Some Thoughts On: London Sex Stores

Hello my lovely readers,

As I’m sure you all know I’ve recently come back from a lovely holiday in London, where I had a lot of fun and got to see lots of wonderful things.

While away I learnt a few things (such as that the We-Vibe Touch is perfectly capable of tiding me over for a week’s worth of wanks and that I will always regret not having the Fun Factory Bootie to hand) as well as getting to see a lot of new and interesting sights. And, naturally, some of those sights included sex stores.

My holiday selection.
My holiday selection.

When I embarked on my trip to London I had a few sex stores that I definitely had earmarked for a visit (for leisure more than business). Sadly what with the gallery visits, family visits, and walking about from place-to-place I didn’t get to see every shop on my wish list. But I did still get to see quite a few impressive stores more than once.

So, as a way to let you all share in my holiday escapades I thought I’d take the time to divulge some of my favourite sex shops in London and compile them into a list.

Keep in mind that due to the above mentioned business this list is in no way extensive, and (much as with most sex shops) none of these stores were 100% perfect. They each have their own pros and cons, quirks and penchants, and most of them still stocked jelly toys and generally rubbish ones. But, despite that, they still managed to leave me with a positive feeling when I stepped out the door (which, more often than not, left me coming back for more).

So, without further ado, here are some of the best sex stores that I visited in London.

Fifty & Dean (Soho, London, W1D 4UB)

Located in Old Compton Street, Fifty & Dean was one of the stores that wasn’t on my to-see list but, nevertheless, managed to leave me impressed with its set up.

Fifty & Dean is pretty easy to get to.
Fifty & Dean is pretty easy to get to.

As soon as I entered Fifty & Dean I was greeted with a shelf full of various lubricants on the right hand side of the store, where, displayed proudly, was a collection of lubricants from the Give Pleasure line. What a wonderful first impression!

The rest of the ground floor is full of colourful clothing that would most likely impress anyone looking for some vibrant fetish wear. But, of course, I was naturally drawn downstairs where the brunt of the sex toys resided.

Fifty & Dean had its fair share of jelly toys and products I would generally try to avoid, but it also had a reasonable amount of luxury brands, silicone toys, and an impressive selection of male strokers and masturbators. The amount of cock rings on display was also quite a pleasant site.

Fifty & Dean also have a loyalty card scheme where if you buy over £30 worth of products then you get a stamp on a rewards card. Get 8 stamps and you get a free gift. A pretty good way to reward loyal customers in my opinion.

A stamp-system helps reward loyal customers.
A stamp-system helps reward loyal customers.

All-in-all I feel confident that I could enter Fifty & Dean and come out with enough interesting, body-safe products to make for a very enjoyable night indeed. Not too shabby for a store that was barely on my radar a few weeks ago.


The lubricant range and selection of male sex toys.

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Harmony (Various Locations)

There was more than one Harmony store in London but all of them stood out for their inviting atmosphere, luxury sex toy lines, and brilliant displays. Each Harmony store had a wide range of products available and when I met up with one of my friends (a total sex shop newbie and sex toy virgin) I chose to initiate her by taking her into the nearest Harmony store.

One of Harmony's stores, courtesy of their website.
One of Harmony’s stores, courtesy of their website.

Harmony provides a fantastic range of body safe sex toys, all displayed beautifully in easily accessible stands. Most popular products had a tester out to sample (which makes all of the difference in my opinion) and the staff were friendly and eager to please.

I was very happy to see both the Doxy and the Lelo Smartwand (Large) available in most of the stores, as well as many other Lelo toys and an impressive range of Fun Factory products. Harmony also had one of my all-time wants in store too, the Shiri Zinn Red Ceramic Dildo, which left me staring at it in unreasonable adoration for quite some time. Like I said, seeing these toys displayed, up-close and in person can make all the difference sometimes.

Harmony also had a reasonable amount of lubricants and essentials, and even had some Shunga products in store. Not to mention the fetish wear, porn collections, and BDSM gear that I spotted in some of the stores but (sadly) didn’t spend too much time looking at.

Overall you really can’t go wrong with a visit to the Harmony stores. Their locations can be found on their site here. My two personal favourites were Oxford Street and Charring Cross.

