Product Review: Pjur Espresso Water-Based Lubricant

In addition to offering me the Maxbdio Stimulating Gel for Men, Chemist Direct were nice enough to provide me with a bottle of Pjur Espresso to review. Thanks to reviewers such as the wonderful Cara Sutra I’ve heard a lot of good things about Pjur, and thanks to life I know the value of a good espresso, so, naturally, I wondered what the two might be like when combined into one water-based package.

So without further ado let’s jump right into the review.

Pjur Espresso Water-Based Lubricant

Pjur Espresso is a water-based lubricant which is designed to “give your love life an instant caffeine kick!” (as Pjur’s product page describes). In addition to this Pjur claims that the lubricant is tasteless and odour free.

Pjur Espresso comes in an easy-to-use, screw-top bottle.
Pjur Espresso comes in an easy-to-use, screw-top bottle.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, water-based lubricant is great because, while it doesn’t last as long as silicone lubricants, it can be used with silicone toys and washes off with relative ease. Pjur Espresso is certainly easy enough to clean off and does manage to provide long-lasting lubrication, but more about that later.

Of course I was eager to test Pjur’s claims that their lubricant was odourless and tasteless so it was long after pouring this lube out of its screw-cap bottle that I went into guinea pig mode.

Pjur certainly isn’t wrong when it calls its lubricant odourless. I had to put the lubricant right up to my nose to get even the slightest whiff of a scent and, even then, it was only a really gentle and mostly undetectable aqua smell. I thought I also detected some hints of coffee but that honestly could be my mind playing tricks on me, as the odour is so faint. I feel confident in saying that in most occasions Pjur Espresso’s near-non-existent scent will not be detected.

The claim that it’s flavourless, on the other hand, was not as accurate.

You don’t need to have much of this lubricant in your mouth to be met with an incredibly bitter, chemically sharp flavour. It’s quite pronounced and reminds me of those varnishes that are made to stop people from biting their nails. Not at all pleasant. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend using this lubricant if you plan to do oral. While it may be called Pjur Espresso it is not a flavoured lubricant and is very unappealing to the taste buds.

Thankfully Pjur Espresso’s strengths lie in other areas.

In terms of texture Pjur Espresso is a nice middling ground between a gel and a runny lubricant. It has a nice fluid consistency to it (which gel-like lubricants often trade-off for goopiness) but it’s not so thin that it will pour all over the place. Instead it has a smooth and substantial silkiness which feels delightful when rubbed between your fingers (and elsewhere).

Pjur Espresso is a nice thickness for use with toys but avoids being gel-like in consistency.
Pjur Espresso is a nice thickness for use with toys but avoids being gel-like in consistency.

The lubricant provides a nice buffer of lubrication, which allows it to be used easily with most toys, but it also manages a gliding softness that makes caressing sensitive areas a delight. When fully rubbed in this lubricant also surprised me with how similar it can feel to silicone lubricant. It’s just so…versatile.

This is by design. Pjur Espresso happens to be part of Pjur’s Stimulation Line—which is designed to be used with sex toys. Because of this Pjur Espresso has what Pjur calls a ‘Pjur double-effect glide’. This basically means that Pjur has added natural additives to the lubricant which both prolong its slickness and adds some form of heightened stimulation (with caffeine being added for stimulation in this case).

I really appreciate Pjur’s efforts to make a line of lubricants that work well with toys while still being silky smooth and, in the case of Pjur Espresso, I’m inclined to say that they succeeded.That being said you’ll probably still want a thicker lube for anal play and anal toys, and those who are gel converts may find Pjur Espresso to be a bit too thin for their personal tastes.

Of course I can’t talk about Pjur Espresso without touching upon its major marketing point—the coffee. Pjur Espresso does, indeed, have coffee as one of its ingredients and, while the marketing adds make it seem like this addition will leave you buzzing with sexual energy, I really didn’t experience much in the way of an energy-boost when using Pjur Espresso.

If you think that this lubricant will be like an Espresso shot for your genitals then you're out of luck.
If you think that this lubricant will be like an Espresso shot for your genitals then you’re out of luck.

What I did experience, however, was a slight tingling sensation which heightened the sensitivity of my vulva (and my clitoris in particular). Internally this sensation wasn’t as prominent, but it was still present, and it did add quite an enjoyable element to our play sessions. Honestly, as subtle as it was, it was still pretty nice and (when combined with the consistency of the lubricant) left me feeling pretty positive about the quality of the lubricant.

That being said Pjur Espresso won’t be for everyone.

I’ve already mentioned that those who prefer gel lubricants might be disappointed, but Pjur Espresso also contains Propylene Glycol and Glycerin—so those that suffer from sensitive skin or frequent UTIs might want to be careful when using this lubricant. As someone with incredibly sensitive skin I was surprised to find I didn’t have any adverse effects from Pjur Espresso, but I’ll leave it up to you when it comes to your bodies.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to be honest with you. The sensations that I felt through Pjur Espresso weren’t so prominent as to will keep me bursting with energy, or even be overly noticeable—but what they did do was add a slight increase in sensitivity, which was pleasant enough, though hardly what the marketing ads promise.

Because of this I’d say that if you’re planning to buy Pjur Espresso don’t do so for the caffeine fix, do so because it’s a decent lubricant that’s toy friendly and has a wonderful consistency to boot. The fact that it adds a slight heightening to sensation is just the cherry on the cake.

Honestly, I got the most enjoyment out of how this lubricant felt rather than any coffee-imbuing abilities that it may or may not have, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. So, if any of what I’ve said interests you, then feel free to give Pjur Espresso a try yourself.

Recommend to:

People who want a subtle stimulation gel.

People who want a lube for toys.

People who dislike gel lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for an energising coffee fix.

People who have sensitivities.

People who prefer gel lubricants.

You can buy Pjur Espresso at Chemist Direct for the very affordable price of £9.99.Chemist Direct also has a 3 for 2 deal on selected lubricants and sex toys right now, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab a bargain. 

  • I’m not a coffee drinker so I’m relieved that it doesn’t taste like coffee, but the chemical taste you describe sounds much worse than what I expected. Eww.
    Yay for lubes that play nicely with toys! :)

    • emmelinepeaches

      Yeah the taste was a bit of an unpleasant surprise. Overall though this lube is fab, just maybe not for oral =P