Toy Review: Fun Factory B Balls

When Fun Factory offered me a chance to review their B Balls I jumped at the chance. Jiggly balls for your ass? Yes please! Thinking about this toy automatically brought glorious memories of my Lelo Luna Beads to mind and I hoped that the B Balls would provide the anal equivalent so that both my partner and I could experience the joys of that internal jiggle. So how did the B Balls perform? Let’s find out.

Did the B Balls provide the joyous jiggle I had hoped for?
Did the B Balls provide the joyous jiggle I had hoped for?

The Fun Factory B Balls are essentially two anal beads with smaller inner balls inside of them that move about as you do. It’s really easy to make a connection between these and the Luna Beads, but there are a few key differences.

Firstly, material. While the Luna Beads were made prevalently out of ABS Plastic with a silicone sleeve, the B Balls (While they do have some hard plastic showing) are mostly covered in silicone—with a firm silicone tether connecting the two and a T-shaped base. This base is crucial, as it stops the balls from trying to perform a vanishing act deeper into the anus and allows for very easy retrieval.

The silicone used for the B Balls is matte, smooth and slightly draggy, but not so much as to make insertion difficult. Instead of just being smooth balls the B Balls have various ridges and contours to them, presumably to allow for easier and more stimulating use.

Another big difference between the B Balls and the Luna Beads is bead size. With the first B Ball bead having a girth of 4.2 inches and the second reaching 4.75 inches, the variation between these sizes (coupled with the tapered tip of the first bead) helps aid during insertion.

The top ball has a tapered tip which helps during insertion.
The top ball has a tapered tip which helps during insertion.

Fun Factory claims that the B Balls can be worn discreetly under clothing, provide a sensation of fullness, and are for intermediate to experienced users. Conversely Lovehoney suggests that these beads are better for beginners and intermediate users. Since me and my partner are both beginners (though he is more experienced than I) it only seemed right that we put this theory to test and figure out exactly where the B Balls stood.

So, without further ado, here is a recount of my partner’s experiences with the B Balls:

Hello everyone,

Mr Peaches here again.

Me turning up here is starting to become a regular thing isn’t it? Anyway today I’m giving my thoughts on the Fun Factory  B Balls.

This an interesting toy (and I do really mean that, rather than using the British definition of ‘interesting’). The idea behind it is very similar to kegel balls and I know Emmeline was very excited for me to experience similar sensations to the ones that she got from her set.

Now when I first heard this I was rather excited as well. To me this sounded like a great idea, I had been told that kegel balls feel nice and wanted to see how they felt for myself, however I then ran into a slight problem.

I have only been using anal toys for about 3 months and, in comparison to my Fun Factory Bootie, the B Balls were a considerable step up for me—being a longer and girther toy. This lead to some pain and, well, basically I rushed into it. This is not the fault of the toy, more a reminder that if you’re going to try anal toys then you should ease your way into it and use a lot of thick lube, but I digress.

After a while I adjusted to it and, although slightly uncomfortable, I did get some pleasure from the weighted balls.

Now in my opinion when this toy really comes into its own is during sex.

The balls jiggle a fair bit (although this, of course depends on how vigorous a session you’re enjoying) and are very pleasurable to feel against your prostate—which resulted in increased arousal and has lead to some very strong orgasms.

Despite this, there are a few things I personal dislike about the toy.

My biggest dislike is the fact the toy has indents that require and far bit of cleaning, so a spare toothbrush is a must for this toy. My second dislike is the hardness of the balls themselves. I would have preferred it is they were frim but still have some give to them, but this second one is just personal preference.

Overall this is a toy that I like the idea of. I like the feel of it when I get used to it but for me it requires a fair bit of prep time, though I would recommend it to people who have the experience and or the time to get the most out of this toy.

Where Mr. Peaches found these toys to be too large for a beginner (despite having dabbled in anal toys before) I personally had more success with them.

When getting the B Balls out of their lovely golden packaging I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit intimidated. Compared to the previous anal toy that I had only briefly dabbled with (the Bootie) the B Balls seemed more like watermelons than beads.

The inner packaging for the B Balls is perfect for gift giving.
The inner packaging for the B Balls is perfect for gift giving.

It’s worth noting that the B Balls come in dual packaging—an outside section and an inside section. While the outside section clearly display the toy, the inside section is actually a nice, discreet golden box, which would be ideal for gift giving or covert storage. The B Balls also come with a small instruction booklet, giving suggestions on how to use them and a sachet of lube (which isn’t really generous enough for anal use).

