Toy Review: Laid D.1 Stone

As I sat to write this review my partner decided to chime in with his own whimsical stabs at appraisal. “Say that it rocks your world” he spurted out eagerly, amidst other rock puns (of varying quality). And, I have to admit, my partner wasn’t too far off with his comedy-based declaration, the D.1 Stone really does rock my world, though it’s not entirely earth-shaking.

The D.1 Stone is a wonderful addition to a toy box for people with a vagina.
The D.1 Stone is a wonderful addition to a toy box for people with a vagina.

The Laid D.1 Stone is one of the most unique dildos in my entire collection. Sure, it share a lot in common with the wooden and glass dildos that I own—in that each of these dildos is handmade from a body-safe material and are one of a kind products of exceptional craftsmanship—however the D.1 Stone has an edge, in that it’s made out of stone. Not just any stone either, but Blue Pearl Larvikite (also known as Black Norwegian Moonstone).

Laid estimates that the Blue Pearl Larvikite used for their stone dildos is approximately 300 million years old. Let that sink in. That’s awesome, right?

The D.1 Stone came in a sturdy box with some details about the toy provided on it.
The D.1 Stone came in a sturdy box with some details about the toy provided on it.
This box is great for long-term storage.
This box is great for long-term storage.

My D.1 Stone was provided to me by Laid directly, in exchange for an honest review. It came well-packed and had a few pamphlets that documented the history of stone dildos. I thought this was a nice touch and gave a long-running context to the D.1 Stone—a contemporary incarnation of the stone sex toy.

Laid  is the first Norwegian company to design and manufacture sex toys. The two founders behind Laid, designer Iren Andersen and business graduate Karianne Ronning, are involved through every step of the way with their toys; from conception to realization.

Laid has a vested interest in incorporating modern design methods to optimise sex toys, and this really shows in their products. The D.1 Stone is a wonderful coupling of the long-running history of sex toys and a modern, sleek approach to dildo design. Combined this allows for a stunning reinvention of a tried and tested concept—the G-spotting dildo.

The asymmetrically curved head of the D.1 Stone is great for G-spotting but not for thrusting.
The asymmetrically curved head of the D.1 Stone is great for G-spotting but not for thrusting.

The D.1 Stone (which has the same design as the D.1 Silicone) is designed to be deliberately asymmetrical. This design choice, coupled with the slightly bulged and reasonably curved head, allows for easy manoeuvrability while this toy is insulted in the vagina. Unlike some dildos, which are made with thrusting in mind, the D.1 Stone wholeheartedly encourages a wiggle-and-twist system of use, which is demonstrated in one of Laid’s videos:

The D.1 Stone is quite easy to use this way due to its design. On one side there I a rather sharp and precisely cut ridge which is perfect for gaining a good grip. The sideways curve of the dildo also makes it easy to wrap a hand around the shaft (for right-handed users, at least).

At roughly 8.5 inches the D.1 Stone is easy to keep a hold of when inserted, although lubricant can make the task a bit more difficult.

The material used for the D.1 Stone is undeniably one of its most stunning features. The Blue Pearl Larvikite is body-safe, easy to clean, will last a lifetime if cared for properly, and (above all else) it is breathtakingly beautiful.

The D.1 Stone is incredibly beautiful.
The D.1 Stone is incredibly beautiful.

Blue Pearl Larvikite is a stunning material and every time I look at the D.1 Stone I can’t help but notice something new about the intricate detailing of this precious stone. From the blue-ish grey base colour, to the black and white mottles that run through the stone, to the shiny silver flecks that gleam under the light. Every aspect of this toy’s appearance is truly spectacular. This material is a true gem and adds to the feeling of uniqueness that comes with owning one of these dildos.

There is also a practical element to making your dildo out of stone.

Much like glass or metal, the D.1 Stone can be used for temperature play and retains varying temperatures relatively well. While I think glass and metal do manage a slightly better job, the D.1 Stone still holds its own in this respect. The weightiness of the D.1 Stone also adds an additional layer of sensation during use—and the feeling of the dildo’s weight can, in and of itself, be a turn on.

