Product Review: Reel Magik Basic Packer

Packers are relatively new territory for me but they’re certainly worth bringing to attention for the massive benefits they can provide (and are worth reviewing for the same reason).

A packer can be used for many different reasons.
A packer can be used for many different reasons.

Loosely defined, packers are a phallic object used for ‘packing’ (i.e. wearing an object in the genital area in order to give the appearance of having a penis). A lot of packers incorporate the penis, scrotum and testicles for added realism.

While pack ‘n plays do exist (a packer firm enough to also be used during penetration) this review is looking at a ‘soft packer’—a type of packer which is too soft for penetration, as it mimics a flaccid penis.

Packing can provide the added bulk needed to make masculine clothing hang and move more correctly on the body. The bulge packing provides can also be very empowering or, for some, can provide a feeling of completion.

Packing is practiced by drag artists, people (or couples) wishing to explore intersections of gender, and by FtM transgendered individuals, to name just a few examples. For some FtM transgendered people packing can be incredibly beneficial.

The Reel Magik Basic Packer was made by Reel Magik to function primarily as a FtM prosthetic and serves as a wonderful product for packing.

About Reel Magik

Reel Magik started as a video production and special fx company in 2001 (making their name a creative pun). The company had a hiatus in 2005, due to the owners pursuing other projects, but they came back strong in 2008.

reel magik

With their major focus upon revival being make-up fx, Reel Magik was approached in 2009 to create and ultra-realistic looking and feeling penile medical prosthetic for use in the FtM transgender community. The result was such a success that Reel Magik continued making FtM prosthetics as a result.

Contacting Reel Magik was a breeze and the customer service team over at Reel Magik were quick to respond in every instance and were incredibly informative. Although it came from the US my parcel arrived quickly and was well-packed.*

When talking with the people over at Reel Magik I could tell that they really cared about the products they produced and wanted to make a significant contribution to the packing community.

The Reel Magik Basic Packer

This high level of caring shows in their products and in the creation of the Basic Packer.

The Basic Packer is comfortable and realistic.
The Basic Packer is comfortable and realistic.

Reel Magik has a variety of prosthetic penises—all with moveable testicles, a realistic paint job, the option of hand-punched hair, and with custom colour matching. However, each of these prosthetics costs $499.99 upwards. This price is good considering the level of detail that these prosthetics provide, however Reel Magik understands that not everyone can budget in for such a high-level packer.

The Reel Magik Basic Packer provides an alternative for people who want a decent packer but who don’t have fortunes to spend on it.

This packer is made from the same mould as the $499.99 packer but has some changes which bring the price down to a more affordable $79.99. For one, this model does not contain the separate floating testicles that are provided in the more expensive packer. In addition to this the Basic Packer only has 2 layers of soft silicone (in contrast to the standard packer which has up to 7).

The Basic Packer is a 4.5 inch packer and comes in 5 different colours. This inclusion of different skin tones is great and allows for PoC to be able to pack without feeling disjointed or disappointed by the colour of the packer.

This packer is made out of silicone, so it’s non-porous and body-safe, which is great. The exact texture of the silicone doesn’t quite feel like real skin to me. It is soft but also textured, so it has more of a rough feeling to it instead of a silky or strokeable one. That being said I do love holding this packer quite a lot. It is very grope-able.

The size of the Basic Packer also means that it can easily be taken up in the hand and grabbed or groped as part of a play session. However, this packer is mainly geared towards looking realistic and being effective for its primary purpose—packing.

The Reel Magik Basic Packer succeeds in both these tasks.

The details on the Basic Packer (particularly on the shaft) are brilliant.
The details on the Basic Packer (particularly on the shaft) are brilliant.

