Some Thoughts On: Tenga Eggs and 3D Masturbators

While it’s fair to say my collection of toys is much more extensive than that of Mr. Peaches, I like to think I’m not stingy when it comes to his personal pleasure too.Most of my toys can be used by both of us and my partner take particular pleasure from the G-Vibe and the Doxy Massager to name just two. However, it’s alway nice to have a personal stash and I acknowledge that my partner is comparatively lacking in self-pleasuring items at times.

With that in mind I decided to treat my partner this year with a few choice treats from Lovehoney. I got (among other things) a Sliquid Intimate Selection Lubricants Pack and my/his/our first Tenga product—a Tenga Egg with the Lovers Heart Pattern. Granted as Valentine’s is mostly seen as a couple’s thing we would both be enjoying the lube and the egg (and I, in particular, would reap the oral benefits of the various flavoured lubricants) but the Tenga Egg was still much more ‘penis oriented’ than the lubricant, and certainly a special treat for him.

Tenga Eggs prvoide a great sensation but a disappointing shelf-life.
Tenga Eggs provide a great sensation but a disappointing shelf-life.

The experience was good for both of us and the Tenga Egg lived up to expectations.

It was novel at first (unpacking what felt like the equivalent of an adult Kinder Egg) then the novelty changed to bemusement (at just how something the size of an egg could be used as a fully-fledged stroker) and then bemusement changed to pleasure (as we swiftly learnt exactly how it could).

I didn’t review the Tenga Egg for a few reasons. The first of which being that I lacked a certain necessary appendage to do and the second (more pressing) reason being that Tenga Eggs have a notoriously fleeting use-time. If you’re lucky and careful you can get a few uses out of it, but not enough for me nor my partner to make any fully fledged judgements of just how good it was and exactly what made it good. That and the £9.99 price tag per egg meant that we weren’t going to be trying another one any time soon.

I did manage to get a few thoughts about the Tenga Egg though so I’ll share them here.

The Tenga Egg (Love Hearts Pattern) is a great little toy if you want a disposable treat for penis-centric fun. It comes shaped like an egg but the material used (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is very malleable—making the Tenga Egg easy to stretch and use. Getting an initial grip can be a bit tricky compared to more conventional masturbation sleeves but it’s easy enough to adjust to once you get a handle on it (badum-dum). The material, while soft, is not silky and has a more soft-plastic feel to it, but that doesn’t seem to matter much during use. The soft, stretchy material coupled with the lube provided and the materials propensity to warm up during use makes it a fantastic one-off item for self-pleasuring.

The Tenga Egg’s recommended one-use meant that it fell short of what I wanted for my partner—a quality sex toy that he could use both as part of couple’s play and solo self-pleasure sessions—so I decided to purchase other items for Mr. Peaches’ pleasure.

We’ve had a few now. Various Lovehoney strokers are the go-to, as is the Fun Factory Bootie (which fell flat for me but found a home with my partner), but the other day Lovehoney threw me an altogether more luxurious bone(r pleaser). One of the Tenga 3D Male Masturbation Sleeves (the Pile, to be more specific) was on sale. At over 50%, and with everyone and their mother praising the Tenga 3D line, I couldn’t resist. I nabbed that baby up like it was a Jackson Pollock at a yard sale and I have no regrets.

The Tenga 3D Pile is a sophisticated masturbator that doesn't disappoint.
The Tenga 3D Pile is a sophisticated masturbator that doesn’t disappoint.

Despite the Tenga 3D line’s rather weighty price tag (with a RRP of £32.99 and an average of 50 uses per sleeve) I’d say that this toy was more than worth the money. I’ll definitely be doing a review on this bad boy at some point but I have some first impressions (and comparisons to the Tenga Egg) that I’d like to share now.

The first big thing with the Tenga Pile was its texture. Malleable, soft and silky, the Pile seemed to tick all the boxes and provide a wonderfully smooth service that made me experience the typical penis envy that a certain Fin-de-Siecle doctor might expect of me. You can bet I stuck my fingers in the Pile (both while unlubricated and lubricated) and both times it delivered an amazing sensation.

The texture of the Pile means this toy certainly has something new to contribute to couple's and solo play alike.
The texture of the Pile means this toy certainly has something new to contribute to couple’s and solo play alike.

The other thing I noticed was that, while aesthetically pleasing when displayed in its plastic casing, the Pile looks pretty silly once its been flipped for use, but this hardly matters with a toy this fantastic.

When I stuck my fingers in the lubricated Pile it did feel very similar to a vagina (but, y’know a bit cooler and with a futuristic texture) and, from my partner’s accounts, it performs similarly during use. The bonus being that the additional texture adds a new level of sensation which provides a different kind of pleasure and sensitivity. From my perspective the Pile was easy enough to grip (though, again, it can take a bit of adjustment if you’re used to conventional sleeves) and easy to use.

More than all of this, because the Tenga Pile can be used roughly 50 times the Pile can be used both during couples play and solo play—providing my partner with the versatile and high-quality sex toy that I craved for him.

All-in-all both the Tenga Pile and the Tenga Egg performed fantastically and I can’t wait to experiment more with the Pile and (eventually) with other Tenga 3D Sleeves.

Until the next review,

Emmeline Peaches.