Toy Review: Shots Toys Dolphin Diver

Of all the Shots Toys products I’ve tested the Dolphin Diver is by far my least favourite. In fact it’s reasonable to say that I dislike this toy, and I have multiple reasons for holding this view. That being said the Dolphin Diver isn’t without its benefits, and these are worth acknowledging and exploring further. So, with that in mind, let’s dive right in to the brunt of this review.

The Dolphin Diver is an acquired taste.
The Dolphin Diver is an acquired taste.

It’s hard not to like the appearance of the Dolphin Diver. The simple, curved shaft of the toy ends with a tiny little dolphin that looks like it wants to give someone’s vulva a hug. That’s undeniably cute.

The dolphin is admittedly adorable.
The dolphin is admittedly adorable.

To add to the cuteness the dolphin also has little curved lines running down it that make it look like some sort of strawberry dolphin or something (because a dolphin with scales is ludicrous but a strawberry dolphin is perfectly reasonable). Adorable.

The Dolphin Diver's control panel is easy and straightforward.
The Dolphin Diver’s control panel is easy and straightforward.

The Dolphin Diver is your typical rabbit/dual vibrator. It is intended for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation and has beads in the shaft and a vibrating clitoral section (in this case, the dolphin). The Dolphin Diver is waterproof (so easy to clean, in theory), and comes with the 4xAAA batteries needed to power the toy. The Dolphin Diver has a relatively simple control panel which allows you to easily navigate through all of the features of the toy.

Speaking of features, there are a fair few.

The top of the shaft has a rotation function for stimulation. It has 4 different turn speeds and the direction of the rotation can be changed via a button on the control panel. The Dolphin has 8 different vibration settings—the first of which is a constant vibration while all the others are patterns (a certain plus for pattern-lovers).

The Dolphin Diver’s control panel is made out of ABS plastic whereas the shaft is made out of TPE. More about that later.

One of the best things about the Dolphin Diver for me is that it’s the only rabbit-type vibrator that’s actually managed to fit my body (so far). With all other rabbit vibes I’ve been left dismally disappointed and left with either no clitoral stimulation or not enough internal stimulation (which was a big issue with the Moon of Desire). But the Dolphin Diver manages to provide decent clitoral stimulation, while the shaft still provides effective stimulation internally. To me this is a definite plus, and it’s nice to know that I can in fact receive pleasure with the right rabbit vibe.

Another plus is that the vibrations from the clitoral dolphin are quite strong. To me they are on par with the lowest setting of the Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator, and that’s an impressive achievement to my mind. However, the Dolphin Diver also comes with the same very buzzy vibrations that the Mini Magic Wand has, so those who dislike buzzy vibrations may not appreciate the feel of the Dolphin Diver. The Dolphin Diver’s vibration strength is also relatively consistent, so if you prefer gentler vibrations then the Dolphin Diver might be a bit too much for you.

The vibrations from the Dolphin Diver are reasonably loud, so this isn’t a toy for those who need something whisper-quiet.

The curved tip of the Dolphin Diver hits the G-spot hard.
The curved tip of the Dolphin Diver hits the G-spot hard.

The curved tip of the Dolphin Diver is very precise, and allows for incredibly easy G-spot detection. This curved tip is where the toy rotates, meaning you can get some rather vigorous and enthusiastic G-spot stimulation from this toy, although the defined curve and energetic rotations may be a bit too much for some users.

This was the case for me.

Personally I found that the angle of the shaft’s tip hit my vaginal wall in a rather awkward and uncomfortable way. Then, when I turned on the rotations, it actually hurt me to have this toy swirling around inside me. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The first time I used this toy it left my vagina sore for a few days afterwards. Not ideal.

This is clearly a case of the Dolphin Diver being the wrong fit for my body, but anyone else who feels a bit nervous about the idea of having a curved shaft swirling around inside of them might want to give the Dolphin Diver a miss.

There are a few other downsides to the Dolphin Diver.

The beads didn’t really feel like they did much when inserted and, in all honesty, they look and feel like they make the toy a bit more flimsy and prone to breaking. The shaft of the toy is semi-transparent and you can see a small metal rod attached to the beads which then leads up to the shaft, and that’s all there is in that section of the shaft. Because of this it feels like this toy could be easily broken if gripped with a heavy hand. This seems like a pretty big downside for a feature that offers comparatively little in return.

Nowadays it’s always a bit of a downside to see a non-rechargeable toy, and the Dolphin Diver might have benefitted from being rechargeable instead of draining 4xAAAs with use.

However, the biggest downside of the Dolphin Diver by far is the material it’s made out of.

The Dolphin Diver’s shaft is made out of TPE, which is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPE, while not as porous as some material, can still be semi-porous—meaning it has small pores which can harbour bacteria, fungi, mould, etc. As such, while TPE is not Jelly by any means, it is still a grey area when it comes to body-safety.

These toys should never be shared between non-fluid-bonded partners, and should always be checked for dark spots, and a change in texture or feel etc. TPE needs to be cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner immediately before and after use as well in order to minimize the associated risks that come with this material.

There was (and still is) a small dent in my toy, due to a dent in the packaging changing the shape of the flexible TPE material.
There was (and still is) a small dent in my toy, due to a dent in the packaging changing the shape of the flexible TPE material.

Because this toy is made out of TPE I do feel that it’s a bit less trustworthy then I would hope from a sex toy. My Dolphin Diver also had a dent shape in the material because of a dent in the plastic container it came in, which doesn’t give me a vote of confidence. Not at all.

Final Thoughts

So, knowing all of the downsides of this toy, would I recommend it to someone? Well yes and no.

While I’m not a fan of this toy I do recognise that it has some good points—it’s waterproof, it fits my body well, it has a very well-defined G-spot curve, and its clitoral vibe is impressively strong. If all of these things appeal to you, and if you know about TPE and are not deterred, then the Dolphin Diver might be an interesting toy for you.

However the pain that the Dolphin’s shaft rotations gave me means that I couldn’t personally bring myself to actively push for people to buy this toy. That combined with the toy’s material deters me from the Dolphin Diver.

If I had to suggest some improvements for the Dolphin Diver I would suggest ditching the beads, making the toy rechargeable, and using silicone instead of TPE. If all these changes were made then the Dolphin Diver would be a wonderful toy to own (though still not to my personal tastes). As it stands the Dolphin Diver may still pique the interest of some, but those who own this toy need to be very vigilant with toy hygiene.

Recommend to:

People who want a strong rabbit-type vibrator.

People who want a well-defined G-spot curve on their toy.

People who aren’t deterred by TPE.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike semi-porous toys.

People who dislike internal rotations.

People who dislike rabbit-type vibrators.

The Dolphin Diver can also be found on Amazon here.

  • It looks interesting, but it’s really not my thing.