Toy Review: The Fun Factory Bootie

The Fun Factory Bootie is the first butt plug that me and my partner had the pleasure of trying. Having already got a shining endorsement from the sex toy savant, Hey Epiphora, it seemed like a given to my partner and I that this toy guide us in our first foray into anal play. But did the Bootie live up to the high standards we set on it, or did it fall short at the last hurdle?

Did the Fun Factory Bootie live up to expectations?
Did the Fun Factory Bootie live up to expectations?

The Fun Factory Bootie is made out of 100% silicone, making it phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and ultimately body safe. When it comes to sex toys I can’t think of a more important time to keep up the body-safe routine than with anal play so this makes me a very happy bunny. This silicone is quite velvety and matte to the touch, providing a nice amount of grip.

The Bootie is not very big at all, making it perfect for those with reservations or fears.
The Bootie is not very big at all, making it perfect for those with reservations or fears.

At about 3.5 inches at its widest circumference the Fun Factory Bootie is a very humble butt plug which is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. The overall size of this toy is perfectly unintimidating and I reckon that it would leave anyone who was apprehensive about trying a butt plug breathing out a sigh of relief when confronted with its unassuming size.

That being said, while the Bootie isn’t exactly a Goliath, it shouldn’t be considered diminutive either, especially when it comes to use. The Fun Factory Bootie has a wonderful curve, which allows it to perfectly hit the P-Spot with little effort required. Meanwhile the silicone is firm enough that it applies just the right amount of pressure, without being so firm that it’s uncomfortable. It’s sometimes hard to strike this balance between flexibility and firmness so I applaud Fun Factory for hitting a complete home run.

The curve of the Bootie knows how to impress.
The curve of the Bootie knows how to impress.

Because the Bootie is suitably firm insertion is a breeze. The T-shaped handle at the end of the Bootie is wide enough to allow a good grip and makes sure that the Bootie stays in place after insertion. Meanwhile the size of the Bootie helps aid in insertion, making it incredibly manageable.

Anal toys and I don’t often get along (with the exception so far being Fun Factory’s B Balls) but I have to admit that I did find the Bootie incredibly easy to insert and could appreciate how its size and shape might appeal to others. It certainly appealed to my partner!

The Bootie's T-bar handle makes insertion easy peasy.
The Bootie’s T-bar handle makes insertion easy peasy.

While Mr. Peaches won’t be doing another guest appearance in this review he did give me extensive feedback regarding the Bootie which I will try my best to recount.

The Bootie is Mr. Peaches’ favourite sex toys and with good reason. Providing such perfect P-Spot stimulation and presenting itself as an easy insert for beginners, Mr. Peaches could quickly adjust to the Bootie—going from an anal newbie to a junkie in record time.

For Mr. Peaches the Fun Factory Bootie  swiftly broke any presuppositions and reservations that he might have had about anal sex toys and soon became a regular in our bedroom activities. Because of this I would say that the Fun Factory Bootie might be a great starter toy if you’re trying to introduce an uncertain party to anal toys, in the most unintimidating and gentle manner.

In terms of use the Bootie’s firm stimulation of the P-Spot means that Mr. Peaches experiences heightened intensity and pleasure during orgasm. Put simply the P-Spot stimulation provided by the Bootie just adds a whole new level of sensation to play time which can easily excite.

Mr. Peaches especially recommends using the Bootie with a Tenga 3D sleeve while sitting down (a la our Orgasm Combo list of 2014) or applying a wand massager directly to the base of the toy—this allows strong vibrations to travel throughout the toy, intensifying the stimulation of the P-Spot while also stimulating the anal rim and the perineum externally. Add a blow job into the mix and things and you’re set for an exciting night of couple’s play.

Despite how fantastic the Bootie turned out to be there are a few downsides.

While the T-bar for the Bootie is fantastic in terms of safety and insertion it can be a bit too big for some people’s preference in terms of comfort. I personally found it to be rather cumbersome and preferred the stubbier T-bar of the Fun Factory B Balls.

And, much like the B Balls, the Bootie retains an odour even after having been washed. This won’t be a big issue for everyone but for a cleanliness-freak like me it’s an instant downer. Even though I know I’ve scrubbed the toy immaculately many-a time and I know it’s clean I just can’t stop it from playing on my mind.

Speaking of cleaning, the Bootie’s silicone is also a dust magnet (as my photo’s probably highlight) so cleaning it before and after use is a must.

Final Thoughts

While the Bootie isn’t perfect it’s still up there for me as one of the best butt plugs for first timers and those apprehensive about their first experience. Small, safe, and potent, the Bootie delivers everything you would want from a beginners butt plug and gently guides its wearer in to a world of anal elation.

It may not be for everyone but for those eager to try (or veterans who still like a simple but effective plug on the smaller side of things) I really can’t recommend this toy enough.

Bootie, you’re a beauty!

Recommend to:

People who have never used a butt plug before.

People who are apprehensive about butt plugs.

Moderate/Advanced users who still like smaller plugs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike anal play.

People who dislike odours.

Size queens.

  • The base is a bit longer than I’d like, but I do want a plug that will stimulate my perineal sponge, so I just might need one!

    • emmelinepeaches

      It’s really good. I went on holiday without it and pined over it for a while. I even tried to find a different plug that would fit the bill while browsing various sex shops. No dice. It got to the point where I was seriously considering buying another Bootie just for the holiday trip. In the end I didn’t but I worry about how close I came XD

  • equi

    Is it suitable for long time plugging? It does not have a small neck thats why i wonder if it can come out a little..

    • Good question! My partner has worn it out and about with no problem but he still doesn’t wear it for too long.
      Having looked around the net for you it seems that most people say it’s comfortable for prolonged use (especially in the Lovehoney reviews), so hopefully that helps put your mind at ease.