Toy Review: A Silvarus Creation

Having reviewed items from A Touch of Glass and NobEssence it’s fair to say that I am no stranger to handcrafted sex objects. The wonderful thing about these toys is that no two items are ever truly 100% identical—so they are, in a way, unique. However, never before have I had the privilege of having a dildo handcrafted specifically for me. That is until I requested a review item from Silvarus.

This beauty was custom made for me.
This beauty was custom made for me.

That’s right. This fine wooden dildo was made specifically for me, in exchange for an honest review. The owner of Silvarus, Rickard, insisted that he make an entirely new piece for me. Through many messages he talked me through the process, told me which wood he would use, confirmed the shape he had planned and lovingly crafted this wonderful dildo especially for yours truly.

Had I known at the time that Silvarus also does wood burning I would have requested a tiny little peach to finish off this wonderful creation, but I don’t care too much because this dildo is stunning as it is. Not only is this dildo beautiful to look at but it also makes my G-spot sing, so I couldn’t be happier.

About Silvarus

Silvarus is the brainchild of Rickard—owner, maker and designer. The name ‘Silvarus’ itself is an amalgamation of the words ‘Silva’ (meaning wood) and ‘Purus’ (meaning pure), which is a pretty nice touch. Silvarus opened in 2012 and has been rising in popularity ever since—thanks to Rickard’s dedication and the wonderful work that he produces.

Rickard is inspired by the aesthetics and function of dildos.
Rickard is inspired by the aesthetics and function of dildos.

Rickard was first inclined to sculpt dildos after a request from one of his friends. Although the original request was done with a dose light-hearted jest, Rickard then received another order, then another, and then another. As the orders came flooding in Rickard soon found that he enjoyed making wooden dildos—as dildos seemed, to him, a perfect intersection of both beauty and function.

Talking to Rickard was an absolute pleasure, and he always worked hard to keep me in the loop, to make sure my needs as a customer were met and that my questions answered. Considering it came from the Canada (during the Easter season), my Silvarus creation arrived quite quickly and was beautifully packed. There was also no customs charge (Huzzah!)

In addition to all of this, Rickard was kind enough to give me an insight into how my dildo was created…

The Creative Process

Now, I am in no way an artisan so I’ll probably fudge this description up a lot, but here is my understanding of just how my lovely dildo came to be.

Rickard prefers not to make the exact same design twice—adding a level of challenge to his creative process while also working to make each piece even more individualistic. However, Rickard does have some similar ‘shapes’ which he uses. We both agreed to his usual review shape—the double-drop (named for its appearance).

After the design is decided Rickard sets to work deciding on the perfect piece of wood for the design.

Grain and pattern are two aspects that Rickard values when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing final piece and he tries to use reclaimed wood whenever possible. For my design Rickard chose walnut. Walnut typically has nice, straight lines and a rich colour which really stands out when the surface coatings get applied. (Apparently I’m the first reviewer that Rickard has made a walnut piece for. I’m flattered).

The design is first drawn out on the wood.
The design is first drawn out on the wood.
And is then roughly chopped out of the block.
And is then roughly chopped out of the block.

The design is drawn out on the wood and is then roughly cut out to be worked on further. As Rickard showed me, this process is actually quicker than one might suppose. Apparently it’s the sanding and surface finish that take up the majority of the time (about 75%+).

After the rough shape has been cut out a machine tools are used to cut off excess stock, until the dildo looks like this:

While coming along nicely, this dildo has a long way to go.
While coming along nicely, this dildo has a long way to go.

Although the dildo may look close to done at this point it’s actually still in a very rough state. A lot of sanding occurs after this point before Rickard can even considers applying the first coat of varnish. A stationary industrial belt sander is used for the majority of this process, but the finer details must be hand sanded.

Sanding can be very tedious but it is also crucial in order to get rid of any imperfections and to make sure that the best end product possible is produced. Thankfully Rickard has a tablet, so he can stream movies while he works.

Rickard also considers it completely worth the effort for that moment when he begins applying the first coat of varnish.

When applying the first few coats the wood begins to darken, become richer, and the grain starts to shine through. It is at this point that any imperfections also become clear. Despite this being a rewarding part of the dildo-creating process it’s not the last step by any stretch. There are still a few sandings required between coats and then comes the surface polishing afterwards. No rest for the wicked. The layers of varnish take a fair few days to apply (as there are 10 of them).

With the coating applied the dildo is left to cure.
With the coating applied the dildo is left to cure.

Once the last coat has been applied it is left to cure for 2-3 days before Rickard starts on the surface polishing. Surface polishing is done with powdered limestone in two steps—firstly it is mixed with water, then with mineral oil. If this final process reveals any flaws then the varnish has to be sanded down and the whole process started again. This can happen to every 1 in 10 projects. I admire Rickard’s patience.

