Toy Review: The New We-Vibe Touch

After having tried, and loved, the new We-Vibe Tango I was delighted when We-Vibe gave me a chance to review the Touch (providing it in exchange for an honest review). I am happy to say that this toy didn’t disappoint—not only matching the Tango for me in terms of orgasmic delight, but exceeding it slightly for a few reasons.

The We-Vibe Touch is a masterful little clitoral vibe.
The We-Vibe Touch is a masterful little clitoral vibe.

The We-Vibe Touch is a clitoral massager—intended to slowly build sensation and wrap comfortably into place due to its curvaceous, well-sculpted contours. With a silicone exterior and a firm interior the Touch is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. This little vibe is also 100% waterproof, making it incredibly easy to clean.

The box for the Touch would be nice for gift-giving.
The box for the Touch would be nice for gift-giving but is hardly discreet.

While I don’t often talk about packaging, the Touch’s box is worth a mention. The We-Vibe Touch comes in a very nice, sturdy cardboard box with a picture of the toy on the front. While this is in no way suitable for discreet storage (the toy and its purpose are displayed right on the front) it would make for a very nice gift box if the Touch was being given to someone as a present. Inside the box the Touch comes cushioned in a soft wedge which displays it very nicely.

The Touch also comes with a little storage bag, along with a USB charger and an instructions booklet. Because the Touch is rechargeable you don’t have to worry about the cost of batteries, and a 90 minute charge gets you about 2 hours’ worth of play, which isn’t bad at all. The Touch has a little light on the charge port which helps let you know when the charge is done.

The Touch comes with a nice little storage bag to keep it safe and sound.
The Touch comes with a nice little storage bag to keep it safe and sound.

The silicone used for the touch has a matte-like texture and is very soft and luscious. It has somewhat of a velvety feel to it and is really delightful to use. While most of the Touch is firm the very tip of it has a bit of give to it, which is a nice addition that doesn’t go amiss during use.

The Touch's scoop delivers precise pleasure.
The Touch’s scoop delivers precise pleasure.

The Touch has a kind of scoop-shape to its top section, which allows for very precise, pin-point precision during use. This is ideal for those who love to hit the clitoris directly but might sound a bit off-putting for those who prefer a more dispersed experience.But do not fear! By flipping the Touch onto its other side you get a much more dispersed and less targeted experience without losing any of the vibration strength. What a great way to cater to both audiences!

As for the vibrations, well, what can I say? They’re just as awesome as the ones found in the Tango.

Rumbly and deep, the Touch may not boast the most powerful of vibrations, but it’s not wimpy either. And, because of the seductive rumble that the Touch provides, the vibrations resonate with such depth that powerhouse strength isn’t necessarily needed. The Touch has four different consistent vibrations (of varying potency) and four more patterns (a wave, a pulse, a ‘tease’, and a ‘cha-cha’). While I don’t necessarily use the patterns I know that they’ll be appreciated by some.

The button and charge port for the Touch are in the same place.
The button and charge port for the Touch are in the same place.

The different vibrations (which are whisper quiet, I might add) are controlled by a single button at the bottom of the toy, and the Touch remembers which setting you were last on when it is turned back on again. This is both a positive and negative point which I’ll talk more about later.

As for personal experience, this toy rocked my world almost every time. The deep, grumbling quiver of the Touch hit the right spot for me every time I used it—whether I decided to enjoy the timid tremble of the lower setting or the more assertive reverberations of the higher modes. Most of the time I would stick to the High setting (instead of the Ultra-High one) and would still orgasm in record speeds, causing my partner to ask, more than once, “Really? You’re done already?” Of course it doesn’t have to be a race with the Touch, but it’s nice to have a toy that has the capability of getting you from slightly aroused to “Oh God YES!” in no time.

Because this toy isn’t wand massager powerful there’s also a level of subtlety that comes with the orgasms that the Touch provides. I get to enjoy every single tickle of sensation and I love it. In many ways it enhances the experience and works as a nice reminder that even power queens don’t need to go full-throttle all the time in order to get a mind-blowing orgasm.

Rapid orgasms aside, there are still some downsides to this toy that need to be addressed.

Now, you may notice that I said the Touch gets me off “almost every time”. That’s because one time (only one time) it did fail to produce the orgasm I so craved. Why? Wankers cramp. Put simply holding the Touch into position left me with a hand so achy and crooked into place that Chandler Bing would happily declare it to be “The Claw”. However this only happened once and I think it was mostly caused by the duration of use and the position that I was trying to keep it in. For most this will not often be a problem (heck, it only happened once for me) but it is something to consider if you prefer long sessions, or are simply prone to this sort of affliction.

The other major problem comes with the control button. As I’ve said before, the Touch remembers the setting that you were last on when you turn it back on again. This is great for quick use but it also means that, should you accidentally push onto the next setting, you have to filter through all of the other settings to get back to the one you want, because you can’t simply turn it off and on again. This is a small price to pay for the recall of the Touch but it is something to consider during use.

Final Thoughts

For those with a clitoris I really can’t recommend the Touch enough. It’s soft, silicone exterior and specially catered contours make it perfect for an intimate and provide a refreshing contrast from the hard-shell of the Tango.

The Touch keeps its power without going overboard, and provides varying levels of vibration which should satisfy most users. It’s rechargeable, it’s good at its job, it’s just fantastic. You could even say that it’s a Touch above the rest (Badum-Dum Tsssh!).

I would wholeheartedly recommend this toy for anyone looking for a rechargeable clitoral vibrator. Give it a try!

Recommend to:

People who like clitoral orgasms.

People who like pin-point stimulation.

People who like varying patterns.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer bullet vibes (go for the Tango instead).

People who want a more versatile toy.

People who need incredibly strong vibrations all the time.