Toy Review: Coq-A-Teal from A Touch of Glass

The Coq-A-Teal is testament to the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’ and I enjoy every orgasmic gift that this glass beauty has to offer me.

About A Touch of Glass

The Coq-A-Teal was provided to me by A Touch of Glass in exchange for an honest review. I’ve done many-a review for A Touch of Glass and for a good reason. A Touch of Glass is a high-quality UK supplier of some of the most exquisite glass products in the adult market.

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A Touch of Glass refuses to compromise on quality and offers only the best in decorous dildos. Their products are vibrant and varied—from the eye-catching Sundew Medley, to the stylishly offbeat Dimple Twist, to the deliciously curved Double-O. It’s fair to say that there are enough designs available to cater to a wide variety of tastes.

In addition to this A Touch of Glass offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on all their toys, has a loyalty scheme, offers discounts if you review items, and has regular discounts (such as their current Springtime Special). A Touch of Glass also donates 5% of every sale to the Breast Cancer Partnership. How wonderful is that?

My Coq-A-Teal arrived to me swiftly and safely. It was well packed, sealed in plastic to keep it secure, and came with a storage bag and lovely thank you letter.

The Coq-A-Teal

The Coq-A-Teal is a product that doesn’t feel the need to tout a lengthy or girthy size in order to impress and, instead, stands proudly at 5 inches in overall length, 4.5 inches in insertable length and with a maximum width of 1.5 inches.

The Coq-A-Teal may be small but it's substantial too.
The Coq-A-Teal may be small but it’s substantial too.

While the Coq-A-Teal’s rather demure dimensions may lead some to think of this toy as unassuming they’d be mistaken. In fact, the Coq-A-Teal has been designed to utilize every aspect of its smaller stature—making it a toy befitting of one’s bedside drawer.

The Coq-A-Teal is made out of borosilicate glass (which is the same glass that Pyrex is made out of) so it is completely body-safe, won’t damage easily, and can be used with any kind of lubricant. Glass can also be heated and cooled in order to vary up play sessions and allow people to indulge in temperature play.

This toy comes in a stunning emerald green colour, similar to the Double-O, and has a flared base—which makes it safe for anal and acts as a good gripping point during vaginal play. Moreover, the wide base means that the Coq-A-Teal can stand erect on a mantel piece, should you decide to display this stunning dildo to the world (read: if I could I would).

The undeniable beauty of the Coq-A-Teal makes me want to display it with pride.
The undeniable beauty of the Coq-A-Teal makes me want to display it with pride.

Unlike some A Touch of Glass products the Coq-A-Teal doesn’t have any raised or bumped textures and, instead, employs the tried-and-tested design of an erect penis in order to get the job done. The shaft of this toy is quite humble in comparison to its head—which is where the contours of the toy’s glans provide the most raised point for stimulation. This smooth, phallic design works well for the Coq-A-Teal and reminds me a lot of the phallic part of the Metal Wörx Slim Fave Dildo except without the bulk—cutting the toy down to a lightweight and compact source of pleasure.

By my estimations this toy works well in three different ways—as an anal toy, as a vaginal toy (inserted for a long duration), or as a vaginal toy (used for thrusting and G-spotting). I sadly don’t have much experience with anal play, so I’ll be talking about the Coq-A-Teal’s other two uses (primarily, the latter).

For some people the Coq-A-Teal’s small size and flared base make it a perfect little toy for inserting vaginally and then just going about your day. The size of the Coq-A-Teal, coupled with its desirable design means that this dildo can stay snugly in place while the wearer gets about their day with an erotic secret that only they’re privy to. Jeannie speaks about this eagerly in her own Coq-A-Teal review (seen in the ‘review’ section of the product page)—recounting how the Coq-A-Teal’s compact size meant that she could insert the Coq-A-Teal with ease and walk around with a smile on her face.

While I did try inserting the Coq-A-Teal and getting about business as usual I found that, for me, the Coq-A-Teal is just a slight bit too long and too rigid for comfortable use this way. Sadly it just doesn’t work with my body. The Coq-A-Teal also kept on slipping out (a good reminder that I need to get back on the kegels). However, for the brief times that I did have this toy inserted comfortably I could see the benefits.

Inserting the Coq-A-Teal and allowing yourself to simply revel in its presence can be an incredible thrill (not to mention a slight tease—as you wiggle and squirm from side-to-side trying to prompt more of the stroking stimulation that it has to offer). Because of this I would recommend this toy for people already dabbling in such play, as it has a lot to offer.

For me, however, the Coq-A-Teal really came into its own during G-spot play.

The head of the Coq-A-Teal hugs the G-spot in just the right way.
The head of the Coq-A-Teal hugs the G-spot in just the right way.

Because of the smaller size of the Coq-A-Teal’s shaft, this toy is the perfect size to be inserted and instantly locate and hug up to the G-Spot. It’s near-effortless. The toys prominent head and raised glans allow for brilliant stimulation and (with some vigorous wiggling up-and-down) this little dildo can produce strong, rolling orgasms in me. The effects can be rapturous, and the flared base just helps with the ease of use—allowing me to get a good grip in order to wiggle this toy around as much as my heart desires. It’s captivating.

That being said the Coq-A-Teal does still have some downsides, and if I did not mention them then I would be remiss.

While the flared base was very useful for me as a handle, I feel that some people may find it too small to be able to get a good enough grip on during use. Someone, for example, with large hands or limited mobility may find that the Coq-A-Teal’s base is just short of the mark.

That being said I found the base slightly too big when I was trying to use the toy as a longer-term insertable. The base pushed and moved uncomfortably on my labia acting to detract from my overall pleasure. But, then again, the Coq-A-Teal didn’t work generally for me in this way, so I would say that this is a case of different bodies having a different fit and not a definitive downside to the Coq-A-Teal.

Something of more importance is a maintenance-based point that I observed during use.

The Coq-A-Teal can require a thorough clean to get into its indentations.
The Coq-A-Teal can require a thorough clean to get into its indentations.

Glass toys generally don’t need much cleaning, and the Coq-A-Teal is (for the most part) no exception. However the indentation in-between the shaft and the toy’s glans is prominent enough that it can collect lube and other gunk if you’re not careful. Because of this you need to make sure that you clean the Coq-A-Teal thoroughly before and after use. To do a proper job a toothbrush might sometimes be needed, so it could be said that this toy is a bit more high-maintenance then some glass toys. But that’s all for the downsides.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think the Coq-A-Teal is a fantastic little toy—with a stylish design and no small amount of allure to keep you coming back to it again and again. While I personally didn’t get to keep it tucked snugly in my vagina, I know that some people will be able to achieve this, and that there is pleasure to be had for those who can.

As for me, I feel like the Coq-A-Teal really gets what is needed to provide good old fashioned G-spot stimulation. Cutting away all the frills and spectacle (which some toys use to trick you into thinking you’ll have a good time) the Coq-A-Teal simply sticks to the elegant basics and speaks for itself. I found that this toy delivered every play session and (thanks to its natural longevity and lifetime warranty) I know that I’ll be using this stunning toy many times in the years to come.

Recommend to:

People who like G-Spot orgasms.

People who want an insertable toy.

People who prefer smaller toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike insertable toys.

People looking for a textured toy.

Strictly Size Queens.

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