The extra weight that stone provides definitely helps contribute to the way in which the D.1 is best used. With a reasonable sense of heft about it, the wiggle-and-twist motions that you are encouraged to employ are much more noticeable and effective, allowing for an intense awareness of every single motion.

I certainly relished the perfectly balanced weight of the D.1 Stone when in use and loved the smooth but subtle variations that its asymmetrical form could provide. There hasn’t been a single time where this dildo has left me without an orgasm. I am always satisfied by this toy.

That being said, the orgasms I achieve from the D.1 Stone are markedly different from those I might get with the Comet II or the Structured Orchid. While the D.1 Stone is fantastic, it doesn’t send rapturous ripples throughout my whole body upon orgasm, and the experience is actually much mellower that I had anticipated.

Just as the D.1 Stone is smooth and sleek so too are the orgasms that I have with this toy.

This may sound like a bad thing at first, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The D.1 Stone provokes in me reliable, prolonged, and deliciously smooth orgasms. And, while these orgasms may not leave me in a mind-blowing stupor, they are still incredibly fulfilling and unbelievably relaxing. A relaxing orgasm is, in my opinion, nothing to sneer at, and the benefits of such a delightfully soothing release of pleasure is something that shouldn’t be overlooked (or, as my partner might say, “something you shouldn’t take for granite”).

I also think that the gentler touch is why the D.1 Stone is able to provide me with incredibly prolonged orgasms—as I can gently cruise through the sensations or climax and ride them out with much more control and ease.

Because of the D.1 Stone’s ability to provide me with gently executed but wholly fulfilling orgasms it is now my go-to when I’m not in the mood for giving my G-spot a vigorous prodding and, instead, just want to smoothly sail to sexual euphoria.

During my time using the D.1 Stone I did notice a few potential downsides with it, but not many.

The first issue that I thought of was that, because the dildo is curved asymmetrically to be easily held, it might be a bit awkward for left-handed people to hold. Although, as neither my partner nor I are left handed, I cannot verify this speculation.

Edit- I’ve since been told that the creator of the D.1 Stone is actually left-handed and that left-handed users should have no problems with the D.1 Stone. What a relief!

As mentioned before, the D.1 Stone can also be a bit hard to grip when all lubed up, but this isn’t a major issue.

Another thing to note is that, while the D.1 Stone may look like both ends can be used, only one side is designed for insertion. While the other side can be inserted I wouldn’t recommend it, as the tip is rather pin point (perhaps uncomfortably so) for insertion.

The only semi-major issue I had with the D.1 Stone was that, at certain angles, the dildo would pinch or catch uncomfortably against my vaginal walls, but this was easily rectified with a repositioning.

It says something about the toy I’m reviewing when the only downsides I can think of are nit-picks at best.

Final Thoughts

The D.1 Stone is a fantastic G-spotting toy that I would recommend to anyone. The Blue Pearl Larvikite used to make this dildo is not only magnificent in terms of aesthetics but also has multiple practical applications.

The instructions and design of the D.1 Stone make it a great toy for those who are still discovering their G-spot (though perhaps not a best first-time dildo for those new to penetration) and veterans of G-spot play will reap the benefits of the D.1 Stone’s asymmetrical design.

All-in-all I really cannot praise this dildo enough. I happily consider it a permanent part of my collection of sex toy and, thanks to its sturdy material, I am confident that It will be lasting me for many years to come.

Recommend to:

G-spotting newbies and veterans alike.

People who value unique materials.

People who dislike draggy toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike weighty toys.

People who want a clitoral or prostate toy.

People who want a hard-hitting G-spot toy.

The D.1 Stone can be found at Vibrator Kingdom by clicking here

  • It’s lovely and unique. Stone sex toys are rather rare nowandays. I get the feeling I’ve seen this toy before; I think a silicone version?
    Anyway, glad you liked it and I enjoyed your partner’s puns.