Some Thoughts On: The Most Anticipated Sex Toys of the Season

Well, well, well. The future is now. With recent news stories promising us an array of adult products—ranging from a smart, app integrated kegel exerciser to a sleek, sly, and undeniably stylish new vibrators—it seems like everyone’s doing their part to spoil us with future possibilities when it comes to upcoming sex toys.

There are a lot of gimmicky toys out there right now that claim to be innovative but that are really just complicating things unnecessarily. However, there are a few gems out there that seem to promise real potential as well as pleasure.

With that in mind I thought I’d bring to your attention some of the most interesting one’s that I’ve seen as of late; think of it as a showcase of the most anticipated sex toys of the season. Enjoy!

#1 The kGoal from Minna

Having already mentioned this in an industry update I’m sure you’re already more than aware of this upcoming device.

Tapping in to the latest fitness tracker trend, kGoal is a device and application combo which will allow users to track the progress of their pelvic floor exercises.

Providing ‘real time biofeedback’, kGoal is set to make kegel exercises a lot more informative and to give users a new found confidence in their workout sessions. In addition to this Minna plans to make kGoal out of phthalate-free, medical grade silicone and to make it splash resistant and USB rechargeable.

Having far exceeded its $90,000 goal on Kickstarter (achieving $266,917 at the end of the campaign) the kGoal should be going into production very soon—with the first batch expected for December of this year.

I for one am incredibly excited to see how the kGoal pans out.


#2 SexFit from Bondara

Pitched as a ‘pedometer for your penis’ the SexFit is like a counterpart to the kGoal—functioning as a cock ring as a sexual performance tracker simultaneously. Although it should be said the the SexFit is being pitched much more as a couple’s sex tracker then a solo affair. The firm ring of the SexFit acts much like any cock ring would, while the SexFit simultaneously sends data to a free associate app via Bluetooth.

In addition to this the SexFit is set to have ‘powerful stimulating vibrations’ for both users to enjoy, with a built in pacing modes.

The app is set to record things such as calories burnt and thrusts per minute.

Louise Bagley, Bondara’s sex toy buyer, stated that “Historically, sex toys have always evolved with technology”, here’s hoping the SexFit can live up to the impressive promises that it’s currently making.

However, with the first prototypes not planned until near the end of 2014 it will be a while before eager fitness junkies get in their sexercise.

#3 The Vesper from Crave

From fitness to fashion, Crave is aiming to take covert sex toys to a stylish new level. Describing it as “the world’s first luxurious vibrator necklace”, the Vesper is part of Crave’s ongoing mission to embrace sex positivity through creating elegant and practical sex toys (such as their vibrators that double as a USB stick).

The Vesper is designed to look like a piece of elegant jewellery and actually lives up to the task—with silver plated, rose gold plated, and 24k gold plated versions available.

In addition to looking suitably elegant, the Vesper will apparently provide decent strength, will be splash resistant, USB rechargeable, and whisper quiet (to add to its discretion).

If you get in on the pre-order then you will also get a free engraving on your Vesper (under 60 characters). How deliciously elegant!

Let’s hope the Vesper is as stimulating as it is stunning.

#4 The Origami Male Condom from Origami Condoms

Okay, so this one isn’t technically an new announcement, but I still have high hopes for the Origmai Condom and, what with all of the new-fangled adult products coming out, it’s important not to let something like this get washed away in the hype.

The Origami Male Condom is the first non-rolled silicone condom that is designed to provide both a pleasure and safe sexual experience.

Direct tactile contact is meant to permit the Origami Male Condom to provide increased pleasure when compared to conventional rolled condoms.

The Origami Male Condom (and its female and anal counterpart) is currently still undergoing tests to make sure that it complies with safety standards before gaining a public release. The hope is that it will be on the market in early 2015.

And that’s that. With so many new and exciting adult products being announced every day one can’t help but get a little bit excited about the prospect of what the next big thing will be. Here’s hoping that, whatever it is, it manages to merge innovation with pleasure, instead of turning out to be just a passing gimmick.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.