Toy Review: Je Joue’s Uma

Having reviewed the Je Joue G-Kii a few months ago I had high hopes for the Je Joue Uma (which was provided to me by Je Joue in exchange for an honest review). After all, the G-Kii gave me my first sure-fire G-spot orgasm, so of course I was psyched to review its sister vibe. So, with that in mind, did the Uma meet the high standards that I placed upon it?

The Uma is a sleek vibe that isn't too intimidating for newcomers.
The Uma is a sleek vibe that isn’t too intimidating for newcomers.

The Je Joue Uma was designed with two key goals in mind—versatility and intuitive contouring—and it is mostly successful in these goals. The toy has a gently curved shape which can be used easily for external and internal pleasure.

At 7 inches (and with an insertabe length of 6.5 inches) the Uma actually looks quite modest for its size and would be great for those who find the conventional phallic shape intimidating. The Uma also comes in four different colours, which allows for a more personal touch.

Uma comes in a sturdy box, but doesn't have a storage bag.
Uma comes in a sturdy box, but doesn’t have a storage bag.

The Je Joue Uma comes in a sturdy and elegant box, which is good for gift-giving and can be used for long-term storage. Sadly the Uma doesn’t come with a storage bag.

Material-wise the Je Joue Uma is made out of FDA approved silicone—which is body-safe, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and non-porous. Je Joue also states that their silicone is ‘kind to the environment’ on their FAQ page.

Uma’s silicone is a pure delight. It’s velvety and delicately smooth but not without grip (as it’s got a fine matte texture). Despite being so velvety the Uma doesn’t drag in an unpleasant manner, nor does it pick up dust and hair easily, which is a clear bonus.

The Uma has 5 different vibration levels and 5 patterns, all of which are controlled by 3 buttons on the base of the handle. These buttons are rather rigid, and can be hard to press at times, but this stops any accidental shifts in vibration speed or pattern, so I have no real complaints about this.

The Uma's controls and charge port are both very convenient.
The Uma’s controls and charge port are both very convenient.

The controls on the Uma are also the charge port. Much like the G-Kii, a magnetic clip can be attached to the toy which is then charged by the mains. 2 hours charging gives you 2 hours of play. A flashing light on the Uma lets you know when it is done charging.

The vibrations from the Uma are very, very similar to those from the G-Kii. They have the same flittering, pulsating rhythm to them which I’ve never felt outside of the Je Joue line. These vibrations seem to combine deep, rolling pulsations (which have a rumbly feel to them) with gentler, rapid-fire quivers (which have a bit more buzz to them). These vibrations do get buzzier on the more intense vibration levels, but they never seem to lose their depth.

Unfortunately these vibrations seem to do little for me clitorally, which is a shame.

The Uma is designed to be an efficient all-round vibrator.
The Uma is designed to be an efficient all-round vibrator.

The Uma is an all-round vibrator, and its contours really do lend themselves to stimulation of the clitoris and the vulva, but these vibrations simply don’t resonate with my clitoris in a manner that could cause an orgasm. For some people these vibrations will undoubtedly be a dream come true, but that’s just not the case with me. I think this is mostly because the Uma’s vibrations are so distinct that my clitoris didn’t really know how to process what was occurring (apparently my clit doesn’t like treading unfamiliar territory). However, if you’re the type of person who really enjoys trying something new or distinct, then the Uma really does deliver some interesting sensations.

For me, these sensations really hit a home run internally.

The vibrations from the Uma are unique and strong enough that they really resonate when used internally—allowing for depth of vibration. This coupled with the Uma’s unique vibrations and gentle curve make the Je Joue Uma a great toy for G-spotting. The Uma’s shape means that it tends to hit the G-spot with little difficulty, and could even be appropriate for someone still trying to find their G-spot (though I would personally lean more towards the G-Kii for that task). I can certainly reach a G-spot orgasm with the Uma and the orgasms I reach are a reasonable strength.

And, unlike with most vibrators, I actually get use out of the Uma’s patterns and can actually enjoy playing around with them. A rare but pleasant occurrence.

The Uma's shape and vibrations work well internally.
The Uma’s shape and vibrations work well internally.

So are there any downsides with the Uma? Well no vibe is perfect.

As I’ve already said, the vibrations won’t be to everyone’s taste—and if you have a definite preference in vibration type then the Uma’s spirited cha-cha might throw you off step.

The Uma strikes an odd middling ground between the two vibration types which might leave appreciators of solely buzzy or rumbly vibrations feeling that the Uma fits neither of their preferences entirely. As a power queen I also found the Uma to be a bit too gentle for my personal tastes externally, but it should suit the needs of anyone looking for mid-to-strong vibrations and really shines internally.

The magnetic charge clip can be a bit weak on the Uma, so you’ll need to make sure that it’s still charging every now and then—as it has a habit of slipping out of alignment. But thankfully the Uma is waterproof—so there are no downsides in regards to cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The Je Joue Uma is a good all-around vibrator that should satisfy the needs of anyone who is looking to experiment with internal and external stimulation, or veterans who simply want a versatile vibe.

While its vibrations may be a bit too unique for some, people who value variety and experimentation may find themselves delighted with the unique Je Joue flutter—which the Uma showcases fantastically. Moreover some people may just instantly click with the Je Joue Uma. Fellow reviewer, Dizzygirl, found that the Uma worked wonders for her. You can find her review over at her site, Toy Meets Girl, here and I highly recommend giving it a read.

I personally think the Je Joue Uma is a fantastic, sturdy vibrator, that has the capacity to please in a variety of ways, and you can’t really complain about that.

Recommend to:

People who like unique vibrations.

People who want a versatile vibe.

People learning how to explore their body.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who have a set vibration preference.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who want a vibrator strictly for a single purpose (in which case Je Joue has other more task-specific vibes).

  • So the vibrations are like a blend of the Wahl’s 2 vibration types? Only less forceful. That sounds pretty good :)

  • Princess

    Sorry folks, but I found the UMA very disappointing. It’s great fun and all, possibly one of the best vibrators I could imagine. But the first two I had left me forever in the most inappropriate moments. The programming is poor, that’s why they tend to just “die” at random times. Charging doesn’t help, of course. So, my first two Umas died within the first five hours of use. In moments that no vibrator should ever die. The third one works for about five minutes after it’s fully charged, which is, at least, more than the other two did for me. I’m going to toss it out anyway because for five blimey minutes I can just as well use my hands. You’d think the price is a guarantee that it’ll work. Actually, having to improvise after the first two had failed me was probably worse than never having the freaking things in the first place.

    • That’s a crying shame. Have you been in touch with Je Joue about this? I’m sure they’d be interested in hearing about this consistent flaw you’ve encountered.