Toy Review: Shots Toys the Olympia

When I look at the Olympia I can’t help but get a bit sad because I just see wasted potential.

That’s not to say that the Olympia isn’t great, on the contrary, I found it strikingly impressive. However with a bit of fine-tuning the Olympia could have gone from impressive to phenomenal and that leaves me on a bit of a low note.

The Olympia is a flexible vibrator which is used, ideally, for penetration. The toy is powered with 2 x AAA batteries which come provided so that you can enjoy your toy right from the get-go.

The Olympia is an elegantly shaped toy, for the most part.
The Olympia is an elegantly shaped toy, for the most part.

The toy is about 6.8 inches in length and ends with a tapered, curved tip—ergonomically designed to stimulate the G-Spot. This tip has a flat and slightly sloped edge, which makes sure that the G-Spot gets good coverage.

The description given for the Olympia by the company is something I can’t ignore, so here it is:

“The Olympia nets you in a special fever, overwhelms you with sensations and ensures you don’t just come, you arrive in style!”

Love it.

Back to the specs, the Olympia has 10 different vibration modes—2 of which are a consistent speed and the rest of which are various patterns. As with all toys, I’m not a big fan of the Olympia’s patterns, but pattern-enthusiasts might find that there’s some variety to enjoy with the Olympia.

Two simple buttons add to this toy's ease of use.
Two simple buttons add to this toy’s ease of use.

The Olympia comes with two buttons—one to turn the toy on and off and one to switch through the different patterns. This immediate cut-off button means that this toy can be easily switched off should the need arise (which makes me incredibly happy). That being said this toy is quiet enough that roommates and the like shouldn’t be able to hear it

This toy is also water resistant, making it easier to clean.

The overall design of the Olympia is very appealing. The general shape and form of this toy looks sleek and smooth, and its flexibility is a real bonus point. While the toy isn’t one that you can ‘bend to shape’ it does have a lot of give and can be easily bent and wiggled around.

The mid-point of the Olympia is particularly squishy (which is what allows for this flexibility) while the head and base of the toy retain their firmness. That being said there is still a nice bit of give in the head, which is a bonus point that I’ll talk more about later.

As with most Shots Toys products, the Olympia is made with silky smooth silicone. This silicone is matte and velvety to the touch, but doesn’t attract too much dust and grime. Overall this makes for a really nice feeling toy.

Now, while I wouldn’t say that any Shots Toys products are bad, they haven’t blown me away either. The Olympia changed that. Much like the more pin-point side of the Habu, the tip of the Olympia knows just how to prod at my G-spot to provoke powerful, pulsing orgasms. The Olympia’s power to excite is potent enough for me consider it pretty decent G-spot toy and well worth the money just for this.

Part of what makes this toy great for G-spotting is the flexibility and give that this toy has, which I spoke about earlier. If this toy was any firmer then I’d probably be saying that it applied too much pressure or was too forceful for enjoyment. Thankfully the Olympia’s flexible shaft and slightly-soft head mean that this toy can hit the spot quite skilfully.

The Olympia’s tip is perfect for G-spotting.

Unfortunately the vibrations of this toy really let it down.

The Olympia’s vibrations are quite buzzy, which I don’t have a problem with per say, but they’re also rather weak and surface-level. Only two increments of speed? I weep at the thought.

If the Olympia was equipped with powerful, rumbly, deep vibrations then I think I’d be grabbing for it with gusto and indulging again and again in orgasmic delectation. As it stands the vibrations feel near non-existent when inserted and do little externally either (for things such as clitoral stimulation). It’s a sad state of affairs.

That being said, I could be being a tad melodramatic here.

People who enjoy buzzy and gentler vibrations may still find that the Olympia is right in their power-range. And, despite how sad I am about the vibrations, I can’t deny that the shape of this toy still makes it a formidable G-spotting machine. However, there are some other downsides which are worth mentioning.

While the Olympia is mostly designed in a very sensible and streamlined manner, the back of the toy has some rippling lines designed into it. These lines do little to nothing when inserted and have a habit of getting lube into the awkward indentations that they cause.

Also while the Olympia is, for the most part, soft enough for comfortable G-spot stimulation there were still some angles that the toy would hit which would give me the occasional scraping pain. This was rare, and is probably a combination of my personal dislike of ‘pointy’ toys and my own body’s sensitive nature, but it’s still worth noting.

Final Thoughts

While I can’t help but feel like this toy (tragically) missed the mark a bit I can’t deny that the end product, as is, is still pretty decent.

If you’re looking for a strong vibrator then I probably wouldn’t recommend this toy. To me this toy barely even breaks ground as a vibrator. However, if you want a decent G-spot toy that is body-safe, water resistant, flexible, and affordable then the Olympia is a pretty good choice.

Recommend to:

People who want a good G-spot toy.

People who like gentle vibrations.

People who like weak vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like mid-to-strong vibrations.

People who want a clitoral vibrator.

People who need very firm G-spot stimulation.

The Olympia can also be found on Amazon here.

  • I have to frequently remind myself that plenty of people like weak or mild vibrations to keep from getting frustrated with toys like this. The shape is nice, but those vibrations are a big let down.