Update: Minna Life’s kGoal on Kickstarter

Hello my Wonderful Readers,

Today I’d like to take a moment to bring your attention to an awesome Kickstarter campaign going on at the moment for a new adult product called kGoal.

kGoal is the newest idea to come from Minna Life who have already brought us wonderful creations such as the Ola and Limon.

Pelvic floor exercises (or kegel exercises, as they’re also known) are a great way to maintain the health of your pelvic floor muscles. Depending on your body, kegel exercises can help reduce bladder issues, help pre and post-giving birth, alleviate back pain, and even increase control and pleasure during sex.However sometimes kegel exercises can seem like a chore. It can also feel a bit like you’re in the dark when doing kegels. Like “Great I’m doing the exercises but how many many am I suppose to do again? Oh god I’ve lost count. Is anything actually happening down there? How do I know if I’m making progress?”.

kGoal aims to help with some of those issues.

kGoal is a device and an phone app combined into one package. Much like the modern exercise trackers which have exploded in popularity as-of-late, kGoal tracks your kegel exercises and lets you know how your workouts are going. By measuring the force exerted through squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, kGoal can provide instant feedback guide your workout and track your performance.

Not only that but kGoal is set to be wonderfully squishy and to have a vent which will adjust air pressure. This means that kGoal can provide an unintimidating kegel exerciser that is comfortable to use.

All of this sounds fantastic on it’s own but Minna Life has also made sure that kGoal is USB rechargeable, splash resistant and made out of phthalate-free, medical grade silicone. Wonderful!

Thankfully for us it looks like kGoal is going to be a reality. With over $220,000 pledged, an original goal of $90,000, and 14 days to go kGoal has thrived in the crowd funding scene. However that’s no excuse not to get in on the fun yourself.

If you haven’t pledged already and think that kGoal is right up your avenue then why not take a chance to pledge and grab yourself a kGoal from the first production run? At $125 (plus $25 for international shipping) you can effectively pre-order a kGoal. Minna Life estimates this will be reasonably cheaper then their predicted $175 regular retail price.

Minna Life have previously succeeded in crowd funding before with their highly praised Limon, so they’ve already shown they know how to deliver on a promising crowd funded concept.

And that’s all for now. I hope you’re as excited about the kGoal as I am. =D

Until the next review!