At this point the dildo is then left for another day or two before getting one last polish and then, voila, it is shipped off to me all shiny and complete.

Learning this process was incredibly fascinating for me and really made me appreciate just how much hard work and dedication goes into making a perfect wooden dildo. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it too.

But how does the dildo perform in terms of function?

The Silvarus Creation

My Silvarus Creation came in a sweet little felt wrap tied in a bow. While this was a lovely touch it isn’t exactly best suited for long term storage, which is a bit of a shame—mostly because I’ve become quite attached to my Silvarus dildo.

Update: Rickard now supplies a storage pouch with each dildo. Problem solved!

This lovely dildo gives you twice the pleasure.
This lovely dildo gives you twice the pleasure.

The beauty of this wooden dildo didn’t disappoint. My Silvarus creation is well-crafted and has small imperfections, such as a slight asymmetry, which adds to its appeal rather than detracts. The varnish that Rickard uses is very smooth and glossy, and really allows for the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

Some wooden toys have had problems with their finish—where the varnish degrades or shows damage over a short period of time, or when submerged—however I have (so far) had no problems with my Silvarus toy. The toy has been washed with water and soap and has been exposed to a fair degree of water-based lube, but hasn’t shown the slightest bit of wear or damage. As such I do feel pretty confident in the finish that Rickard uses (all 10 coatings of it).

This dildo is beautiful, smooth, easy to insert, and easy to clean.
This dildo is beautiful, smooth, easy to insert, and easy to clean.

This smooth finish also makes insertion a breeze, and very little lube is needed to provide a decent amount of slide. While wood doesn’t have much in the way of ‘give’, this ease of insertion really does aid in use.

But what about the shape?

I have mixed opinions about the double-drop shape of my dildo. These opinions still stay firmly on the positive side of the sex toy review spectrum, but they’re still somewhat conflicted.

My Silvarus Creation is a double-ended dildo, so both ends can be put to good use. One of the sides has less of a curve to it but is also slightly larger in circumference. The other side has more of an angled curve to it as is generally less bulbous than its counterpart. As with most double-ended dildos the two sides (while they don’t appear too different) both provide a very different experience.

For me the less curved side (while less curved) still managed to locate my G-spot with relative ease. Not only did it easily locate the G-spot but its larger girth coupled with a gentle but still commendable curve allowed this side to stroke and caress my G-spot into consistently strong and pleasurable orgasms. The G-spot orgasms I have with this toy aren’t the best I’ve had, but they’re still pretty damned enjoyable (and sometimes it’s nice to allow a gentle curve to tip you over the brink, instead of go full probe mode with something like the Comet Wands or Seduction).

Now, I thought I would enjoy the other curved size more (thinking that the sharper curve would allow for easier G-spot detection and, thus, more pleasure). However, it didn’t take that many uses to discover that I wasn’t as enamoured with this side as I am the other. For some reason, while it was easier to find the G-spot with this side, it was harder to stimulate the G-spot, to find a consistently pleasurable method of stimulation, and to orgasm.

When I did reach orgasm using this side, the outcome was still very pleasurable but it just wasn’t as pleasurable as the less curved side. I guess it just goes to show that it’s not always easy to tell what we will and won’t like.

Despite my assumed preference being discounted, this dildo still incredibly enjoyable to use and does always give me an orgasm (typically a great one) so I have very little to complain about. As such any ‘problems’ with this toy are more side notes rather than actual downsides.

Rickard recommends that his toys be cleaned by using only mild soap and water. This might not suit people who prefer a more thorough method to clean toys, as anything harsher than mild soap is discouraged.

This wooden dildo also has very little to offer beyond G-spot stimulation. It can be rubbed against the vulva and clitoris, but it isn’t really made to provide pleasure this way, and there’s very little for those with a penis to enjoy here (no flared base). That being said I really don’t think a toy only having a single purpose is necessarily a bad thing, especially if it does that purpose well.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully my Silvarus Creation did its job incredibly well and, while it may have surprised me in terms of my person preference, I really enjoy using this dildo for some smoother, more glide-by stimulation.

The hard work and dedication that Rickard put into making this toy and walking me through the creative process is much appreciated, and makes me value this dildo even more. Silvarus Creations really are a unique works of sensual art which are (in my opinion) well worth investing in.

Recommend to:

People looking for a unique toy.

People who like G-spot stimulation.

People who dislike draggy toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

Those not interesting in a G-spot toy.

People who prefer textured toys.

People who like the option to thoroughly clean their toys.

  • I giggled imagining Rickard sanding dildos while watching movies on his tablet. It’s a good way to make the work go faster!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your Double Drop and I’m especially glad that Rickard is making safe wooden toys. :)