The B Balls come with a cute little instruction booklet.
The B Balls come with a cute little instruction booklet.

For me the B Balls went in like a dream (thanks to loads of lube and a period of relaxation). As the balls slid in I could feel them roll inside of me, and that sensation in and of itself was incredibly arousing. I would probably have been satisfied removing and reinserting the balls a few time and just letting them ripple across my anal canal, but (unbelievably) that’s only half the fun to be had with these bad boys.

Standing up I could feel two things immediately. Firstly the fullness. As Fun Factory promised these balls leave you with an undeniable sense of fullness that cannot be ignored. While my partner found this to be uncomfortable I found myself revelling in the sensation. I loved the deliberateness of it all and allowed myself to move into multiple different positions just to play around with the different sensations that the fullness provides.

The size of the B Balls provides a delicious amount of fullness.
The size of the B Balls provides a delicious amount of fullness.

Of course the second thing I felt was the jiggle, and, oh wow, that jiggle. Not only is the jiggle of the B Balls similar to the Lelo Luna Beads but it’s actually stronger—responding more astutely and bringing a weightier, more vigorous jiggle to the stage.

Naturally I had to take the plunge and test the combination of B Balls and Luna Beads.

When inserting the Luna Beads into my vagina I could actually feel them roll across the B Balls in my anus (again, a sensation all its own that brought undeniable pleasure) however, standing up and having a wiggle elicited even greater enjoyment.

When combined these two toys almost reverberate off of each other and create a symphony of rolling jiggles that work rather well together. Sadly, though, they didn’t work as well as I thought, and there’s a clear reason for that. The B Balls actually provide such strong sensations that their jiggling outdoes the Luna Beads! I actually find it quite hard at times to even detect the Luna Bead’s familiar sensations over the energetic jiggles of the B Balls inner balls (not that I’m complaining).

The B Balls were easy to remove and didn’t leave me with much in the way of discomfort. However I can certainly understand why Fun Factory would recommend these toys for intermediate users and up. Not everyone will be as pleasantly surprised as myself.

Personal experiences aside, there were also a few other downsides that both me and my partner noticed.

The first one was cleaning. Because the B Balls have exposed plastic sections and various grooves (including the Fun Factory logo) it can be difficult to clean thoroughly and is somewhat frustrating because of it. The silicone used for the B Balls grabs lint quite easily too. So, as Mr.  Peaches said, keep a toothbrush handy with this one.

Those crevices can make for an awkward clean.
Those crevices can make for an awkward clean.

The second big issue (for me, at least) was that the B Balls have a habit of retaining smells, no matter how hard you clean them. I’ve used various soaps, antibacterial cleaner, sex toy cleaner, and a boiling hot water soak, and none of it seems to do any good.

Now for some people this won’t be a big deal, but I personally can’t stand that fact that this toy retains quite a heavy smell, and it actually discourages me from using it a bit. Because of this I will continue trying different cleaning methods and will let you know if I stumble upon a winner.

Final Thoughts

The B Balls are a great anal toy, and a tough contender against the like of kegel jiggle balls such as the Lelo Luna Beads. The combination of jiggling and fullness provides a delightful level of stimulation, which can serve to arouse and strengthen orgasms.

While I think it’s fair to say that Fun Factory is right in classing the B Balls as an intermediate to advanced user toy, the B Balls can be worked up to in a reasonable amount of time, and so I’d say they veer on the more manageable side of intermediate use (a good transition toy, perhaps?). Overall I would recommend this toy to anyone who wants to experience that jiggling sensation during sex that inner beads provide so well.

Recommend to:

People who want to try jiggle balls.

Intermediate Anal toy users.

People who value fullness in their anal toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike fullness in their anal toys.

People who dislike toys retaining smells.

  • Can I suggest using a condom with the B Balls. This will solve the cleaning and smell retention problems.

  • Miguel Angel

    I’m using those balls and they’re fine, but the odor is quite bad after using and washing them…
    I tried using a condom, but it doesn’t feel the same vibrations of the balls.
    Have you found a solution to get rid of the “used in backdoor” odor?

  • MiissSid

    I always use a 10 percent bleach solution to get the smell off of silicone toys. Well, i pour some bleach into a bowl, cover the rest of the toy with very hot water and it has always worked to get the butt smell off of the toy.