Toy Review: Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads

(For those who saw my Some Thoughts On: The Tantus Ultra Premium Silicone Cock Ring post you’re probably wondering where the Shots Toys Silicone Twist review is. The answer to that is that some last-minute technical issues with the toy have led to the review being regrettably postponed. No doubt this’ll make for an interesting review at some point but, for now, I hope you’ll enjoy my Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads review)

As someone who suffered from Vaginismus, I’m no stranger to kegel exercises. I’ve done my exercises extensively, I’ve tried many a Ben Wa balls, and my first tester product for Lovehoney was a 140g pair of kegel training balls.

That being said, kegel exercises were always something I simply ‘did’ instead as opposed to actually ‘enjoyed’. Granted I’ve always enjoyed the results of kegel exercises (increased pelvic floor muscle control, bladder control, and more intense orgasms being some of the benefits) but the exercises themselves have always seemed like a chore. That is until I tried the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads.

The Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads are a set of beads (two pink and two blue) and a holder for them. This set-up is designed to provide an extensive kegel workout while also providing pleasure. The beads themselves are made out of ABS plastic, the holder is silicone, and the retrieval cord is nylon. All of these elements are body-safe, leading to worry-free use.

Each of the beads has a circumference of about 4.65 inches and come in different weights. The pink beads weigh 28g each and the blue beads weigh 37g each.

One of the great things about the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads is that you can essentially mix and match the beads in order to design your perfect workout and progress as it suits you. Those who are inexperienced with kegel exercises can start with a single pink bead. Those who feel confident enough can then transition to (or start with) two of the pink beads in the silicone holder. From there you can either try one blue and one pink or just start with a single blue bead before moving up to two blue beads in the holder.

In addition to this you can also play around the positioning of the beads—having one blue bead at the bottom and a pink one at the top or vice versa (allowing for some diversity in your exercises). Playing around with these combinations can be really fun and allows you to feels completely in control of your kegel training.

But, wait, there’s more.

In each Luna Bead there is an ‘inner-bead’ which provides most of the weight. Each inner-bead is rubber-silenced and moves around inside the outer-bead, jiggling around happily. When the Luna Beads are inserted these inner-beads move around as you move, and provide jiggling vibrations which cause your muscles to contract—thus providing even more of a workout. It’s a great idea that has been poorly implemented by others in the past, but the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads take this premise and run with it (but more on that later).

The Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads give you everything you might want from your kegel exercisers, wrapped up in a pretty package.
The Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads give you everything you might want from your kegel exercisers, all wrapped up in a pretty package to boot.

The Luna Beads come in Lelo’s typically fantastic packaging—which can act well for long-term storage.

The beads also come with their own little storage bag, an instruction booklet, and a warranty card. This warranty card will permit the beads to be replaced free of charge if they are found to be faulty within 1 year of purchase. It also gives you a 10 year quality-guarantee. The guarantee means that, should anything go wrong with your beads within 10 years of purchase, Lelo will give you a 50% discount off of the purchase of the replacement beads. Not too shabby.

Putting the Luna Beads in place was relatively easy. The beads themselves only require a small bit of lubricant to be ready for insertion and, because they’re made of hard plastic, they slip in easily. When in the silicone holder insertion is also easy, although I did encounter a few complications. Overall though the process of insertion is relatively straightforward and, once they’re in, the beads aren’t uncomfortable in anyway (quite the opposite, in fact).

The retrieval cord is nicely thin (but also durable) and can be tucked easily into a comfortable position. Honestly I hardly ever felt the retrieval cord at all during use, which speaks a lot about how comfortable it is. This cord lacks any stretchiness and can be easily used to take the Luna Beads out. Because it’s nylon it’s also very hygienic and isn’t prone to absorbing any unwanted fluids.

Like most other kegel exercisers I did feel a difference after using these exercise balls, and found that I had greater muscle control and improved orgasms. In this way they meet with my base expectations of what kegel balls should be able to achieve.

But by far the best thing about the Luna Beads is the inner-beads.

