Toy Review: The Diving Nun from Divine Interventions

Sex has never been as sacrilegious as when you find yourself under the sheets with one of Divine Interventions creations. Crafted after religious icons, the Divine Intervention line provides you with multiple ways to indulge in ungodly actions with your chosen deity (or, in this case, a worshipper of said deity).

The Diving Nun is a tongue-in-cheek sex toy which might not tickle everyone's sides.
The Diving Nun is a tongue-in-cheek sex toy which might not tickle everyone’s sides.

The Diving Nun crafts itself after a pious nun bowing earnestly, rosary beads in hand. All things considered, I can understand why this nun might be bowing down (as if praying for forgiveness). The Diving Nun provides a filling experience and knows just what to do in order to prompt the G-spot, however the size and texture of the Nun won’t be for everyone.

The Diving Nun is not for the faint hearted (and that’s not just because of its blasphemous appearance). At 7 ¾ inches high and with a diameter of 1 ¾ inches the Nun is long and can feel quite chunky. While the Nun only has a circumference of about 5 ½ inches at its broadest section, the texture of the Nun gives it the impression of being chunkier, even if it sounds rather unimposing to some.

Still, despite its size (or, perhaps, because of it for some) there is a lot to love about the Diving Nun. The Diving Nun is made of high-quality silicone. The silicone is a matte-sort and is somewhat velvety. It can produce a fair amount of drag but with the right amount of lube that isn’t much of a problem. The Diving Nun also has a suction cup, allowing for a lot of fun and exploration with varying positions (great for fun in the shower).

The details on the Diving Nun are admirable.
The details on the Diving Nun are admirable.

Another high-point for the Nun is just how much detail has gone into this toy. It truly is amazing. Every detail has been meticulously moulded and is seemingly seamless.  The facial features of the Nun, in particular, are very well done and make the toy seem like a delicate figurine as well as a sturdy dildo.

The Diving Nun's face is particularly well-crafted.
The Diving Nun’s face is particularly well-crafted.

The back of the toy, however, leaves you with no doubt of the toy’s true intent. The back of the Nun’s robes have been made into drastic, rolling ripples that cascade down the top half of the shaft for added texture. Both the Nun’s facial details and the ripples can be felt during use—making this toy great for those who love texture.

The back of the Diving Nun has ripples of texture.
The back of the Diving Nun has ripples of texture.

The curve of the Diving Nun also makes it fantastic for G-Spot stimulation. This toy knows how to hit the spot and it does it well. Having such a drastic angle, the Diving Nun is practically made to locate the G-spot, and can do so effortlessly. This, combined with the added texture, can lead to incredibly strong orgasms under the right conditions.

For me this is a toy that I definitely have to warm up to. The head of the Nun is quite large, and the texture on the shaft makes it a bit too hefty for use without prior play time. However once in the Nun certainly makes itself known. Depending on how warmed up I am this can either be a good or a bad thing. For me the Nun’s face could feel a bit uncomfortable and, at 7 ¾ inches long, I don’t often use the whole shaft (or, indeed, want to).

However, when the Nun does its job it does it well.

Orgasms with the Nun are slow and strong. They are very deliberate and almost domineering (deliciously so) in their slow release of intense, rolling elation. The combination of G-spot prowess and fullness are probably the main factors in this wonderful release of pleasure, but I do (sadly) still feel a bit of discomfort, even during orgasm. It seems that the Diving Nun is just a bit too textured for me, even if I do love the powerful climax it can bring.

Still, for size queens and texture lovers I can see the Diving Nun being a roaring success…or a moaning one, as the case may be.

The drastic curve of the Diving Nun allows for fantastic G-spot orgasms.
The drastic curve of the Diving Nun allows for fantastic G-spot orgasms.

There are a few other downsides with the Nun, though, which are worth mentioning.

Size and texture aside, the Nun’s base can also be a bit off-putting for some. While it’s perfect for use as a suction cup or during strap-on sessions, the base can be a bit unwieldy during other uses and can detract from enjoyment. The suction cup is also roughly cut, which might be off-putting for those who are a stickler for detail.

The silicone used for the Nun (while phthalate-free and hypoallergenic) is also a dust and lint magnet, so it’s essential to wash it before and after every play session.

The details of this toy can also make it a bit more difficult to clean, though not by much.

Final Thoughts

While the Diving Nun joins the Form 2 in the list of toys that are ‘just not for me’ I really can see the merit of this devout dildo and feel confident that it can provide a divine experience for anyone who counts size and texture amount their top proclivities.

As for those who are feeling uncertain but find themselves eager to experiment, the Diving Nun is soft enough and has enough give to allow for experimental play. If you make sure you warm up to the Nun then pleasure is wholly achievable. This toy is one that is rather easy to work with.

However if texture or size are things that deter you (particularly texture) then the Nun might be a toy to miss.

Anyone else, though, may find themselves eagerly grabbing for a religious experience much more frequently after their first holy communion with the Diving Nun.

Recommend to:

People who consider themselves Size Queens.

People who love texture.

People who want to experiment with size or texture.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer smaller toys.

People who dislike texture.

People who dislike draggy toys.

The Diving Nun was provided to me by Divine Interventions in exchange for an honest review.