Product Review: Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men

Chemist Direct were kind enough to approach me asking if I wished to test a product from their Maxbido and Fembido lines. It’s safe to say that (par for the course of my line of work) the libido of my partner and I remains strongly intact, so I opted to review the Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men which can be beneficial for any penis-owner looking for enhanced stimulation during their sex sessions.

About Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct is a UK-based online healthcare and pharmacy business. It sells a wide variety of items—including healthcare items, beauty products, vitamins & supplements, pet products, and, yes, items for sexual health and wellbeing.

Because Chemist Direct is so diverse it’s also quite mainstream, and thus is able to conduct itself on a large scale—providing frequent offers and a top notch service. Chemist Direct prides itself on locating and offering the best products at the best possible price available. They endeavour to stay up-to-date at all times and rank the privacy and security of their customers highly. As such you don’t need to worry about any sexual products arriving in obvious packaging, Chemist Direct have got you covered.

The person who contacted me from Chemist Direct was friendly and informative and was more than co-operative in every way possible. My parcel arrived swiftly and there were no problems along the way. Overall I was very happy with Chemist Direct’s services.

Chemist Direct has a large range of sex toys—Lelo and Tantus toys being amongst them—while also offering free shipping on all orders over £40. Having looked through their selection some of the offers are sincerely fantastic and I think there’s certainly a few bargains to be found. If any of this catches your interest then feel free to check them out anytime!

Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men

The Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men is made by bioconcepts and sold exclusively at Chemist Direct. In essence it is a sexual enhancement gel meant to provide extra stimulation for men (as the name might suggest). The gel achieves this by enhancing sensitivity in the penis, allowing every touch and movement to become much more intense for the user.

The Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men comes in a compact little bottle.
The Maxbido Stimulating Gel for Men comes in a compact little bottle.

Much as with lubricants I’ll cover the smell, taste, and texture of the gel first.

In terms of odour there’s not much to be detected. The Maxbido Stimulating Gel gives off a very subtle smell that is somewhat similar to the scent of aloe vera after sun gel—a light leafy smell with a slight after-whiff of chemicals—but it’s not at all strong and is only really noticeable if the gel is held right up against the nose.

The taste of the Maxbido Stimulating Gel is slightly stronger and follows up on what its scent might suggest. When it hits the tongue you’re greeted with a fresh-tasting flavour with a tang of chemicals as an aftermath. While the taste isn’t exactly appealing it’s hardly unpleasant either. As such anyone who felt the urge to apply this before oral sex then wouldn’t have to worry about being greeted with a vile flavour upon contact.

When it comes to texture the Maxbido Stimulating Gel lives up to its name. Nice and thick, the Maxbido Gel is perfect for anyone who dislikes runny products—as it maintains a goopy texture with relative ease. When rubbed in the gel becomes a lot smoother and has a pleasant, moist feeling to it. While this gel is hardly silky smooth it still has a pleasant feeling to it that holds its own with most water-based lubes in terms of likeability.

The gel is quite thick and holds up well out of the bottle.
The gel is quite thick and holds up well out of the bottle.

But, of course, with a product like this the proof is in the pudding, so how well did the Maxbido Stimulating Gel do at fulfilling its promises?

Much to the delight of my partner and I the Maxbido Stimulating Gel is great for enhancing sensitivity. The instructions on the side of the bottle advise that you apply as much of the gel as you wish to the penis and gently massage it in, repeating as much as you wish. This in itself can be a pretty pleasant experience and allows you to notice the increasing change in sensitivity as the gel gets to work during its application.

When I asked Mr. Peaches how it felt the word most frequently used was “sensitive”, but sensitive in the best of ways, so it pretty much hit the nail on the head. Mr. Peaches reported a pleasant increase in sensitivity which added some extra enjoyment to our play sessions and an exciting new level of stimulation.

From my perspective it was incredibly fun to see the difference in sensitivity that the gel provided. I found that it allowed us to enjoy a slower type of play—as even the slightest caress or the slowest motion of a toy such as the Tenga Pile could cause immense pleasure for Mr. Peaches, and it showed. With this slow style and the use of the Stimulating Gel Mr. Peaches was able to reach orgasm with minimal effort.

Don’t get me wrong, normal, swift, and rough n’ tumble sessions are still fully achievable while using this gel, but it also opens itself up to different play possibilities which might otherwise be a bit slow-paced for some.

All-in-all the Maxbido Stimulating Gel does exactly what it sets out to do, however there are some downsides and general things to consider when purchasing this product.

The biggest downside for me was the bottle that the gel came in. While it looks pretty standard the container has a tendency of squirting out the gel a little bit overzealously, even when I’m trying to be careful. Because of this I’ve had gel squirt out in all directions—accidentally shooting anywhere from my arm to my eyelid. This isn’t exactly ideal so users should be a bit cautious when getting used to the squirt-strength.

Because this product contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, and Methylisothiazolinon those with sensitive skin might also find this product to be a bit of a problem. The bottle advices that you do a skin test by applying a small amount of your arm and this could be a good call for some—as this product can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Overall, though, most people should have little issue with this gel.

One last thing to note is that, while the gel will increase sensitivity on the head of the penis without much effort, it takes a reasonable amount of gel to add extra sensation to the shaft. That being said the great thing about this gel is that you can start with a little and build it up from there, adjusting as you see fit.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Maxbido Stimulating Gel does the job with very few downsides to speak about. It increases sensitivity and, as such, allows for extra stimulation which can greatly vary up play. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to try a slower style, those who want to appreciate every single motion, or simply those who wish to up the ante when it comes to sensation.

Recommend to:

People who want more sensitivity.

People who like exploring new sensations.

People using masturbators and sleeves.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike enhanced sensitivity.

People who dislike the consistency of gels.

People with sensitive skin.

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  • Ignoring the cisexism, this sounds really cool! I’m curious about the one for vulva-havers now.

    • emmelinepeaches

      Yeah it’s a shame some products still designate themselves as Men or Women’s products, hopefully that will fade in time. The one for vulva-owners would certinly be interesting, although due to my sensitive skin I opted for the safer bet (my partner’s skin is much less reactive than mine).