have to say that the Twist (and their other masturbators) don’t look too shabby. However there is a certain elephant in the room that can’t be overlooked when reviewing this decent little toy…

The Apollo Twist

The Twist is an enjoyable masturbator.
The Twist is an enjoyable masturbator with a jazzy exterior.

The Apollo Twist is  a masturbator sleeve (or stroker), and in this role it does quite well. Made out of Pure Skin material, the Twist is soft to the touch and feels quite flexible and squishy when in hand. Because it’s made of Pure Skin the pattern provided on the Twist has a nice amount of softness to it, while still providing an intense degree of stimulation. When lubed up Pure Skin can feel very soft, moist, and inviting, which is a highlight for anyone looking for something similar to the ‘real deal’.

When it comes to the pattern, the Twist lives up to its name—with a pattern similar to linked consecutive squares spiralling around the whole of the stroker in twisted layers. Of course, this pattern is designed to please and, if Mr. Peaches reaction is anything to go by, it certainly does that. The Twist can also be reversed—allowing use of the smooth side too. I personally didn’t see much of a benefit to this but Mr. Peaches reassured me there was one (as you’ll read below).

The Apollo Twist can flip from one side to another with incredible ease. With some more rigid strokers there have been times where I’ve gone to reverse them and they just split in two due to their rigidity, but no such worries with the Twist. Again, because the Twist is so flexible it works with you during the flip and minimal effort is needed.

However, I do need to address that elephant in the room now, and I’m pretty sure most of you know what it is already—the Apollo Twist looks incredibly similar to the Tenga 3D line of masturbators.

The apollo Twist and the Tenga Pile share an uncanny resemblance.
The Apollo Twist and the Tenga Pile share an uncanny resemblance.
And both share similar benefits.
Both share similar benefits but have a few differences.

It’s not even funny how similar these toys look and if you flip them to reveal their smooth sides then the resemblance becomes even more apparent. Of course there are a few differences (one being the price tag) but, in essence, if you buy an Apollo Twist you’re basically paying for a more affordable version of a Tenga 3D, with some of the perks reduced to match the price.

Here are some of the differences I noticed:

The Tenga 3D line feels thicker than the Apollo Twist, making flipping it slightly more difficult but also making it feel a slight bit sturdier.

The Tenga 3D line tend to have more intricate and ‘artistic’ patterns, while the Apollo line of strokers have designs that, while fairly intricate, do not feel like they also have an aesthetic element to them.

The Tenga 3D feels slightly softer and gets less sticky over time.

That was mostly it from what I could detect.

It might seem a bit odd to compare two sex toys to each other (especially when, to some degree, they were trying to achieve different goals) however, when the toys are so uncannily similar to each other as these are it really has to be mentioned, because it’s all you can think about during use. But, as I lack the appendage to attest to how this toy feels in use, I also handed over to Mr. Peaches for his opinions on the Apollo Twist:

Hello all! It’s me, again.

Today I’m chiming in on the Apollo Twist review, on the request of the lovely Emmeline Peaches.

When I first started using the Apollo Twist it wasn’t immediately apparent to me that this toy could be used both ways, and so I mainly focused on the textured side. After much experimentation with the textured side I had almost forgotten it could be used both ways, until Emmeline Peaches reminded me. This lead to some much need experimentation of the smooth side as well (Oh nooo, what a shame).

In the end the smooth side was as to be expected. I found when using it that the sensation came from primary two places. The first was the entrance to the toy—it felt great rubbing over and just behind the head of my penis and elicited quite a bit of excitement. The other major source of sensation was how hard I griped the stroker—the harder I gripped the tighter the toy felt.

This combination works really well, I think, but it can’t really trump the textured side.

With the textured side you still get most of the feeling of gliding though the entrance (which still feels great) but it’s also backed up and enhanced by the textures of the toy. These provide a great feeling as they grind against the head of the penis and are slowly swept up and down the shaft.

Now, no matter how much I like this toy, I have to agree with Emmeline.

The comparison I have for this toy is the Tenga Pile, which I love and which has yet to be rivalled by another masturbator. The Apollo Twist is by no mean a bad toy; it does the job it sets out to do really well and has given me some very nice orgasms. It’s also full of surprises—as, while the texture doesn’t look as pronounced as on the Tenga, it is still as good and has its own unique charm to it. However the material, while still adequate for the job at hand, is not as good as the Tenga and leaves it standing at second best.

That being said, for the price I don’t think you could find a better stroker and I personally will be continuing to enjoy it in the future.

When Mr. Peaches mentions the price he’s not kidding.

While mostly found in America, the Apollo Twist can retail at anything from $19.96 to $14.21. That’s a far cry from the $49.99 price tag that you can expect from a Tenga 3D. However, the Apollo Twist isn’t without some flaws that come with its reduced price, mainly to do with material.

The first issue, as my partner pointed out, is that the material used for the Apollo Twist simply doesn’t have the same level of quality as the Tenga 3D line. It’s not quite as soft, nor as smooth, and it gets sticky easily, not to mention being a lint magnet. And, with no protective case like the Tenga 3D line, the Apollo Twist is prone to picking up a lot of mess unless you get your own container for it, which I recommend.

The Twist can pick up a considerable amount of dust and hair.
The Twist can pick up a considerable amount of dust and hair.

See, the next big problem with the Apollo Twist is that (as mentioned before) it’s made out of Pure Skin. Pure Skin is incredibly porous and can readily harbour bacteria and other nasty items unless maintained immaculately. If body-safety is in high priority for you then this may be reason enough to skip out on this toy. But, if you’d like to persevere, here are some essential pointers for keeping your toy as clean as possible:

Make sure you clean the Twist before and after every single use with antibacterial soap (or toy cleaner) and warm water. Dry thoroughly after being cleaned and make sure that it’s stored in a cool, dark, dry place. If you want to avoid your toy becoming sticky then you will need to dust it after every use with some cornstarch and it should be put in a plastic zip-bag for optimal avoidance with other materials. Pure Skin can absorb dyes from other materials so keeping it isolated will help keep the toy as well-maintained as it can be. Avoid silicone and oil lubricants, as they can damage the material. Only used water-based lube.

Again, if this sounds like a lot of faff for a toy, or makes you uncomfortable for reasons of body-safety then the Apollo Twist is probably not for you. However if you are prepared to diligently keep up this routine, and keep a close eye on the toy throughout use, then the Twist can be a cheap and viable way of trying a Tenga-esque toy without the Tenga price tag.

Final Thoughts

The Apollo Twist takes a tried and tested toy design and adds an affordable angle to it. One which, I’m sure, will be greatly appreciated by a lot of people.There is definitely fun to be had with this toy and it can still provide amazing orgasms (as Mr. Peaches attests to).

However, you’ll definitely want to weigh up your options before jumping to buy yourself one of these.

If you’ve used a Tenga 3D before then, chances are, the Apollo Twist just won’t live up to your previous experiences (or will simply be a buffer between uses for the Tenga). And If body-safety is something you value then the Pure Skin material used for the Apollo Twist might also leave you cringing.

Just make sure that the Twist is the right toy for you before purchasing. It knows how to treat you well (very well, in fact), but make sure that you return the favour by treating it equally well in the maintenance department.

Recommend to:

People who want (but cannot afford) a Tenga 3D.

People who can keep up a strict cleaning regime.

People who like textured strokers.

Do Not Recommend to:

Dedicated users of the Tenga 3D line.

People who are body-safe.

People who dislike textured toys.