Speaking of Harmony’s site you can find a large selection of really fantastic toys on their site here. They do free delivery on orders over £20, have a 30-day returns policy, and even offer a click & collect service. Their prices are reasonable, their range is great, and they also have a handy blog full of various sex toy information.

If you’re in London I definitely recommend checking them out and, if not, don’t hesitate to visit their online store today.


The extensive range of luxury toys and the amount of demo toys available for sampling.

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Their Website-




Coco de Mer (Monmouth St., London, WC2H 9DD)

The crème de la crème of sex stores, Coco de Mer is a luxury erotic emporium; a sex toy and lingerie boutique which looks to be sex store and high-class art gallery in equal measure. The unique atmosphere provided in Coco de Mer is reason enough to visit this fine venue, without mention of it fantastic range of products, including exquisite own brand items and limited art pieces such as lavish Fornicoture products.

Coco de Mer wraps your purchases in lovely paper (pigeon non included).
Coco de Mer places your purchase in lovely wrapping paper (pigeon non included).

Notable brands such as nJoy, Lelo, Fun Factory, and Tenga are also for sale, and are on display so that you can sample them readily. Coco de Mer was one of the select few places that I was able to get my hands on the Sliquid range of lubricants on my trip, something than I took full advantage of.

Coco de Mer is not simply selling sex toys—it’s presenting an erotic lifestyle for eager buyers—and it shows. Stylish whips and paddles hang from elegantly placed antlers on the wall, while cabinets display beautiful crow’s feet feather ticklers, complete with a matching pearl necklace. Beautiful porcelain mugs are tastefully arranged, adorned with decorative floral illustrations and phrases such as “I Love Cock”, “Strumpet”, and “Anal Maniac”.

Coco de Mer is opulent and orgasmic in equal measure and I love it.

While purchasing some lubricant one of the lovely assistants (whose name I sadly didn’t catch) was kind enough to show me the line of ElectraStim products that they had in stock and was able to very easily disarm what might, to some, seem like an alarming type of sexual exploration.

Out of curiosity I asked her which of the toys she personally liked and found that we had quite a few thing in common in terms of sex toys, which was a pleasant surprise! Through the conversation I also became increasingly impressed with the knowledge and approachability of Coco de Mer’s staff, and found them to be the best in terms of customer service (no small order considering how fantastic all of the stores were).

The staff member whose name I shamefully never caught also took the time to tell me more about pinwheels and candles, opening up ideas about sensual play that I hadn’t really considered or shown an interest in before. To my mind it’s testament to the strength of the staff when they can get you to leave considering new possibilities with marked enthusiasm.

To this end Coco de Mer also runs its own Salon sessions—two hour sessions where participants are introduced to various subjects of erotic interest (from Japanese rope bondage, to oral sex, to indispensable tips and tricks) all for a reasonable price. The new Salon Season is opening soon in September, so check it out if you have the time. From what I saw of Coco de Mer I’m sure it would be a night to enjoy.

If there’s one thing to be said against Coco de Mer it’s that its products can be a bit pricey, but that’s to be expected. After all when buying from Coco de Mer you’re not just picking up a toy, you’re purchasing prestige as well. Personally I think the customer service provided at Coco de Mer as well as the general atmosphere makes the price tag more than reasonable, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

It should also be said that Coco de Mer was the only sex shop I went in where there wasn’t a single jelly or questionable toy in site. Absolutely fantastic!


The atmosphere, the staff, the Salons, and the selection.

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Their Website-




And that’s that!

There were some other surprises along the way in London—I walked into an Ann Summers in Soho not expecting much and instead found a Tantus Cush, which I quickly nabbed (and you can expect a review of that bad boy is incoming)—but overall these stores were the ones that impressed me enough to illicit repeated visits.

If you ever find yourself in London and have a craving for something sexy please do consider checking out these stores. I’m fairly certain that at least one of them will provide you with something that’s likely to please.

That’s all for now, until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

  • But you missed Sh! Womenstore in Hoxton Square! It’s one of my favourites and it’s all women-owned and staffed. (Men can visit the shop in the company of a woman or on their own on Tuesday evenings.)

    • emmelinepeaches

      I know and I’m devistated that I didn’t find the time to pay it a visit. )=
      Next opportunity I have i’ll definitely swing by (though I’m still not too sure how I feel about their rules regarding male visitors).