The detailing of the skin, veins, and the general appearance of the genitalia is very realistic. The shaft in particular is very impressive in my opinion—especially in the detailing of the veins and the overall texture of skin. That’s not to say that the balls are unimpressive, on the contrary the balls are nicely low-hanging and incredibly practical, which leads me onto my next point…

The Basic Packer allows the penis to naturally rest, due to the shape of the scrotum.
The Basic Packer allows the penis to naturally rest, due to the shape of the scrotum.

This packer is very comfortable to use. The balls of this packer hang low enough and are spread well enough apart that they allow a nice crevice for the penis to naturally sit in. This means that, when packing, the Basic Packer allows for a very natural looking bulge as opposed to some packers—which will have the balls higher or more prominent, meaning that the penis has to stick up more and/or has no place to naturally rest.

In addition to this, the general shape of the Basic Packer allows it to naturally hug against the body without causing too much discomfort. The silicone material is not sticky and does not require powdering, and is comfortable for those who retain their pubic hair.

Personally I really liked this packer. The shape and composition of the balls allows for the penis to rest in a very natural way and this just makes packing all the more comfortable. What’s not to like? Well, as with all adult products, the Basic Packer isn’t without its downsides.

A minor observation is that, when the Basic Packer first came to me, it had a strong smell which I couldn’t quite place. This smell was semi-sweet, not wholly unpleasant, and faded after the first two washes. Because of that I wouldn’t consider it a big issue, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention in case you buy this packer and wonder why I never mentioned its initial odour.

In terms of personal preference, while I really loved the low hanging balls of this toy, some people may feel like this feature isn’t visually appealing or is just not right for them. This is completely understandable, so make sure you consider your ball-preference before committing to purchasing a packer. The size of this packer might not please all either, which is another thing to factor in.

A more worrying issue with my Basic Packer was that, after a few uses (over the span of about a month) my packer started to show signs of wear and tear. The inner part of the shaft had what seemed to be a rip of sorts and the glans were also showing signs of starting to deteriorate too.

My Basic Packer showed signs of wear and tear relatively quickly.
My Basic Packer showed signs of wear and tear relatively quickly.

I contacted Reel Magik about this and they were very friendly and informative.

They explained that, because Reel Magik packers are made using layers of silicone (for added realism), they are best suited to certain materials when it comes to harnesses and briefs. Soft harnesses and briefs—such as Pete’s Packing Underwear: Freestyle or the TranZwear Athletic Trunks with Snuggler—are best suited for their packers, whereas other materials (which may cause more friction) are not advised.

However, if any damage occurred, similar to that on my packer, within the same short time that I’ve had mine, and the proper packing wear was used then Reel Magik would be happy to replace the item at no cost to the customer.

Additionally Reel Magik speculated that the issue I was having might simply be a small defect in the outer skin layer, which would also be covered on their warranty.

Because of this, even though my packer did sustain quick damage, I am still inclined to recommend the Reel Magik Basic Packer, as I believe Reel Magik would be willing to address any problems that a customer might be having.

Final Thoughts

The Reel Magik Basic Packer is a good packer for those who are looking to buy a high-quality and realistic packer but don’t want to break the bank. This packer is detailed, body-safe, comfortable and pleasant to touch. All great aspects.

Some people may not like the general appearance of this packer. But, preferences aside, the Reel Magik Basic Packer is a great packer with very few flaws—and, should any problems arise, Reel Magik are easy to contact and eager to achieve customer satisfaction.

If you’ve got yourself a good set of packer briefs, then the Reel Magic Basic Packer might just be the perfect packer to fill them with.

Recommend to:

People who want a high-quality packer.

People who want a realistic packer.

People who want a body-safe packer.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike this packer’s appearance.

People who want a very large packer.

People who want a friction-resistant packer.

*It should be said that I did get a customs charge on my packer. As with most companies, Reel Magik takes no responsibility for any customs charges that might be incurred after shipping, so you may have to pay a customs fee if you’re buying this packer.

  • Their packers look pretty good and they provide a color option that’s fairly close to my skin tone, which is exciting. The damage yours has iis disappointing, but their response is reassuring. :)