The very first time I used these beads I almost had an orgasm. Me—the woman whose choice of toy is usually something with strength akin to a power tool—and yet I was still teetering delightfully on the edge of climax at the very first insertion of these beads. They really are that good.

The sensation of the inner-beads is undoubtedly the reason for this. These inner-beads provide a gentle sensation, a rolling jiggle, that gently (but still notably) coaxes arousal from the vaginal walls. It titillates the G-spot, entices the vaginal muscles, and courts you closer and closer to climax. While these jiggles aren’t always noticeable (especially if you’re just going about your daily life, or sitting down) the fleeting sensations that they provide are still more than enough to provide subtle stimulation which is guaranteed to arouse….or at least that was my experience.

In addition to providing internal stimulation, the Luna Beads also prompt some additional stimulation from my body. When wearing these beads the jiggling sensation causes my labia to tingle and my clitoris to throb. These sensations are, no doubt, a reaction to the internal pleasure that the Luna Beads deliver and I relish this chain reaction. Every time I use the Luna Beads they leave me on the brink of climax and ready for more. It’s like foreplay and exercising all in one, and who can complain about that?

The jiggling sensation also made me much more inclined to do other forms of exercise, or pretty much anything vigorous—just to get those inner-balls jiggling with a bit more gusto. As such the Luna Beads have the ability to basically make any mundane task an exciting romp, including household chores.

As I said before, so far these are the only kegel beads that I own that are actually pleasurable to use, and because of this I absolutely adore them, but they do have a few downsides.

For me the biggest downside of the Luna Beads is their silicone holder. The middle of this holder has a rather thin silicone connector, and this can be a bit irksome when it comes to trying to insert the beads—causing the second bead you’re insulting to jolt erratically from side-to-side if you’re not careful. This won’t be an issue for everyone, and it’s easy to adjust to in time, but I do feel like this connecting point could have been constructed differently.

The silicone holder can also catch against the wall of the vagina if not positioned right, so you do have to navigate it around a bit for optimal comfort.

The other issue I noted was with the retrieval cord. After a while, despite extensive cleaning, this cord did begin to show some discolouration and became a bit more rigid and prone to twisting and curling in awkward manners. However, a little discolouration isn’t the end of the world, and I know that the cord is body-safe so this really is a minor issue.

Final Thoughts

At £32.99 at Lovehoney the Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads might seem like an expensive purchase to make, but I prefer to think of this as a sound investment—an investment into kegel exercises that are actually enjoyable to do. The Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads provide sensations that make you grasp for them time-and-time again, eager for your next workout.

In addition to this these beads are wonderfully customizable, body-safe, come with a great warranty, and have very few downsides. To me these are the definitive kegel balls and, while some might outgrow these beads (in terms of the weight they provide) the pleasure that they provide will make these toys a valuable long-term purchase.

Recommend to:

Newcomers to kegel exercises.

People who want effective jiggle balls.

People who favour body-safe toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want much heavier kegel balls.

People who dislike rigid toys.

People who find the nylon cord seriously off-putting.

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  • I just got mine yesterday and they made me want to go for a run! Jiggly, jiggly!

  • Dr Gonzo

    You mentioned that you used to suffer from vaginismum. My GF is currently suffering and she finds the kegels hard because she can’t feel them after 2 or 3. I was planning on getting her some Luna beads but I am worried about the size. Would you reccomend the or the minis for someone suffering from vaginismus? They are expensive and I don’t want to get the classics if they are painful for her to insert.

    • Thank you for reaching out. It really depends on what your girlfriend is currently confident with inserting. Look at the measurements of both pairs an see which one is more in keeping with what she’s comfortable with.
      I haven’t tried the Minis so I’d be reluctant to recommend one over the other but, at the end of the day, you should go for the pair that you’re both more comfortable with.
      If you’re worried about the price then make sure you purchase them from somewhere with a solid return system, like Lovehoney. They would definitely understand if you ultimately had to return them.
      I wish you and your girlfriend all the best on the road to recovery!