Toy Review: The Tantus Cush O2

It’s very rare that I’m at a loss for words when it comes to sex toys but the Tantus Cush managed to leave me stumped. For the longest time I was sat in front of my laptop at a loss for exactly how to describe this toy. The orgasms the Cush has given me are just so breathtaking, so intense that they seem almost beyond words. My friend even threw a slew of witty suggestions at me such as:

“If you want to render all future orgasms a bitter disappointment in comparison then use this product”

But even that doesn’t work. Yes, the Tantus Cush is fantastic, unbelievably so, and yes the sensations are one-of-a-kind. However, contrary to my friend’s appraisal, it almost seems like the Cush has improved my orgasms with other toys too; like it has somehow enhanced my ability to climax in a way that affects all future orgasms for the better.

I admit that I am incredibly biased here, after all this toy legitimately blew my mind. But I am a professional and, as such, I’ll do my best to try and explain exactly why the Tantus Cush is a toy worth buying.

The Tantus Cush O2

As you’ve probably inferred by now, the Tantus Cush is made by the ever-trustworthy Tantus—a company that produces 100% Ultra-Premium silicone toys that are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic,  and Phthalate-free , as well as being boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe. The Cush is no exception and the quality of this toy can be felt.

The Tantus Cush is a gorgeous looking toy made of high-grade silicone.
The Tantus Cush is a gorgeous looking toy made of high-grade silicone.

The silicone is of a matte-type and has a reasonable amount of drag to it, but this fades into a nice velvety caress when lubed up. The Cush is part of Tantus’ O2 line of dual-density toys. Essentially the Cush has a ‘hard muscle’ core to it while the silicone on the outside is markedly softer and almost squishy. I say almost because Bad Dragon set the bar on just how squishy a toy can get long ago. However, the Cush is a near-perfect unison between a soft outside and a firm inside and I feel this really adds something to the toy.

The core of the Cush can be seen underneath the base (which is also very firm and harness friendly).
The core of the Cush can be seen underneath the base (which is also very firm and harness friendly).

While it’s unlikely that anyone will be using the Cush as a plush plaything, like the Minna Limon or the Tenga Iroha line, there is still a reasonable amount of give on the softer silicone, which does respond to a firmly places squish. Despite its hard core the Cush is also quite malleable and can be bent a reasonable amount (I can make the tip touch the base, for example, at a stretch).

All of this helps with insertion as the Cush is, undeniably, a rather large dildo. At 7 inches in length and 1.75 inches in diameter, the Cush can look rather chunky at times. But because of its O2 density inserting the Cush is much easier than it would be if the toy has nothing in the way of give. Overall I think this was a really good call from Tantus and makes the toy all the more enjoyable.

I have to admit that, even with the softer experience, I do have to take my time inserting this toy, however with some time, patience, and a good lube I’ve never run into any major problems with getting this dildo inside me. And once it is inside of me, oh my days, it’s phenomenal.

You know in certain shows where a character would reach climax and there would be a montage of volcanoes erupting and waves crashing, while a monumental orchestral number blared in unison with the clips? That’s the Cush.

I don’t know how to describe exactly why this toy works as phenomenally well as it does but I’ll try my best to get close.

Right off the bat the girth of the Cush meant that I was met with a feeling of fullness that wasn’t too overwhelming but was snug enough so as to make me constantly aware of its chunky presence in the most pleasant way possible. This in itself can be pretty delectable, however, with a prominent head and another ripple on its shaft, the Cush also adds a texture point for both the G-Spot and the opening of the vagina, if placed properly. Texture isn’t usually something I’m overly thrilled about but, because of the soft silicone, this time it was welcoming instead of unobtrusive.

The subtle ridges of the Cush help add to its extraordinary sensations.
The subtle ridges of the Cush help add to its extraordinary sensations.

For some reason these elements almost always seem to be enough to get me near the edge right from the get-go with the Cush (in a manner that is exclusive to this toy alone so far). However, it’s the climax that is really fantastic.

The Cush has this wonderful ability to hold me on the brink of orgasm, right at the verge of optimal pleasure, before allowing an explosive release which is so potent that it can be entirely overpowering at times.

I am almost 100% certain that this has something to do with the size and head of the toy and the way they inteact with my pelvic floor muscles.

Because the Cush is comfortably large it means that, when I would usually get to the point of orgasm and have all of those wonderful involuntary muscle spasms, the Cush slightly stalls them and then forces them to work more then they usually would. Basically it feels like it’s just chunky enough to make the first contraction work that extra bit harder to push itself over the brink and then my pelvic floor muscles are put into overdrive as the rest of the spasms commence. This results in some of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever had from a dildo and gives me an undeniable predisposition to swoon over the Cush.

This would also explain why I’ve noticed that orgasms with other dildos become that extra bit intense after using the Cush—It’s essentially giving my insides a good working out while also acting to make me acutely aware of how my muscles work down there.

Even though I am incredibly, incurably enamoured with my Tantus Cush I would be lying if I said it was the perfect dildo, and there are some noticeable downsides to it.

The first obvious one is that it is simply too big for everyone to enjoy. Even for me this toy can be too girthy sometimes, and using it when my body just doesn’t want to accommodate it leaves me feeling uncomfortable and sore. I can only imagine that this would be worst for people who typically prefer their toys on the slimmer side.

For some people the Cush will simply be too large for comfort.
For some people the Cush will simply be too large for comfort.

The Cush is also a dust-magnet and needs to be thoroughly cleaned before and after use. Because of the ridges you will need to make sure that you’re extra vigilant while cleaning it as well. But, thankfully, because there are so many ways to make sure it’s squeaky clean (including the dishwasher) this doesn’t present too much of a challenge.

I also have to admit that neither my partner nor I have used this toy anally, so I don’t know how well this toy would do for penis-owners or for those who just consider themselves to be anal maniacs. Because of that I can only really advocate this toy to vagina-owners when it comes to my personal experiences. Sorry!

Final Thoughts

Oh gee, do I really even need to summarize at this point? I think you all know what I’m gunna say. But here goes.

The Tantus Cush O2 is a fantastic dildo that is great for G-spot orgasms and for obtaining strong, prolonged climaxes. It’s dual-density allows it to be suitably flexible while also allowing it to be firm enough to get the job done almost every time. But if you shy away from larger toys then the Cush might seem a bit too large for comfort.

Overall I’d thoroughly recommend this toy to anyone who craves a strong internal orgasm and isn’t afraid of taking on a slightly larger toy than average.

Recommend to:

People who love G-spot/internal orgasms.

People who are looking for prolonged orgasms.

People who like larger toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer clitoral stimulation.

Penis-owners or those who prefer anal (can’t personally recommend).

People who dislike large toys.

I purchased the Tantus Cush O2 from Ann Summers in store. It seems like the Cush is becoming a dying breed among UK retailers so if you liked my review and ever get a chance to nab one grab it.

However if you do like this toy and want to buy it direct from the company then please consider using the included affiliate links.