Toy Review: The Tenga 3D Pile Male Masturbator

As you might have read in my last Some Thoughts On… segment, I got the Tenga 3D Pile Male Masturbator in order to provide my partner with a high-quality male masturbator that could be enjoyed both together and in solo play.

The Tenga Pile is a true pairing between form and function.
The Tenga Pile is a true pairing between form and function.

The Tenga 3D line aims to fuse beauty and function together for “sculpted ecstasy”. Having won the reddot design award in 2012 for best product design it’s fair to say that the line has received critical acclaim for their design, but just how do they perform?

When the Pile went on sale at Lovehoney I took the chance to buy one and find out if it lived up to the reputation of the Tenga 3D line and swiftly nabbed one. I received my order quickly and it was well packed and discreet—exactly what I expect from a company such as Lovehoney.

The Pile itself is, indeed, a wonderful pairing between aesthetic beauty and sexual practicality. As soon as I saw the Pile—displayed in its wonderfully classy case—I was sold on the appearance of the toy. While the Pile is in its case you could easily leave it out on the side and display it, like some avant garde sculpture, and I don’t think many people would bat an eyelid. That is as long as they don’t know who Tenga are—as this is displayed quite prominently on the case.

The decorative details of the Pile make it an easy object to display.
The decorative details of the Pile make it an easy object to display.

The case itself is also very practical. Because the case had an inner rod (on which the sleeve is propped up) the case allows for ventilation after the masturbator has been dried, which apparently stops the build-up of bacteria. Additionally the plastic casing makes sure that the toy doesn’t pick up dust. This is a definite plus because, although the material used for the Pile is very nice, it’s also very grabby when it comes to lint, dust and anything else.

Speaking of the material—it’s to die for.

The Tenga Pile is the softest male masturbator that I’ve had the pleasure of groping, and it makes me wish I had a penis. This toy is the epitome of ‘missing out’ if you lack a penis, I’m sure of it.

The material used is antibacterial elastomer. This material is porous but precautions have been taken to avoid the risk of bacteria growing—such as making it antibacterial and making sure the case aids in the prevention of a build-up. Because of this as long as you clean this toy thoroughly with an antibacterial cleaner it should be fine to use.

The material itself is incredibly soft, silky and smooth, and I love feeling it. When lubricated the inside of the Pile feels very similar (to me, at least) to a vagina, albeit a little colder and squishier. Sometimes this material can get a bit sticky (especially on the smoother side) but that’s nothing that a good clean can’t solve, and when lubricated the stickiness fades near-completely.

The Pile gets flipped inside out for use.
The Pile gets flipped inside out for use.

To use this toy you have to flip it inside out. This process is very easy to do (especially in comparison to some other masturbator sleeves) and can be effortlessly done without risk of damaging the toy. The Pile does look a bit silly when its smooth side is on the outside, but that’s really irrelevant. After all those 100+ individual triangles aren’t just there for your viewing pleasure—they can provide so much more than that.

While the Pile can look a bit silly flipped inside out that a moot point during use.
While the Pile can look a bit silly flipped inside out that a moot point during use.

From my perspective the Pile is easy to use on my partner. Airflow and suction play a big part in enhancing the sensations provided by the Pile, and it’s easy to vary these sensations by lightening or tightening your grip. One thing I did notice, though, is that the Pile can be a bit awkward to handle at first, but once you get the hang of it then using it becomes easy.

From what I saw this item was very well-received and I certainly got enjoyment out of using it on my partner. However, to get a better idea of exactly how the toy feels I have recruited my partner to speak for himself:

Hello All,

This is the rarely heard Mr Peaches here. I’ve been given a very special treat recently; the Tenga 3D Pile, from the lovely Emmeline.

It’s safe to say the Tenga 3D Pile is the best male masturbator I’ve tried thus far, and it has easily become my favourite.

It comes in a nice container made of four parts; a see-through cover, a black base, a section underneath the base, and a rod that helps to hold the toy in place and prevents damage. The section underneath the base you can be used to store sachets of lube and is a nice little touch.

With how sleek this toys casing is and how abstract the contents are it could easily be mistaken for modern art (I have conducted tests to discover if this work and, you know what? It did).

The material it’s made of gives it a nice soft feel that stretches over you member which, due to the air inside, helps to give the toy a feeling close to pushback, which feels very nice. It’s also nice to find a toy that helps with the heavy lifting!

The texture of this toy is subtle which gives it a very pleasurable feel. This subtlety also meant that, unlike other toys I’ve tried, the sensations aren’t too overwhelming.

As always with male masturbators, lube is a must—as it makes the entire experience that much better.

On a side note, the Tenga 3D Pile comes with its own sachet of lube (or as it’s so classily labelled ‘Hole Lotion’). The name of this lubricant is the only part of this toy that, to me, makes it sound a little trashy, but that might just be me.

As you can probably tell we’re both very happy with this product. However, there are a few downsides.

My partner mentioned that the Tenga Pile came with its own lubricant called ‘Hole Lotion’. Personally I found this to be a little bit funny, comical even. But if (like my partner) you are looking for a high-quality toy and find the use of the term ‘Hole Lotion’ to lower the bar then this might be a bit off-putting.

The cap on the Tenga's container can pop off.
The cap on the Tenga’s container can pop off.

We also had a bit of a problem with the cap on top of the rod for the Pile’s container. Sometimes, when taking the toy off of the rod, the cap would pop off too. Although this has caused no damage with the toy (so far) it does feel a bit flimsy.

You can see the toy's wear and tear over time.
You can see the toy’s wear and tear over time.

However the biggest downsides to the Tenga Pile are its price and its shelf-life. The Tenga Pile (indeed, all of the Tenga 3D series) retails at about £32.99 and can be used only 50 times on average. After use you can actually see the toy slowly getting worn out, which reflects this limit and might also detract from the pleasure over time.

Final Thoughts

At only 50 uses, the Tenga Pile can seem disproportionately expensive. But, due to the high-quality of the Pile, it’s flexibility (to be used during both couples and solo play), and the wonderful sensations it brings, the Tenga Pile is definitely worth the price (if only as a treat).

When you break the price down you’re looking at about 66p per use, and I think that’s damned decent for the enhanced pleasure and orgasmic delights that the Pile provides.

Recommend to:

People looking for an exceptional male masturbator.

People looking for a solo and couples toy.

People who want a soft masturbator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer harder masturbators.

People who feel it’s too expensive.

People who dislike elastomer.