Some Thoughts On: My Writing Process (A Blog Tour Post)

The wonderful Marvy Darling invited me to join this blog tour in her own blog tour post and I thought it might be fun to join in and keep the tour going. So, without further ado, lets start this blog tour post.

What Am I Working On?

I’ve got a lot of reviews in the works which I should churn out over the coming weeks. Then again, If I’m doing things right I should have a near-constant flow of reviews for you to read over time (fingers crossed). If you’re ever interested in my upcoming reviews a full list of what I have planned can be seen here.

I’ve also been trying to streamline my site a bit. You’ve probably noticed the new art but there are a few more little things here and there that should make the site run a bit smoother and look a bit nicer…hopefully.

In addition to this I’m also in the middle of a post-grad. As such I’m always writing one thing or another.

How Does My Work Differ From Others of its Genre?

I couldn’t honestly say.

When I started looking into reviewing I decided to take in some advice I’d been given in my academic writing—don’t worry too much about what others are writing, just focus on your own work. Because, even if others have picked the exact same topic as you, no two pieces of writing are ever the same. 

I’ve found this to be quite true in regards to sex toy reviewing. A lot of us reviewers tend to look at the same toys, and we may even have similar points or opinions. However, because we all have our own unique way of writing no two reviews ever read the same.

I tend to be somewhat formulaic in my reviews. I have a general format I like to keep to—so that readers know roughly what to expect and how to navigate my content—but I always like to add in my own quirks and opinions too. My Some Thoughts On… series should have a lot more flow and an informal flare but it’s early days. 

While I couldn’t tell you exactly what sets me apart from my fellow reviewers I must say that I thoroughly enjoy seeing different people’s reviews on the same product and finding out what they thought. It’s kind of like we’re all comparing experiences in a way (even though we’re not necessarily writing with each other in mind) and I love the sense of camaraderie that it brings

Why Do I Write What I Do?


I’m a strong believer that you have to be truly passionate about a topic in order to embark on a long-term project concerning it. For me sex and sex toys fall firmly into that category.

Having battled for a fairly long time with Vaginismus, I developed a keen interest in sex education, sex positivity, and sex toys. I also gained a fair bit of self-taught knowledge.

When I found out that sex toy testing was a thing I was still suffering from Vaginismus quite severely, but a hopeful ‘What If?’ crossed my mind more than a few times. When I did finally start to make progress sex toys were a big part of what helped me. Subsequently my passion for them only grew in strength.

Eventually I decided I wanted to use that knowledge and passion to write reviews. I was more than eager to try out a variety of sex toys and I wanted to make sure that others got all the information needed to make an informed choice when buying their own toys.

And so I jumped head first into the sex toy reviewing community. It’s still early days at the moment but I’ve just started my first giveaway and the future is bright. I can’t wait to write more reviews for you guys!

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

In a pretty standard way, I think. I formulate my thoughts, write them up, edit them, re-edit them, then start fine-tuning the links and photos, etc. for publishing.

My only major writing faux pas is that I don’t tend to write down rough notes initially. Instead I’ll tend to just jump right into the main brunt of writing—working primarily from recall. I know this is a terrible habit but I’m equally terrible at jotting down notes.

For some reason when I start noting down and pre-planning my reviews I tend to start feeling less motivated about them and I’d rather avoid that feeling. 

I tend to write my reviews within an hour or two.

Putting in all of the links and images can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of the process, and can easily add another hour on top of this time. Every time I sit down and start polishing up my review I convince myself that I’ll be able to get through the process easy-peasy, but that never seems to be the case.

And That’s That

I hope y’all enjoyed learning a bit more about my writing process in this shamefully informal post. In order to keep the blog tour going I’ll now be inviting some other bloggers to answer these questions themselves:

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If you’re free to do so, and want to join in, then your post should be submitted Monday next week. I look forward to reading more blog tour posts!

A Blog Tour: My Writing Process

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