Toy Review: The Jimmy Jane Form 2

I was really excited to receive this toy, and with good reason. The Form 2 is an adorable little vibe that will appeal greatly to those who enjoy pin-point stimulation. The Form 2 was provided to me by Desire of the I.D., a company I have already mentioned in my Metal Wörx review. Desire of the I.D. has fantastic customer service, offers free shipping and had a wide array of luxury sex toys available to peruse. The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is one such toy.

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is a very cute vibe.
The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is a very cute vibe.

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is one of a line of Form toys, designed by Yves Béhar and Ethan Imboden with the manifesto ‘Pleasure to the People’. The general premise is that everyone has a different preference that will appeal to them during play, and the Form line introduces a range of designs to choose from.

The Form 2 is made to look like the best part of a ‘Rabbit vibe’ (in a similar fashion to the Shots Toys Revelation). Unlike the Revelation, the Form 2 has decided to simultaneously become more compact and chunkier. Cutting out the rabbit’s body, the Form 2 focuses much more on the ‘ears’ of the toy instead of bothering to add in more bunny-based features. However the body of the Form 2 is quite rounded and broad and the ears are spread reasonably apart, giving the Form 2 its own unique look.

I have to admit, I quite appreciate the Form 2’s appearance and think that it’s a nice departure from the more novelty-equse impression that vibes shaped like rabbits give off. However one of my friends is insisted that it looks like a tooth instead, so I suppose it’s a matter of perspective.

A tooth?
A tooth?

Potential toothy aesthetics aside, the Form 2 has a lot going for it. The Form 2 is made out of medical-grade silicone so, naturally, it’s phthalate-free, high-quality, and body-safe. On top of that this little toy is also completely waterproof (for easy cleaning and submersible fun), is relatively quiet, has a travel lock mode, and is completely rechargeable via the mains.

The charge port for the Form 2 is both practical and stylish.
The charge port for the Form 2 is both practical and stylish.

The Form 2 has its own little charge point which is very chic and pleasing to the eye. When you pop it on its little dock a light on the front lets you know how the charge is going. As an added feature when you take it off the dock the light will flash to tell you how much of a charge it has. How handy is that! A charge can supposedly get up to 7+ hours depending on what power level and vibration mode you have it on, but I think you’re realistically looking more at something like 3-4 hours.

The Form 2 charges via a metal section at the bottom.
The Form 2 charges via a metal section at the bottom.

When I first held the Form 2 I was surprised by how it felt. The silicone is smooth and doesn’t grab dust and hairs easily but it still has quite a bit of grip to it. This matte finish doesn’t feel unpleasant, but it doesn’t feel silky or velvety either. It has its own unique feel and I quite like that, especially when applying lubricant. When it’s all lubed up the Form 2 has enough slide to make use comfortable, but it also retains enough grip to add just the right amount of friction and to stop it from slipping and sliding out of your hand. All-in-all a good call with the material.

Another thing that stuck me was how firm the rabbit ears were and how far apart they were from each other. Being used to more conventional rabbit-ear vibes, the space and rigidity of the Form 2’s ears did throw me for a loop a bit.

Of course there is a reason that the Form 2’s ears are so firm. In each ear there is an individual motor. The result of this is that, during use, these individual motors vibrate slightly out of synch to each other and create a wonderful reverberation of pleasure that swells to and from the ears. This effect is really enjoyable and is probably my favourite part of the Form 2. The firmness of the ears further amplifies this effect and creates a lovely to-and-fro sensation which I haven’t felt in any other toy to date (even though the G-Vibe has individual motors in its prongs too they don’t vibrate out of synch or, if they do, I don’t notice it).

These wonderful sensations can be enjoyed on 5 different speeds and with 4 different patterns. Unlike with most vibrators, I feel like these patterns actually have a general use that can be enjoyable to most people. The patterns change from a consistent buzz to a rumbling, rippling vibration, to a wave, to pulsations. Each of these vibration types has a purpose and will appeal to someone. The Form 2 also remembers which pattern you have selected and resumes upon being turned back on, so you don’t have to worry about switching back to your preferred setting (not that sifting through 4 patterns is much hassle).

While the vibrations from the Form 2 do have a nice undulation due to the dual motors, the vibrations are very much on the buzzy side of the spectrum, which is something to consider if you like rumbly vibrations instead, or simply dislike rapidly buzzing toys. However, appreciators of buzzy vibrations might find the Form 2 to be a jewel in their crown—as the Form 2 isn’t only compact and buzz-a-rific but is also decently powerful. While the Form 2 won’t satisfy the most hardened of power queens it does still have an impressive range of strength that leaves me using it a few levels below maximum. Then again, I’ve always been sensitive to buzzy vibrations.

Sadly, for me, the Form 2 didn’t quite work with my body. While the ears were nice, they were a bit too spread apart and rigid to hit the right spot (and flipping the toy so that only one ear was being used meant I lost some of the resonating vibrations that I so adored). The vibrations were also a little bit too pin-point to appeal to my dispersive tastes. This is, however, completely a personal taste issue and is no reflection on the toy—which is actually quite top notch.

However, even the best of toys has some downsides.

As with me, some people might find the ears too firm, spacious, or too pin-point for enjoyment. The ears are perfect for resting either side of the clitoris and stimulating the labia, but this might not appeal to everyone. The ears also have a rather noticeable seam running along them, which might be uncomfortable for some.

The visible seam on the Form 2 might be uncomfortable for some.
The visible seam on the Form 2 might be uncomfortable for some.

Others might find themselves put off by the buzzy vibrations of the Form 2, or by the sparse amount of patterns provided. Again this is all personal taste.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes the vibrations from the Form 2 will shift from the ears to the body and back again. This is a built in feature with the Form 2 and something that has irritated other reviewers. While I personally think this adds to the rolling fluctuations that the Form 2 provides I know not everyone will appreciate this eccentricity.

Other than that there isn’t much necessarily wrong with the Form 2.

Final Thoughts

True to its design purpose, the Form 2 is something that will appeal to some but not others. I really do think that the reverberating dual motors that the Form 2 brings to the table is an indispensable feature that is worth experiencing, but it really depends on if the Form 2 as a whole will appeal to you.

If you prefer rumbly vibrations, like your rabbit vibes to have flexible, closely coupled ears and/or like to run the whole gambit when it comes to patterns then the Form 2 may not be for you.

If, however, you like pin-point stimulation, want your labia to get some lovin’ and appreciate a whole lot of buzz in your bunny then the Form 2 might just be the vibe for you.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who like unique sensations.

People who want a rabbit-ear vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike pin-point stimulation.

People who dislike firm toys.

People who like a lot of patterns.

If you like the look of this toy, or if you don’t like the Form 2 but are intrigued by the Form line then please consider making your purchase at Desire of the I.D. The owner of this store is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and the service has been reliably top notch. You can find the Form 2 on her site here and the rest of the Form line here. Enjoy!

  • Come Heather

    Nice review! I also thought it looked like a tooth and that the arms were too far apart for maximum pleasure.